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This is the Stone Gate Bulletin Board. You can find notices and messages from passersby posted here.

The Stone Gate Bulletin Board is a bulletin board located in Stone Gate. The messages randomly cycle through every time it is interacted with.


About Keqing

Message: "A wealthy-looking girl dressed in purple came by here a few days ago, asking all sorts of things about the land, people's daily consumption, and such. She seemed to be from the city."
Message: "When I asked who she was, she said she was a general secretary from Yujing Terrace, sure enough. City folk really are thorough at their job..."
Message: "You seldom see such vigorous, resolute demeanor in young people these days."

About Stone Gate

Bulletin Board: Welcome to Stone Gate, the door of Liyue! From here head south to the bustling port city, or north to the rustic land of wine.

About Mondstadt

Message: "Let's set off an on adventure among the delicacies of Mondstadt!"
Message: "In the nation of wind and wine, does even the food taste of a cool breeze and fragrant wine?"

Gaiman's Message

Message: "'The gleaming blade reveals scarlet rain in forest shadows; I only hope that many-a-drink may drown my sorrows.' — A swordsman with no understanding of poetic verse. Feedback welcome."
Another Note: "In my humble opinion... the second line makes absolutely no sense!"

Huachu's Message

Message: "May the Lord of Geo protect us on our journey to a faraway land, a new home where we can start a life all of our own..."
Message: "...I only hope that our painstaking planning and past mistakes were not all for nothing."

Hypermarket Ad

Message: "All your travel essentials, right here!"
Message: "They say rare merchandise are sound investments. Any traveling merchants in need of such are welcome to visit my hypermarket in Dihua Marsh!"

Pops Zhou's Tea

Message: "Pops Zhou welcomes all travelers to come by and relax with a big cup of cheap, refreshing tea!"
Another Note: "Having known Pops Zhou for 40 years, I can vouch that his tea hasn't declined in quality one bit... though it hasn't improved either."

Scent of Spring Ad

Message: "Last day of clearance sale! Come get famous Scent of Spring wares at a huge discount!"
Message: "Only in this village, this store! Everything, must, go!"

Warning: Treasure Hoarders in the Area

Bulletin Board: Many Treasure Hoarders have been spotted recently near Stone Gate and Dihua Marsh. Passersby should take caution.
Bulletin Board: If you see anything suspicious, please first get to safety and then report the situation immediately to the nearest Millelith soldier.

Warning: Monsters in the Area

Bulletin Board: There has been significant monster activity recently near Stone Gate and Dihua Marsh. Millelith patrols have been increased, and we ask all traveling merchants to take caution when passing through.

Xingqiu's Message

Message: "Guhua...Legend...Sword...adepti in the mist...evildoer..."
Message: "I...writing...remarkable..this poem..."
Message: (The handwriting is so poor that the rest is completely illegible.)


  • Huachu's message connects with her dialogue, Jianqiu's dialogue, her father Gentry De'an's dialogue, and the messages on the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board reveals that Huachu and Jianqiu eloped by faking her death. They likely posed a corpse as hers and placed it in a well at Feiyun Slope, contaminating the water supply in the process.
  • Gaiman is an aspiring novelist from Fontaine who was inspired by Xingqiu, the author of "A Legend of Sword." The book is a hit in Inazuma and Fontaine — but ironically, a flop in his home country of Liyue.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0