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Stone Gate is a subarea in Bishui Plain, Liyue, along the main road between Mondstadt and Liyue. It is the convergence of the roads to Dawn Winery (northeast), Wuwang Hill and Qingce Village (northwest), and Dihua Marsh and Liyue Harbor (south).

There are two Teleport Waypoints in its vicinity, one towards the northern end of the area and one towards the west.

Notable Features



Item Specialty Notes
Dandelion Seed Dandelion Seed Mondstadt specialty.
Found in the eastern region.
Jueyun Chili Jueyun Chili Liyue specialty.
Found in the eastern region.


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Developer Insight

Design from Difference

Liyue lies to the south of Mondstadt. Departing from the main gate of Mondstadt, we scale the Windwail Highland, trek through Springvale, pass the Dawn Winery by, and come upon some fascinating terrain. Twin peaks intersect in mid-air, forming what almost appears to be an archway. In-game, those who pass through this area call it the Stone Gate.

When players set off for Liyue from Mondstadt along the mercantile land route, they essentially must all pass through the Stone Gate. It can be seen as a landmark, and it also marks the boundary between the two regions. Thus, the experience of the Stone Gate directly influences the first impression that players will have of Liyue as a region.

Before designing this locale, we first set a direction for that design. We hoped that the Stone Gate could impart upon players the feeling expressed in Tao Yuanming's poem, Peach Blossom Spring: "After a great many steps, a breathtaking scene appears before one's very eyes." Starting from the Stone Gate, the terrain starts to shift, and the architecture along the path gradually becomes more like that of Liyue. As players pass through the Stone Gate, the scenery opens up, and countless beautiful scenes from right out of a Chinese landscape painting — wholly different from those seen in Mondstadt — begin to reveal themselves.

Several of my colleagues and I hail from Southwest China, and not a few times were we reminded of our hometown as we designed the Stone Gate. The world-famous mountains and rivers of our home proved to be the ideal reference material, and after much discussion, it was agreed that the Karst Landforms emblematic of the southwestern regions would be the basis for Liyue's theme.

We brought this style into the game, and began the process of intricately designing mountains and peaks, taking care to remove any trace of human artifice by making each monolith look as natural as possible. This way, we would be able to create the effect of nature set apart, and enhance the naturalness and openness of the gaming experience.

In the initial stages of design, we did consider a canyon-like entrance inspired by the Yixiantian Gap Road (a hiking trail in Southwest China). However, such a narrow strip of road would cause the game experience in this area to be linear and monotonous, so after referencing all sorts of ancient cliff-hewn roads, we finally decided on this design.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0