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Stealth is a game state where the player's Combat Talents are replaced with movement related actions, and the player is restricted to only using the Traveler. The Elemental Burst cannot be used in this mode, and the player's Normal Attack is replaced with Crouch, which can activate a Roll by Sprinting.



Hidden is a gameplay mode of stealth during which the player's objective is to avoid being spotted by NPCs.

During this mode, the player's Elemental Skill may sometimes be replaced with the ability to throw decoys to distract other NPCs.

If the player is in the line of sight of the opposing NPCs for too long, they will lose the challenge and have to restart. If they reach the target destination, they will successfully complete the challenge.

The rate at which NPCs' stealth gauges fill up depends on the player's distance from the NPC.

Keijirou Variant

During the quest Confessions of an Outlander where the objective is to follow Keijirou, the Elemental Skill will be replaced by a crouch function. If one falls in Keijirou's line of sight or gets too close to Keijirou (roughly within 3 meters when not crouched and 1–2 meters when crouched), a spotted gauge above his head will start to fill up.

If the player is seen by Keijirou for too long, they will have to restart. Otherwise, they will have to hide and get out of his line of sight, so that the gauge resets. Keijirou will then run away for a bit. If he gets too far away, the challenge will also end.

Staying within 8–10 meters behind Keijirou while avoiding his line of sight will help complete the challenge.


Capture is a gameplay mode of stealth during which the player's objective is to capture an NPC by getting close to them without being spotted. During this mode, the player's Elemental Skill is replaced with Bait (Fish).

If the player is detected by the target, the target will run away and the player will have to find the target again using Elemental Sight.

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