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Summer Gift is a World Quest in the Golden Apple Archipelago that will only trigger if the player did not receive the Wind-Blessed Harpastum during the Midsummer Island Adventure event.


  1. Search for harpasta in the Golden Apple Archipelago
    1. Go to the Teleport Waypoint in Pudding Isle
    2. Investigate the harpasta to finish the quest


When you first enter your world
Paimon: Speaking of which, Barbara gave Klee a harpastum too, didn't she? Aww, Paimon's so jealous! Paimon wants one too!
Paimon: Well, let's have a look around the Golden Apple Archipelago, shall we? If we're lucky, we might find the remaining harpasta!
Upon investigating the harpasta
Paimon: This should be it!
Paimon: Hmm? Looks like there's a letter next to it, too...
Barbara's Letter: To a friend who may have the fortune to come here,
Barbara's Letter: Hello there, person from afar. If you're reading this letter, then you must have found the harpastum I left here.
Barbara's Letter: The Golden Apple Archipelago is full of many games that involve harpasta, and I and my friends spent a most wonderful summer here.
Barbara's Letter: As such, I've left a harpastum that I made myself here, in the hopes that you, who have found that harpastum, can experience the same joys as I.
Barbara's Letter: Please enjoy the sunshine, the sea breeze, and the summer games to fullest.
Barbara's Letter: —Barbara
Paimon: Well, that's Barbara for you! Guess we've got ourselves a harpastum now, so come on, let's go play!

Change History

Released in Version 1.6