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Strange Tooth is used to produce Vitalized Dragontooth by extracting vitality at the Core which is located at Wyrmrest Valley in Dragonspine. 4 Strange Tooth are required to begin the extraction process and players will receive 4 Vitalized Dragontooth as a result.

Strange Tooth respawns 48 hours after it has been harvested. If some Strange Teeth appear to be missing, one may need to collect the tooth from the dragon heart cavern in Wyrmrest Valley first.

How to Obtain

Video Guides

The Festering Fang Guide

Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Strange Tooth
Qíyì de "Yáchǐ"
Qíyì de "Yáchǐ"
Japanese 奇妙な「牙」
Kimyou-na "Kiba"
Korean 기이한 「이빨」
Gi'ihan "Ippal"
Spanish Colmillo extraño
French Dent étrange
Russian Необычный клык
Neobychnyy klyk
Thai "เขี้ยว" ประหลาด
Vietnamese "Chiếc Răng" Kỳ Lạ
German Merkwürdiger Zahn
Indonesian Gigi Aneh
Portuguese Dente Estranho

Change History

Released in Version 1.2
Version 1.2
  • Strange Tooth was released.
  • In certain situations, Travelers were unable to collect the Strange Tooth quest item during the World Quest "The Festering Fang". This issue has been fixed in an update on 2020/12/24.