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The Sumeru Academia is Sumeru's leading institute in arcane arts and historical records, as well as the most prestigious institute in all of Teyvat.


The Academia accepts students from all over Teyvat and often sends students known as Driyosh to other nations to conduct research. It is unknown how long the Academia has existed, but it was already a prestigious institute by the time of the cataclysm 500 years ago,[1] making it predate Sumeru's current Archon.


Obtaining a degree from the Academia is an extremely long, notorious and stressful process; an unnamed prospective who had been admitted states that he will be old by the time he graduates and sees his parents again.[2] Thesis defenses are by far the most difficult part of graduating; Alrani and Hosseini both stress over their thesis subjects and have gone to Liyue to find material to write about. Alrani downright fears the Academia, and mentions that Soraya — who is apparently among the top of her class — has "piles of rejected manuscripts".[3] Hosseini states that it is not uncommon for people to graduate after the age of 30, and that he himself, being less than said age, has his hair turned near-gray from his research.[4] It is implied there is a limit to how long a student can stay at the Academia without being able to graduate.[5]

Driyosh are students who are permitted to leave the Academia for their research.

Lisa, who attended the Academia in her youth, managed to graduate in two years under "advanced study", and is considered to be their best student in 200 years. However, she is not fond of her alma mater, being one of the few to realize the cost of "uninhibited erudition" after personally seeing raving-mad scholars in Sumeru's forests and sages in underutilized councils, becoming relatively lazy upon her return to Mondstadt.[6]


On top of academics, Sumeru Academia conducts research into various subjects, among them a census of Vision holders. It was through such a census that they determined no Electro Visions have been given out in the past year, something they theorize is related to Baal's Sakoku Decree and Vision Hunt Decree.[3]

Students and Alumni


  • They do not allow the use of gliders on facility grounds.[10]


  • The English name uses the Ancient Greek term Academia (Ancient Greek: Ἀκαδημία Akademía), a prominent school founded by the philosopher Plato, from which a common noun "academy" was derived. This emphasizes the scientific and philosophical natures of the Academy.
  • The Chinese name uses a term literally meaning an "institute of religious decree" (Chinese: 教令院), where "religious decree" (Chinese: 教令) is also used to refer to the decree in Catholic canon law or the fatwa in Islamic law. This emphasizes the theological and juridical natures of the Academy.
    • The Japanese name follows the Chinese interpretation, while the Korean name follows the English interpretation.
  • The name of the position "Dastur" is likely derived from the Zoroastrian high priest title "dastur" (Persian: دستور dastur, lit. "hand-fist").

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.2
  • All instances of the name were readjusted to be "Sumeru Academia."

Version 1.1

  • It was adjusted to be consistently named "Sumeru Arcademia."

Version 1.0

  • Sumeru Academia was inconsistently called "Sumeru Academia" and "Sumeru Arcademia."


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