Statues of The Seven are structures found around all of Teyvat. Each region as one corresponding statue. See the Interactive World Map for locations.


They have many purposes:

  • Fill in the missing parts (larger named regions?) of the Map when found and resonated with once.
  • Serve as Teleport Waypoints for the Traveler.
  • Revive downed allies in the active party ("In combat") with 35% Max HP and restore party members' health using a pool of up to 50,000 HP. The HP pool is restored by 500 HP (or 1% of the maximum pool?) per 15 seconds and is fully restored in 25 minutes, and the HP pool is shared between all Statues of The Seven in a player's world. To receive healing automatically, have the party stand near the statue and wait 2 seconds for the burst of healing to come.
  • Revive and heal inactive allies ("Preparing for combat") to full HP either instantly, HP pool permitting, or in up to 25 hours (4% Max HP of the character per hour). Both revival and healing for inactive allies only occur when the "Statue's Blessing" dialogue option is selected.
    • Characters cannot be automatically healed to full HP as inactive allies more than once per day(? further testing needed).
    • Do any of the following to heal inactive allies faster with the Statue:
      • Select them to manually heal them on the Statue's Blessing screen
      • Switch them in to your active party and stand near the statue
      • Switch to a party that has them in it and stand near the statue
  • Increase maximum stamina and give other rewards in exchange for Oculi.
  • Change the Traveler's elemental talents by interacting while playing as Traveler, depending on the nation the statue is in.
  • Serve as a source of warmth in Subzero Climate.


A monumental stone statue that watches over Mondstadt. Legends say that it was sculpted in the image of the Anemo Archon. "Seeds brought by the wind will grow over time." The statue silently anticipates the arrival of a noble soul to arrive, while thousand winds of time will soon unfold a new story...


A monumental stone statue that watches over Liyue. Legends say it was sculpted in the image of the Geo Archon. Despite its bustling harbor which attracts many traders, Liyue's history is calm and peaceful like its archon.

Statue Offering

Level Oculi Offering Quantity
Anemo [subtotal] Geo [subtotal]
1 1 [1] 2 [2]
2 2 [3] 4 [6]
3 4 [7] 8 [14]
4 6 [13] 12 [26]
5 7 [20] 14 [40]
6 8 [28] 16 [56]
7 10 [38] 20 [76]
8 12 [50] 24 [100]
9 15 [65] 30 [130]
10/MAX Your efforts have been acknowledged!
Total 65 130

Note: There is one extra Anemoculus and Geoculus in the world for a total of 66 and 131 respectively.

Statue Rewards

Upon first unlocking a statue, you are rewarded with Adventure EXP Adventure EXP ×50 and Primogem Primogem ×5 much like a Teleport Waypoint.

Level Rewards
Stamina Sigil Primogem Adventure EXP
1 7 5 10 80
2 120
3 8 160
4 10 200
5 240
6 280
7 15 320
8 360
9 400
10/MAX Your efforts have been acknowledged!
Total 70 90 90 2,160

Lost Statue of the Seven

Long ago, Mondstadt lost a Statue of the Seven. The Traveler later finds a Defiled Statue hanging upside down in the ruins Call of the Abyss.


  • Like with all dialogue options, the statue cannot be interacted with while playing in Co-Op Mode. However, you can still receive healing by standing near it. The HP pool is tied to a player's world and is therefore shared by all players who are in the same world.
  • There are currently a total of ten Statues of the Seven.
  • When you fully upgrade the statues, a floating ring appears around the top.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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