Craft Usage

Name Image Craft Type Amount
Ominous Mask Item Ominous Mask.png Alchemy 3

Character Ascension Usage

Stained Mask is used for the following Character Ascensions:

Name Image

Character Chongyun Thumb.png


Character Jean Thumb.png


Character Noelle Thumb.png


Character Razor Thumb.png


Character Traveler Thumb.png


Character Xingqiu Thumb.png

Weapon Ascension Usage

Stained Mask is used for the following Weapon Ascensions:

Name Image Rarity
Dark Iron Sword Weapon Dark Iron Sword.png 31 Star
Debate Club Weapon Debate Club.png 31 Star
Eye of Perception Weapon Eye of Perception.png 41 Star
Otherworldly Story Weapon Otherworldly Story.png 31 Star
Prototype Aminus Weapon Prototype Aminus.png 41 Star
Prototype Grudge Weapon Prototype Grudge.png 41 Star
Rust Weapon Rust.png 41 Star
Slingshot Weapon Slingshot.png 31 Star
The Widsith Weapon The Widsith.png 41 Star
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