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Getting Started

Editing Help

To start editing a page or a section, just click on the "Edit" button, and a box with the page content will appear. For more information on how to edit pages, see Help:Editing.

Helping the Wiki

You can find out what needs to be done around the wiki by checking out the To-do list below or the insight boxes above. But before editing, make sure you are familiar with the Community Rules.

Please read the Images policy before uploading files.

Page layout guides will help you create specific types of pages:

For an overview of the templates used on this wiki see Genshin Impact Wiki:Templates. You can view the documentation of each template for further explanation.

If you need additional help with something or have a question not covered by the resources above you can create a post on the Wiki Discussion board, or contact one of the admins.

To-Do List

Wiki improvement tasks

These tasks are more technical and are for improving the wiki editor/viewer experience.

  • Move MediaWiki:Community-to-do-list to the Genshin Impact Wiki namespace so non-admins can edit.
  • {{LastEdits}}
    • Fix for UCP.
  • {{Weapon Ascension Materials}}
    1. Fill out {{Weapon Ascension Materials}} with the new ascension material patterns for 1-star and 2-star weapons.
  • {{Character Infobox}}
    • Use CSS to standardize the size of images (Both single image and using gallery tag).
    • Add the specialized stat each character gets (probably not value), see how it looks in Draft.
    • Add which special dish the character can make.
  • {{Monster Infobox}}
    1. Finish the template and create pages for all Bosses the rest of the monsters.
  • {{Item Infobox}}
    1. Create Help:Lua module that can pull all the ingredients within the template into 1 parameter so just that parameter can be pulled for table display with {{Craft Usage}} and {{Ascension Usage}}.
  • {{Ascension Usage}}
    1. Add rarity columns for both character and weapon tables.
    2. Update to use new parameters from {{Character Ascension Materials}}. The selection logic is very weak since it only looks for pages that link to the material page.
  • {{Wish}}
    1. Make a template to display a wish's details in Wishes/List. Should have the in-game image, the entire pool of items, featured/rate up items, total duration, countdown till the end of the wish(?).
  • Re-purpose {{Book}} for in-game books.
  • Long-term tasks
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