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Sub-Space Waypoint or Realm Waypoint is a purchasable Furnishing that can be used to like a Teleport Waypoint in the Serenitea Pot. A maximum of 10 can be purchased from the Realm Depot for Realm Currency Realm Currency ×100 each.


  • Placing a Realm Waypoint in the Serenitea Pot for the first time grants the A Realm Beyond: Series III achievement "Just Like a Game of Chess."
  • Payers can teleport to a Sub-Space Waypoint even from outside the Serenitea Pot, making them an alternative to placing down their Serenitea Pot from their inventory and interacting with it to enter the teapot.
  • Once used, the empty gap in the hitbox is where the character will teleport to.

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Sub-Space Waypoint
Wàijǐng Máodiǎn
Wàijǐng Máodiǎn
Japanese 外景ポイント
Korean 외경 워프 포인트
Spanish Teletransporte dimensional
French Téléporteur intradimensionnel[• 1]
Russian Точка телепортации подпространства
Tochka teleportatsii podprostranstva
Thai จุดเทเลพอร์ตเนรมิต
Vietnamese Điểm Dịch Chuyển Bên Ngoài
German Kannenreich-Teleportationspunkt
Indonesian Sub-Space Waypoint
Portuguese Ponto de Subespaço
  1. FR Literal Meaning: Intra-Dimensional Teleporter

Change History

Released in Version 2.0