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Springbloom Missive is a Character Outfit for Kamisato Ayaka. It is purchasable from the Character Outfit Shop.

During Version 3.4, Springbloom Missive was available at a limited-time discount of Genesis Crystal Genesis Crystal ×1,350. In Version 3.5, its cost was increased to Genesis Crystal Genesis Crystal ×1,680.


Ayaka's hair is styled into two braids that are looped outward before wrapping around her head. The chin-length locks of hair framing her face have one white flower on each side above her eyebrows and are tied at ear-level with white-trimmed blue accessories that each have one blue butterfly ornament stuck on top. There are white flowers on her braids. Ayaka also wears a hat decorated with two orange flowers on the left side.

Ayaka wears a coat-like light blue open dress with a dark corset over a white petticoat with white sleeves and a faint silver gradient. The open dress's design includes lightly colored lines seen elsewhere in Inazuma and has general gold accents as well as gold accents in the shape of sakura flowers, and the petticoat has the Kamisato Clan crest faintly patterned at the bottom. The dress also has a white collar and a pink bow on the left shoulder. At the back of her dress are gold-tasseled purple ribbons with the Kamisato Clan crest as well as a large blue bow styled to look like a blue butterfly, with her Vision in the center. Ayaka also wears a ring with a small blue butterfly ornament on her right middle finger.


At the foot of the Sacred Sakura Tree, a lovely brocade mat lined the ground, an exquisite and beautifully-arranged meal awaiting atop it.
Such was the view that met your eyes when you followed the invitation letter's instructions guiding you to what it called a "picnic."
Moments after, Kamisato Ayaka, the organizer of this picnic, emerged from behind the tree, smiling with a fan in hand and unhurried of gait.
"I've heard that the people of Fontaine enjoy having picnics. I, too, wish to indulge in one such event. Perhaps I'll be able to sample the experience this novel writes of."
That was to be expected: the Yae Publishing House's newly published Fontaine light novel, "The Case Files of Miss Orith," had taken Inazuma by storm of late, after all.
Ayaka had been reading this novel too. From time to time, the two of you would meet and discuss the methods of deduction used within the novel, revealing her deep appreciation for the entire series.

With her hair coiled up and wearing an elegant lady's hat, she looked just like the Fontaine beauty described in the novel.
You found the transformation amazing — though the figure before you was obviously still Ayaka, she had achieved a new sort of elegance merely by changing her apparel.
The "Dame of Fontaine" before you said:
"While reading 'The Case Files of Miss Orith,' I often feel that though there might be similarities between the cultural habits of individual nations..."
"The private lives of each nation's peoples remain more different than not."
"To appraise the lifestyle of a world beyond Inazuma is like peering at the moon's face through a veil of clouds..."

She lowered her head, seemingly vexed.
As the daughter of the Yashiro Commission's Kamisato Clan, Ayaka is unable to live with the freedom comparable to that of an adventurer — this, you knew quite well.
Just as you were about to say something to console her, she nodded, as if experiencing an epiphany, and said:
"Though such is reality, I am already vastly more fortunate than most."
"With a friend like you, even though I cannot travel, the stories I have heard are no longer limited to Inazuma's borders."
"...I wish that everyone — not just me — could know more about what lies beyond our shores."
So, Ayaka hadn't been distressed on her own account, it seemed.
"Miss Aratani once told me that, beyond the bounds of Inazuma, learning and art flourishes in Sumeru, Mondstadt, Liyue, and Fontaine."
"Yet, we know so very little of them..."
"I intend to propose to my brother and Lady Yae that we bring in more pieces of work from outside Inazuma!"
"Perhaps we can get a glimpse of places and peoples we've never witnessed before by using their literary works as windows..."
Ayaka's bearing far exceeded your expectations — this was, indeed, the "Shirasagi Himegimi" of the Yashiro Commission's Kamisato Clan.
"...Before I can propose this to my brother and Lady Yae, however, I must create a specific list of books to be published. As such, I wanted to ask you for some recommendations."
Before you realized it, moved as you were by her words, Ayaka had already begun touching upon the particulars of her plan.
After a moment of deep reflection, you put words to paper and fill the first line of the list in.
"'The Boar Princess'?"
"Indeed," you reply. "It's a beautiful and cruel fairy tale — rather different from other works of its kind. I think people will find it very interesting."
Unfortunately, when Ayaka brought the list of books to Aratani, the editor crossed out "The Boar Princess" without hesitation.
"Ahem. This fairy tale might be a bit too... unique. I fear that people might not be ready for its contents yet..."


These are heard when equipping the costume.

Ah... The weather's so nice today. Would you like to take a stroll with me?天气真好,我们一起出门散步吧。
Tiānqì zhēn hǎo, wǒmen yīqǐ chūmén sànbù ba.
(The weather's nice, let us go out together for a walk.)
Totemo ii o-tenki desu ne. Issho ni o-sanpo ikimasen ka?
(It's a beautiful day isn't it? Shall we take a stroll together?)
날씨가 참 좋아요. 같이 산책 할까요?
Nalssi-ga cham joh-ayo. Gach-i sanchaek halkkayo?
(The weather's quite nice. Shall we take a walk together?)
My hat won't get blown away... right?帽子…不会被风吹走吧?
Màozi... bùhuì bèi fēng chuīzǒu ba?
(My hat won't get blown away... right?)
Boushi ga... kaze ni tobasarenai to ii no desu ga.
(My hat... I hope it doesn't get blown away by the wind.)
모자가, 바람에 날아가 버리지는 않겠죠?
Moja-ga, baram-e nar-aga beorijineun anketjyo?
(My hat, won't the wind make it fly off?)
I'll seek out the truth in my own way.用我自己的方式找到答案。
Yòng wǒ zìjǐ de fāngshì zhǎodào dá'àn.
(Using my own way to find the answer.)
Watakushi wa jibun no houhou de, kotae wo mitsukemasu.
(I'll find the answers in my own way.)
저번에 방식으로 정답을 찾을 거예요.
Jeobeon-e bangsig-euro jeongdab-eul chaj-eul geoyeyo.
(I will find the answer just like last time.)

Outfit Showcase[]

"I'll seek out the truth in my own way." – Kamisato Ayaka's New Outfit Showcase "Springbloom Missive"


In-Game Assets[]



Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSpringbloom Missive
Huāshí Láixìn
Incoming Missive in the Blooming Season
Huāshí Láixìn
Hanadoki ni Otozureta Tegami
Letter that Arrived in the Blooming Season
Korean 피는 날의 편지
Kkot Pineun Nal-ui Pyeonji
Letter From a Blooming Day
SpanishMisiva de la florescenciaFlowering Period Missive
FrenchMissive de floraison printanièreSpringbloom Missive
RussianПослание весенного цветения
Poslaniye vesennogo tsveteniya
Spring Bloom Missive
San Muea Yam Dokmai Phliban
Springbloom Missive
VietnameseThư Từ Hoa XuânSpring Bloom Missive
GermanBotschaft der BlütezeitMessage From the Flowering Season
IndonesianSpringbloom Missive
PortugueseMissiva da Floração
TurkishBahar Çiçeği MektubuSpring Flower's Message
ItalianMissiva primaverileMissive Vernal

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