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State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel is the tenth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Bring the Holy Lyre back to the tavern
  2. Talk to Venti
  3. Use Dvalin's Teardrop Crystal on the Holy Lyre
  4. Talk to Jean


(In the tavern)
Venti: Welcome back!
Venti: Ah, this is the Holy Lyre! You managed to retrieve it!
Venti: The pattern of flowing wind carved on the rosewood... and the strings still feel cool to the touch too. Oh, the memories...
Jean: What do you think, Venti? Can you summon Dvalin?
Venti: Although this lyre is the real thing, I doubt that it's going to work.
Venti: As you can see, the lyre has been through a thousand years of history. Its Anemo power has run dry.
Venti: In this condition, you couldn't play music fit for even Diluc's tavern with it...
Diluc: Bards fight to get on the stage of my tavern. Don't make assumptions!
Paimon: Is that really important right now, Master Diluc!?
Paimon: And you — did you just borrow the Holy Lyre to play music for drunkards to hear?
Venti: Hehe.
Paimon: What do you mean "hehe"!?
Venti: Anyway, we won't be able to call Dvalin with it.
Venti: The lyre itself is fine, but the strings...
Venti: You're up, outlander!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you talking about me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't know how to fix instruments.
Venti: Relax! It's not broken.
Venti: It's just that the intensity of its Anemo power has greatly diminished.
Venti: (Traveler), do you still have Dvalin's Teardrop Crystal with you?
Venti: Great! Try to use it on the Holy Lyre.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Let me give it a try.
(You use the crystal on the lyre)
Venti: It worked, as expected.
Jean: This youthful glow...
Paimon: Praising yourself? Really?
Jean: ...I was talking about the Holy Lyre.
Venti: Thanks to (Traveler) having purified the crystal, the Holy Lyre won't continue to lose power.
Venti: That said, its power is far from replenished. It'd be great if we could get more tears.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We'll help.
Paimon: How can we gather more?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Right. How do we do that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How can we make Dvalin cry? By hitting him?
Venti: I can surmise that Dvalin will already be crying...
Venti: Suffering alone in some deserted place...
Jean: Dvalin...
Paimon: Poor baby...
Jean: This is not something that an Honorary Knight can accomplish alone. I will mobilize the rest of the knights to assist.
Jean: When you get the Teardrop Crystal, please let (Traveler) perform the purification process.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Leave it to me.
Venti: Heroes supporting each other and setting out on a journey together... How exciting!
Venti: Lemme come up with a song for you...
Paimon: Is that all you're going to do? Just sing?
Venti: Wouldn't be much of a bard if I didn't now, would I?
Paimon: Hmph. You're so cheeky... You deserve an ugly nickname.
Paimon: Oh, Paimon knows! From now on, you'll be known as "Tone-Deaf Bard"!
(Obtain Partially Repaired Holy Lyre der Himmel)

Diluc: This search reminds me of a feud I once had with the Fatui.
Diluc: Six months ago, a thief stole treasure from the East Temple of the Four Winds.
Paimon: Whoa. What was it? A cup used by Barbatos?
Diluc: No. Although if such a thing existed, it would be very valuable.
Diluc: Among all the relics they managed to dig up, one particular object was very rare...
Diluc: It was a vial which contained the Anemo God's breath.
Paimon: Relics come in every shape and form huh...
Diluc: Anyone with an eye for fine art would like to add this relic to their collection.
Diluc: Once word got out, the Fatui started trying to seek it out as well.
Diluc: They've made tons of counterfeits that can be found everywhere.
Diluc: In response, I just bought every one I could find, irrespective of its authenticity. We're still at it now.
Diluc: I've bought more than two thousand fakes to date, and the Fatui are yet to find the real one.
Paimon: Whoa. You guys are insane...
Paimon: So, it means that the real one must be out there somewhere on the black market, right?
Paimon: Hmmm... Paimon'll give you a discount on them if she finds any — cause Paimon's just great like that!
Diluc: Sure, you can try to find the real one. I'll take what you find, even if they're fake.
Diluc: Once you're done, find me at the winery. I'll trade you a beer for every 20 you find.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
Zhìbǎo de Xiànzhuàng
Treasure's Present Condition
Zhìbǎo de Xiànzhuàng
Japanese 宝の現状
Takara no Genjou
Treasure's Present Condition
Korean 보물의 상태
Bomul-ui Sangtae
Treasure's Condition
Spanish Estado de Der Himmel, la Lira Sagrada
French L'état de la LyreThe State of the Lyre
Russian Починка небесной лиры
Pochinka nebesnoy liry
Repair of the Heavenly Lyre
Thai สภาพของ Holy Lyre der Himmel
Saphap khong Holy Lyre der Himmel
State of the Holy Lyre der Himmel
Vietnamese Hiện Trạng Của Bảo Vật
German In den Händen ein SchatzIn the Hands is a Treasure
Indonesian Kondisi Holy LyreHoly Lyre Condition
Portuguese Estado da Lira Sagrada der HimmelState of the Holy Lyre der Himmel

Change History

Released in Version 1.0