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Each character has a story chapter named after their constellation which players can unlock to learn more about the character and possibly play as them briefly as a "trial" character, even if they do not own the character.

For the main storyline quests, see Archon Quests.

How to Unlock

To gain access to some story chapters, players need to gain a measure of approval from the world in which they play out. Players can gain this approval by:

  • Completing the required preceding quests
  • Reaching the required Adventure Rank
  • Using Story Keys to unlock the quest

Obtaining Story Keys

Story Key

After reaching AR 26, players will receive a Story Key for every 8 daily Commissions they complete (2 days worth). Players can only hold up to 3 keys in their possession at any one time.

List of Story Chapters

Icon Name Constellation Act
Character Kaeya Thumb.png Kaeya Pavo Ocellus Secret Pirate Treasure
Character Diluc Thumb.png Diluc Noctua Darknight Hero's Alibi
(Requires Act III of the Prologue Archon Quest to be completed)
Character Amber Thumb.png Amber Lepus Wind, Courage and Wings
Character Lisa Thumb.png Lisa Tempus Fugit Troublesome Work
(Requires AR 15)
Character Razor Thumb.png Razor Lupus Minor The Meaning of Lupical
(Requires AR 21, Act III of the Prologue Archon Quest, and Act I of Amber's Story Quest to be completed)
Character Xiangling Thumb.png Xiangling Ladle Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip
(Requires AR 15)
Character Xingqiu Thumb.png Xingqiu Fabulae Textile Bookworm Swordsman
(Requires AR 26 and Act I of Lisa's Story Quest to be completed)
Character Klee Thumb.png Klee Trifolium True Treasure
(Requires AR 32, 1 Story Key, and Act I of Diluc's Story Quest to be completed)
Character Jean Thumb.png Jean Leo Minor Master's Day Off
(Requires AR 34 and 1 Story Key)
Character Venti Thumb.png Venti Carmen Dei Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land
(Requires AR 36 and 1 Story Key)
Character Mona Thumb.png Mona Astrolabos To be revealed
(Requires AR 38, 1 Story Key, and Act I of Diluc's Story Quest to be completed)

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