Sticky Honey Roast (Chinese: 蜜酱胡萝卜煎肉) is a food item that the player can cook. The recipe for Sticky Honey Roast is obtainable during the Master's Day Off story quest after reaching Adventure Rank 34, or from the Dawn Winery variant of the NPC commission Food Delivery.

Depending on the quality, Sticky Honey Roast decreases Stamina depleted by climbing and sprinting for all party members by 15/20/25% for 900 seconds. Like most foods, this has no effect for other players in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Raw Meat.png 3 Raw Meat
  • Item Carrot.png 2 Carrot
  • Item Sugar.png 2 Sugar
  • Creates Sticky Honey Roast Sticky Honey Roast ×1


    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0


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