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Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow is the second act in Chapter II of the Archon Quests. To unlock this quest line, players must complete Kamisato Ayaka's Story Quest, Grus Nivis Chapter: Act I - The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit, and Yoimiya's Story Quest, Carassius Auratus Chapter: Act I - Dreamlike Timelessness.


  1. Amidst Stormy Judgment
  2. In the Name of the Resistance


Amidst Stormy Judgment

The following day after their "hot pot" game, the Traveler decides to return to the Komore Teahouse. They think that Thoma is once again trying to pull a prank on them; however, it is revealed to be no prank as Ayaka walks in and asks them if they've seen him. Replying with 'no', Ayaka confirms her fears; according to her, Thoma may have been taken away by the Tenryou Commission. She explains that Thoma would be the 100th victim of the Vision Hunt Decree. Ayaka attempts to go herself, but the Traveler and Paimon stops her, saying doing so would make her and the entire Yashiro Commission enemies of the Raiden Shogun. Thus, they offer to go themselves to save Thoma.

The Traveler arrives in time to the ceremony to see Thoma, but also the Raiden Shogun in person. The Raiden Shogun pulls Thoma's Vision, but before she could inlay it into the statue, the Traveler intercepts and grabs it, knocking the two guards restraining Thoma out in the process. The Shogun is impressed at their ability to manipulate elements without a Vision and drags them into an alternate realm for battle, using it as "verification" purposes.

Despite the Traveler's powers, the sheer strength of the Shogun leaves them incapacitated as the realm around them disappears. The Shogun attempts to finish the Traveler off with the Musou no Hitotachi, but before she could land the killing blow, Thoma breaks free of his bindings and throws a nearby spear at her, forcing her to cancel the attack, generating a massive gust that sends the Traveler flying at Thoma, who catches them, and then they flee. The guards wonder who the Traveler was, while the Shogun issues an arrest warrant on the two, stating that she will strike twice against the Traveler next time.

A fair distance away in the city, Thoma tells the Traveler that he will need to go into hiding for a good period of time and they have to take the next step themselves. He suggests they find the Watatsumi Army, believing them to be the best choice to take them in from the arrest warrant that is bound to be declared on them soon. He also admits that the Yashiro Commission is not on good terms with the resistance, but the Traveler, being a unique outlier, should be able to convince them. As he is not sure where the resistance may be, he suggests that they gather intelligence on the way there and wishes them luck.

In the Name of the Resistance

Waving goodbye, the Traveler and Paimon decide to find the resistance, starting at Tatarasuna. Along the way, they overhear a pair of Shogunate soldiers, Takayama and Ishihara, saying that the resistance is being pushed near Musoujin Gorge. Paimon suggests they verify the information before ensuring the resistance is based at the gorge. Continuing on, they find a pair of travelers - Sakamoto and Jiichirou. Sakamoto wishes to go to Higi Village, believing it to be safer than the warzone, while Jiichirou had just been to Nazuchi Beach, complaining it was complete chaos there. Paimon then suggests they check the beach.

Upon arrival, they notice a resistance soldier that is under attack by the Shogunate soldiers. After confronting them and rescuing the resistance soldier, he introduces himself as Teppei of the Gobius Platoon. He explains that the General of the resistance, Gorou, is looking for more like-minded people, and that the Traveler's presence would be a help for the resistance as they can use the elements without a Vision. Teppei then explains that the Shogun's goal is the Eternity, and as such, they have the help of Kujou Sara, who controls an exceptionally strong force.

Arriving at the camp, Teppei introduces the Traveler to Gorou, telling him about how they saved him and used the elements without a Vision. Gorou asks them if they are certain they wish to join as they will have to sacrifice their lives if need be. The Traveler tells him about the Vision Hunt Ceremony, upon which Gorou states he heard there was a disturbance in the ceremony despite the Raiden Shogun's presence. They then tell him that they were the ones who did so, much to his surprise, but he then recalls a bounty paper from a defeated Shogunate samurai that matches their description, so he welcomes them into their ranks.

Teppei offers to introduce the Traveler to the Resistance camp. They go to the hospital camp to introduce them to Teppei's friends. Teppei requests the Traveler to pick out materials that can be used as medicine. After they collect the materials, Tokuda suggests that the Traveler checks out the archery camp, to which they agree to. Once there, Teppei introduces the Traveler to more of his friends, and they request the Traveler to give them a demonstration on how to use a bow.

