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  • 2000 years ago – The Archon War comes to an end as the final divine seat in Celestia is claimed, cementing the positions of The Seven's original members.[1][2] Defeated gods who refused to live under The Seven's rule fled to islands in the Dark Sea, where they became evil gods.[3]
  • Slightly over 500 years ago - The girl who later becomes the Crimson Witch of Flame moves from Mondstadt to Sumeru to study at Sumeru Academia.[4]

The Cataclysm (500 years ago)

Post-Cataclysm (500–100 years ago)

  • 500 years ago - The current Dendro Archon, the God of Wisdom, is born.[6]
  • 200 years ago - The most talented scholar of Sumeru Academia (before Lisa) graduates.[7]

Recent Past (<100 years ago)

Note: The bullets below are arranged in order of relative reverse chronological order, estimated based on characters' apparent ages.

  • ? BP - Collei is born sickly, and is given to a seer named Barnabas[8] for treatment. Unbeknownst to her parents, however, Barnabas is an agent of the Fatui and turns Collei into a test subject for their Archon Residue experiments.[9][10]
  • <4 years BP - The following events presumably occur sometime between 4 years ago and the present. The events are listed in a tentative chronological order, but there is no confirmation on when exactly they occurred relative to the present.
    • After two years of study at Sumeru Academia, Lisa graduates. Disillusioned with the atmosphere there, she returns to Mondstadt and joins the Knights of Favonius.[11]
  • Last Ludi Harpastum (~1 year to 6 months BP)[Note 1] - The events of the manga's main story, set in Mondstadt, occur. At the end of the story, Collei leaves Mondstadt with Cyno to go to Sumeru.[12]


  1. Crepus' death occurs 3 years before the manga's events while Diluc's character stories place it 4 years before the game's story, making the manga set roughly a year before the game. However, according to Diluc's stories, he returned to Mondstadt after Varka left on his expedition, making his return occur sometime within 6 months before the game's story. The message on the Cat's Tail Message Board about Collei says she was seen at the "last Ludi Harpastum" before the game's story, with no indication of how long ago it occurred.


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