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Summertime Odyssey.png
Duration: July 15, 2022 10:00:00 AM – August 24, 2022 05:59:59 AM GMT+8
(Asia) Ends in: 7d 5h 9m 4s (Update)
(EU) Ends in: 7d 5h 9m 4s (Update)
(NA) Ends in: 7d 5h 9m 4s (Update)

As summer comes into its own, Fischl receives an important missive and departs with everyone in town to begin another marvelous sojourn...

Summertime Odyssey is a flagship Event in Version 2.8. It takes place on a limited time map, the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Event Details


  • 2022/07/15 10:00 - End of Version 2.8 (2022/08/24 05:59 UTC+8)
Stage Start Time End Time
Surfpiercer 2022/07/15 10:00 End of Version 2.8
Phantom Realm: Misty Hills, Foggy Vales 2022/07/16 04:00
Phantom Realm: The Islands' Stirring Strings 2022/07/17 04:00
Phantom Realm: Immernachtreich Keep 2022/07/18 04:00
Phantom Realm: Temple of the Star Latitudes 2022/07/19 04:00
Event Shop Duration 2022/07/16 04:00




Cloudleisure Steps
Tutorial Cloudleisure Steps 1.pngUse the lift you get from exiting the Waverider to get up to the Cloudleisure Steps.
Tutorial Cloudleisure Steps 2.pngThere are two types of Cloudleisure Steps: one can be used as a normal floating platform, while the other type can increase characters' jumping power.
Tutorial Cloudleisure Steps 3.pngWhen you set foot on a Cloudleisure Step, it will light up.
Such steps usually appear in groups. The next group of steps will only appear once the current group has been completely lit up.
Prismatic Rampart
Tutorial Prismatic Rampart 1.pngThe Prismatic Rampart can be used to fire arrows of different colorations.
Tutorial Prismatic Rampart 2.pngYou can adjust the Prismatic Rampart's angles of elevation, depression, and rotation to allow it to hit targets in different positions.
Tutorial Prismatic Rampart 3.pngPrismatic Seals of certain colors can be dispelled by arrows of the same color fired by Prismatic Ramparts.
There are three different colors for Seals and arrows.
Tutorial Prismatic Rampart 4.pngAfter you have picked up a Prismatic Gem, you can unlock a new arrow color at the Prismatic Rampart.
Of Bonsai and Mountains
Tutorial Of Bonsai and Mountains 1.pngTouch the bonsai to activate the placement menu.
Tutorial Of Bonsai and Mountains 2.pngYou can adjust the mountain stones on the left and right of the bonsai to cause the island mountains to undergo matching changes..
Melodic Omamori
Tutorial Melodic Omamori 1.pngWhen you find Melodic Omamori, you can pick them up and carry them with you.
Tutorial Melodic Omamori 2.pngPlace Melodic Omamori in a special shrine to cause certain changes in the surrounding area.
Melodic Harps and Melodic Blooms
Tutorial Melodic Harps and Melodic Blooms 1.pngWhen the Melodic Harp is glowing, it can be activated.
An activated Melodic Harp will release sound waves that will cause any Melodic Blooms within an AoE to fire notes.
Tutorial Melodic Harps and Melodic Blooms 2.pngThe notes fired off by a Melodic Bloom can be transferred to the next Melodic Bloom, which can change the flight direction of the notes. Get close to a Melodic Bloom to change the direction it is facing.
Use the transfer of notes in this way to solve certain puzzles.
Melodic Pedals
Tutorial Melodic Pedals 1.pngStep on adjacent Melodic Pedals and light them all up to awaken the Melodic Harp.
An awakened Melodic Harp will give off a unique radiance.
Tutorial Melodic Pedals 2.pngSome Melodic Pedals have special functions. You can tell these apart by the special symbols that they are marked by.
Changing Mountain Styles
Tutorial Changing Mountain Styles 1.pngA drum overgrown with vines can be found somewhere in the archipelago. You can seemingly use this special drum to change the height of certain mountains.
Tutorial Changing Mountain Styles 2.pngYou can find certain clues that will help solve puzzles by observing the patterns of change in the mountains.
Gaze of the Deep: Path Restoration
Tutorial Gaze of the Deep Path Restoration 1.pngApproach the special device, Gaze of the Deep, and use it to observe your surroundings and find certain misplaced images. They seem to be connected to their surroundings somehow...
Tutorial Gaze of the Deep Path Restoration 2.pngMove the vision of the Gaze of the Deep to move the incorrectly-placed pictures in four directions and bring them closer to their original spots.
Tutorial Gaze of the Deep Path Restoration 3.pngZoom in and out on the vision of the Gaze of the Deep to more accurately place the incorrectly-located pictures back to their original places.
Rotate and zoom the image you see through the Gaze of the Deep to return the misplaced pictures back to their proper places and restore the normal path...
Gaze of the Deep: Structure Completion
Tutorial Gaze of the Deep Structure Completion 1.pngAdjust the Gaze of the Deep's field of view and use other objects to block missing construction components to affect the environment and restore the complete structure.
Tutorial Gaze of the Deep Structure Completion 2.pngEven if obstacles lie between the Gaze of the Deep and any missing structures, you can simply adjust the viewing angle to the appropriate position to repair said constructs.
Gaze of the Deep: Mechanism Activation
Tutorial Gaze of the Deep Mechanism Activation 1.pngUse the Gaze of the Deep to move the floating Shadowy Cubes.
Tutorial Gaze of the Deep Mechanism Activation 2.pngAdjust your viewing angle to place the Shadowy Cubes on the target boards to activate the mechanism.
The Raven Forum: Judgement
Tutorial The Raven Forum 1.pngSpeak to the Night Raven Statue (Questioner) to start a case determination process.
Tutorial The Raven Forum 2.pngOnce the other Night Raven Statues have finished giving their statements, your target can be identified.
The Raven Forum: Lies
Tutorial The Raven Forum 3.pngNight Raven Statues with blue scarves will not lie. You can use statements from this sort of statue as a reference.
Tutorial The Raven Forum 4.pngNight Raven Statues with red scarves lie often. Take care when considering the statements made by such statues.