Proving their archery skill, Hisahiko and Shouji thank the Traveler. They explain that they used to have a peaceful life, and war was the last thing on their mind, but that had changed with the Vision Hunt Decree. They had decided to join the Resistance in order to prove their worth, speculating if it is possible for those without Visions to fight. All of a sudden, a messenger arrives, informing them that the Shogunate army has breached the camp.

After repelling the attackers, Teppei comments that the Shogunate's forces shouldn't have been able to get this far in and concludes that there must be a traitor in the army. The messenger then returns and informs them that some of the walls have been damaged, which may be why the Shogunate army decided to attack. Apart from tasking them to repair the walls, he also suggests they double the sentries to avoid such attacks in the future before leaving. Teppei then starts a contest with the Traveler to see who can repair the wall faster.

Upon repairing the walls, Teppei has a sense of relief, though he complains about having to do logistics work again when he was looking forward to the combat after being transferred to the front line. He is insistent about being on the front line to show his worth in battle, as every member knows the risks they are facing. They go to report to Gorou, but he is nowhere to be found. Kaida informs them that they have just caught wind of a massive Shogunate army led by Sara advancing on the main front, warranting Gorou's attention. He is worried that the resistance will be routed and have to retreat once more, causing morale to deplete further. The Traveler and Teppei offer to head to the front to assist in any way possible.

They arrive to a confrontation between the Shogunate and the Resistance, with Sara complaining that the leader of the resistance has been causing a lot of trouble for the Shogun. She offers Gorou a deal; knowing that the Traveler has sought refuge in the resistance, she states that she will order a ceasefire if the Resistance gives the Traveler to her, but Gorou refuses, not intending to betray one of their own.

When the Traveler arrives, Sara immediately recognizes them and applauds them for the bravery. She offers a deal for the Traveler; to represent the resistance in a fight of honor. Gorou explains that both sides choose their finest warriors for a match of single combat, and victory could constitute an important boost to the weaker side's morale. Despite Gorou's insistence that she is trying to capture them, the Traveler accepts her offer. Rather than facing them head on, Sara instead has them battle some Shogunate soldiers, all of whom they defeat.

Sara is impressed by their strength and concludes the duel, initiating the actual battle. The Shogunate forces inflict considerable casualties against the resistance, much to Gorou's frustration as he orders them to hold the line. In the midst of the battle, Hydro bubbles appear, signaling the arrival of Sangonomiya Kokomi, the resistance leader. With a large group of mercenaries, along with both Beidou and Kazuha, the new reinforcements relieve the pressure on the battlefield and turn the tide. A frustrated Sara then orders the Shogunate forces to retreat.

Kokomi introduces herself to the Traveler, admitting she hadn't expected them to join the Resistance, and asks the Traveler about their current plans. Having no immediate plan of action, Kokomi requests to continue the conservation at the Shrine of Sangonomiya. Teppei offers to come, as he knows Watatsumi Island very well. She informs Gorou that she is not done with her plans yet but assures him that the mercenaries and Kazuha will remain at the camp to discourage future Shogunate attacks. She also tells the Traveler she will be waiting for them at Watatsumi Island and to inform Teppei when they're ready to do so as she leaves.


3 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
To Brave the Lightning's Glow Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Become the target of the Vision Hunt Decree. 5
Revolutionary Outlander Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Successfully join the resistance. 5
Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Complete "Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow." 10


  • In terms of numbers of quests, Chapter II: Act II is the shortest Archon Quest act in the game, having only two quests under it.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow
Wúniàn wúxiǎng, pàoyǐng duànmiè
Stillness & Nothingness, the Shattering of Mirage
Wúniàn wúxiǎng, pàoyǐng duànmiè
Japanese 無念無想、泡影を滅す
Munen Musou, Houyou wo Messu
Stillness & Nothingness, the Shattering of Mirage
Korean 무념무상, 포영의 절멸
Spanish Quietud, la sublimación de la sombra
French Quiétude, la sublimation de l'ombreStillness, the Sublimation of Shadow
Russian Забвение, исчезновение теней
Zabveniye, ischeznoveniye teney
Thai ไร้พะวงปลงคะนึง
Without Worry, Removed Consideration
Vietnamese Tâm Vô Tạp Niệm, Bất Sinh Bất DiệtHeart Without Thoughts, Neither Arising Nor Ceasing
German In der Stille verschwinden die SchattenIn the Silence the Shadows Disappear
Indonesian Kekosongan Pikiran, Kemusnahan BayanganEmpty Thoughts, Destruction of Shadows
Portuguese Permanência, a Utopia EternaPermanence, the Eternal Utopia

Change History

Released in Version 2.0