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Spectral Husk is a Common Ascension Material dropped by Specters.

Dropped By

6 Common Enemies drop Spectral Husk:

Enemy Cryo Specter Icon.png Lv. 1+ Cryo Specter
Enemy Geo Specter Icon.png Lv. 1+ Geo Specter
Enemy Pyro Specter Icon.png Lv. 1+ Pyro Specter

Craft Usage

There is 1 item that can be crafted using Spectral Husk:

Item Craft Type Recipe
Spectral Heart Spectral Heart Crafting Spectral Husk Spectral Husk ×3
Mora Mora ×25

Talent Leveling Usage

4 Characters use Spectral Husk for leveling their talents:

Ascension Usage

4 Characters use Spectral Husk for ascension:

8 Weapons use Spectral Husk for ascension:

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSpectral Husk
Fúyóu Gàn Hé
Floating Dry Core
Fúyóu Gàn Hé
Furaimu no Kankaku[!]
Flime's Dry Nucleus
Korean떠도는 정령 코어 껍데기
Tteodoneun Jeongryeong Koeo Kkeopdegi
Wandering Spirit Core Skin
SpanishCaparazón espectral
FrenchCoquille spectraleSpectral Shell
RussianПризрачная оболочка
Prizrachnaya obolochka
Spectral Shell
ThaiSpectral Husk
VietnameseHạt Bay Lượn Khô Héo
GermanGeisterhülleGhost Husk
IndonesianSpectral Husk
PortugueseCasca Espectral

Change History

Released in Version 2.1