Unlock Criteria: Unlocks after completing the quest "Summertime Odyssey: I"

  • For the first three days of the event, a new Waverider challenge will unlock every day. Complete the specified challenge tasks to obtain rewards such as Primogems, Hero's Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Phantom Realms

Phantom Realms Unlock Criteria
Misty Hills, Foggy Vales Complete "Summertime Odyssey: II"
The Islands' Stirring Strings Complete "Summertime Odyssey: III"
Immernachtreich Keep Complete "Summertime Odyssey: IV"
Temple of the Star Latitudes Complete "Summertime Odyssey: V"
  • During the event, complete the "Initial Exploration" challenge in "Phantom Realms" to unlock "Direct Strike" and carry out the challenges.
  • Complete the specified challenges in "Phantom Realms" to obtain rewards such as Primogems, Hero's Wit, and Mystic Enhancement Ore.
  • Complete the specified challenges in "Phantom Realms" to obtain Iridescent Flotsam. Accumulate a specified number of Iridescent Flotsam to invite "Prinzessin der Verurteilung!" Fischl (Electro)! You can also use Iridescent Flotsam to exchange for rewards such as Crown of Insight, Character Level-Up Materials, and Talent Level-Up Materials from the Event Shop.
  • When the Event Shop closes, any remaining Iridescent Flotsam in your possession will automatically disappear, and the relevant Event Shop page(s) will also close.
  • During the event, you will automatically accept the quest "Summertime Odyssey: VI" after completing the quest "Summertime Odyssey: V." Complete the quests to obtain rewards such as Primogems, Hero's Wit, and Mora. After the event has ended, you will no longer be able to participate in the "Summertime Odyssey" quest.

Event Shop

Item Item Iridescent Flotsam.png Stock Total
Crown of Insight Crown of Insight 400 1 400
Agnidus Agate Fragment Agnidus Agate Fragment 25 6 150
Varunada Lazurite Fragment Varunada Lazurite Fragment 25 6 150
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment Vajrada Amethyst Fragment 25 6 150
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment Vayuda Turquoise Fragment 25 6 150
Shivada Jade Fragment Shivada Jade Fragment 25 6 150
Prithiva Topaz Fragment Prithiva Topaz Fragment 25 6 150
Guide to Freedom Guide to Freedom 15 6 90
Philosophies of Freedom Philosophies of Freedom 45 2 90
Guide to Resistance Guide to Resistance 15 6 90
Philosophies of Resistance Philosophies of Resistance 45 2 90
Guide to Ballad Guide to Ballad 15 6 90
Philosophies of Ballad Philosophies of Ballad 45 2 90
Mora Mora ×10,000 8 70 560
Total cost for all items

Battle Pass Missions

This event added additional "This BP Period" Battle Pass missions to the Azure Main Battle Pass. The Battle Pass EXP (BP EXP) obtained from these missions do not count towards the weekly experience limit of 10,000 BP EXP.

MissionsBattle Pass EXP BP EXP
[Event] Complete Initial Exploration in the Phantom Realm of "Summertime Odyssey" for the first time1,200
[Event] Complete the "Surfpiercer III"challenge in "Summertime Odyssey" within 140s1,500
[Event] Obtain 2000 Iridescent Flotsam in "Summertime Odyssey"2,250

Total Rewards

Item Primogem.png 1430 Primogem
Item Mora.png 2080000 Mora

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSummertime Odyssey
Yuǎnhǎi Shīxià Yóujì
Outer-Ocean Poetic Summertime Journey
Yuǎnhǎi Shīxià Yóujì
Samaataimu Odessei
Summertime Odyssey
Korean여름 바다와 여정
Yeoreum Bada-wa Si-ui Yeojeong
Journey of Summer Sea and Poem
SpanishUna travesía estivalA summer journey
FrenchSéjour estival à la merSummery Sojourn at the Sea
RussianЛетнее морское путешествие
Letneye morskoye puteshestviye
Summer Sea Voyage
Thaiบทกวีคิมหันต์ กับการเดินทาง ณ ทะเลแสนไกล
VietnameseChuyến Đi Biển Ngày HèSummer Beach Trip
GermanEin Sommeraufenthalt am MeerA Summer Stay at the Sea
IndonesianPerjalanan Laut di Musim PanasSea Trip on Summer
PortugueseA Jornada do Mar de Verão

Change History

Released in Version 2.8