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Suigetsu Pool (Japanese: 水月池 "Water-Moon Pool") is a subarea in Watatsumi Island, Inazuma.


Note: Includes surrounding areas


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Palace in a Pool

  • First, use an Electrogranum to activate all four Lightning Strike Probes, which unlocks the four Electro Monuments.
  • Activate the Elemental Monument.
  • Jump into the hole and swim through the small opening towards the root.
  • Climb up the root, and activate the 3 wall switches to open the door.
  • Enter the next room, and climb up the wall on the right.
  • Activate the floor switch to fully drain the water.

Electro Current Puzzle

Requires Palace in a Pool to be unlocked so that the water has been drained and all mechanisms within the ruins can be activated.

There are a total of three Relay Stones that can be obtained through the ruins:

  1. Relay Stone 1: After opening the gate that leads back up to the surface from within the ruins, a Relay Stone will appear.
  2. Relay Stone 2: To the side of the chamber is another room with a closed gate; climb over to the switch to the right of the gate and activate it to access a second Relay Stone.
  3. Relay Stone 3: Is found when the final gate is opened, behind which is a gateway that takes you to a room containing a relay stone, a chest, an Electroculus, and a page for Toki Alley Tales which can be found by climbing the wall straight up.


Below the surface of Suigetsu Pool is a mansion that once belonged to Umigozen, once a famous figure in Inazuma. At the moment, little else is known about the area.

Of interest is the large "Celtic"-style ruins covering much of the island's surface and running below the surface. On top of the Ruin Sentinels that can be fought around the island, there is an inactive Ruin Guard and even an inactive miniature Ruin Hunter located around the area.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSuigetsu Pool
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Water-Moon Pool[• 1]
Seu'igecheu Yeonmot
Suigetsu Pond
SpanishEstanque SuigetsuSuigetsu Pond
FrenchLac SuigetsuSuigetsu Lake
RussianОзеро Суигэцу
Ozero Suigetsu
Lake Suigetsu
ThaiSuigetsu Pool
VietnameseHồ SuigetsuSuigetsu Lake
GermanSuigetsu-TeichSuigetsu Pond
IndonesianSuigetsu Pool
PortugueseLagoa SuigetsuSuigetsu Lagoon
  1. Japanese: Suigetsu (Japanese: 水月 lit. "water-moon") also describes the moon's illusory reflection on the water's surface.

Change History

Released in Version 2.1


  1. Map, Label: Suigetsu Pool (Japanese)