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Special Mushroom Pizza is a food item that can only be bought from the Kiminami Restaurant after either completing the quest Pizza From Another Land, or selecting the "local" ingredient options when writing down the recipe during the "Food From Afar" section of the quest The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit.

Special Mushroom Pizza is identical to its inspiration, the normal Mushroom Pizza, except for its description and its appearance, which includes blue and purple toppings.

Only the Regular version of this item exists.


  • While helping Kiminami Anna in the Pizza From Another Land quest, she asks for 1 Lavender Melon as an ingredient for the Special Mushroom Pizza in one branch. Along with constructive criticism that Kiminami took, we can assume that the pizza's toppings are made of Inazuma's local specialties. The pizza's base remains the same, however.
  • Its description seems to call the pizza a "pancake", despite the name of the food being "Special Mushroom Pizza".

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Special Mushroom Pizza
tèzhì fēngwèi kǎo mógū pīsà
Specially Flavoured Grilled Mushroom Pizza
tèzhì fēngwèi kǎo mógū pīsà
Japanese 特製キノコピザ
Tokusei Kinoko Piza
Special Made Mushroom Pizza
Korean 특제 버섯피자
Teukje Beoseotpija
Specially Made Mushroom Pizza
Spanish Pizza de champiñones especialSpecial Mushroom Pizza
French Pizza aux champignons spécialeSpecial Mushroom Pizza
Russian Особая грибная пицца
Osobaya gribnaya pitstsa
Thai Special Mushroom Pizza
Vietnamese Pizza Nấm Rơm Nướng Đặc BiệtSpecial Grilled Straw Mushrooms Pizza
German Spezielle PilzzaSpecial Mushroom Pizza[• 1]
Indonesian Special Mushroom Pizza
Portuguese Pizza de Cogumelos Especial
  1. DE: Note that Mushroom Pizza is a Portmanteau in German, since Mushroom Pizza would be "Pilz Pizza" in German.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0