A peaceful and idyllic suburban town. It has a long history of hunting, of sweet spring water, and of passing down the legend of a beneficent spirit dwelling within the waters.

Land of Clear Springs

Springvale is a small town of the Mondstadt nation. Located in the south east of the Windwail Highland region, Springvale features dirt-paved areas and one-story tan houses with blue tiled roofs. One singular windmill watches over the town, with a naturally-occurring spring right below it.

Points of Interest


The north side of the town features a spring underneath the windmill. Here, you can find Draff, the Head of Hunters, who sells Raw Meat and Fowl, and Hopkins the Marvelous selling Holy Water. Old Finch comes to the spring to hopefully catch one last conversation with the spring's fairy, and the kid, Pepe, runs laps around the Windmill to become stronger to hunt. Marla can be found resting on a bench, about to fall asleep.

At night, Hopkins can be found bottling water at the spring, muttering plans to price the normal water at a high Mora cost.

Cook Station

On the east side of the town, Brook the Chef has her cooking station set up. Brook sells Steak, Chicken-Mushroom Skewer, and Northern Smoked Chicken. Behind her, the player can discover wheat and potato in storage boxes under an awning.



  • If for some reason the game encounters an error while in the open world, such as an error that results from the character moving out of bounds, then the game will teleport the player back to Springvale and rollback progress to before the error occurred.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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