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Editing Help

To start editing a page or a section, just click on the "Edit" button, and a box with the page content will appear. For more information on how to edit pages, see Help:Editing.

Helping the Wiki

You can find out what needs to be done around the wiki by checking out the Checklist on Trello and the insight boxes above. The to-do list below is just a copy of what is on the Trello board. But before editing, make sure you are familiar with the Community Rules.

Please read the Images policy before uploading files.

Page layout guides will help you create specific types of pages:

For an overview of the templates used on this wiki see Genshin Impact Wiki:Templates. You can view the documentation of each template for further explanation.

If you are going to be dealing with the addition or editing of Chinese or Japanese text on pages, please read our wiki language guidelines.

If you need additional help with something or have a question not covered by the resources above you can create a post on the Wiki Discussion board, or contact one of the admins.

To-Do List

Maintenance Work

Name Description Status
Candidates for deletion

Review the following pages and delete them if the reasoning is valid.Category:Candidates for deletion. These have been marked by a human for deletion.

- Make sure to check what links to that page before deleting. - Pages with Category:Redirect Pages are intentional redirects and should not be deleted even if nothing links to them since they can still be used for autocomplete in the wiki search bar or while editing.

High Priority
Image clean-up

Pictures of item icons in Category:Placeholder Images should be edited to have a transparent background.

Mid Priority
Events Page and {{Welcome}}

Maintain Events and update which ones have ended.

Move finished events to Category:Past Events

Edit Template:Welcome to add/remove events and wish banners

Mid Priority
Article Stubs

Adding information to pages

- Article Stubs need more information. See the reason on the page that lists what is needed, specifically - Dialogue Stubs need transcriptions

Mid Priority
Disambiguation pages

Create more disambiguation pages and add descriptions of articles to existing ones.

Mid Priority
Add New Item ID's to Infoboxes and Card tables for sorting. Mid Priority
Enforce Genshin Impact Wiki:Chinese across all pages

Enforce Genshin Impact Wiki:Chinese across all pages of the wiki. This includes replacing all Chinese language references with {{Chinese}} excluding the chinesename parameter of the {{Character Infobox}} and fixing all romanization to comply with the policy.

Low Priority

Article Work

Name Description Status
Create/Standardize Availability sections on weapon pages

Similar to what was done for character pages, a standardized Availability section should be made for weapon pages.

This can list which region's chests drop the weapons, what banners they are featured on, which months offered the weapon via Paimon's Bargins, etc.

Use Template:Featured and Template:Paimon's Bargains History

Mid Priority
Use {{Description}} on weapon pages

Since Template:Description works on mobile it could be used on Weapon pages and replace the "Description" section.

Low Priority
Add Mora cost to recipe templates.

Refer to https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Special:WhatLinksHere?target=Template%3ARecipe&namespace=0 for all the pages that use the {{Recipe}} template.

Low Priority
CBT3 Info

Review all pages that use {{CBT3 Info}}. List can be found here: Category:CBT3 Info. Some pages are just not present in the current version, those can remain.

Low Priority
CBT2 Info

Review all pages that use {{CBT2 Info}}. List can be found here: Category:CBT2 Info.

Most CBT2 info is copied from genshinimpact.wikidot.com

Low Priority
Upload playable character voicelines

Upload/Record all playable character voicelines and add them to the wiki.

2021/1/12 Characters almost done: Ganyu, Amber, Childe, Zhongli

Low Priority
Split Enemy Types to their Own Pages.

Create individual pages for each enemy type of a specific enemy.

Mid Priority

Template Work

Name Description Status
Add Tooltip Functionality to {{Card}}

Update Module:Card with tooltip functionality from - {{Card with Tooltip}} - {{Item Card with Tooltip}} - {{Food Card with Tooltip}} - {{Weapon Card with Tooltip}} - {{Artifact Set Card with Tooltip}}

Mid Priority
Create TemplateData for Infoboxes

Create TemplateData for all infoboxes

Mid Priority
Add date to Domain Names in Ascension mat (new template?)

Add date for when the Ascension mat can be obtained from a specific domain.

Mid Priority
Review {{Location Infobox}} and its usage Mid Priority
{{Character Infobox}} image sizing

Use CSS to standardize the size of images (Both single image and using gallery tag).

Low Priority
Categorize or delete uncategorized templates

Working on categorizing all these templates.

Low Priority
Combine {{Craft Usage}} and {{Ascension Usage}} into {{Item Usage}}

Combine Craft Usage and Ascension Usage into one template, "Item Usage".

Use [ ]if parser function or lua to not display level 2 headings when the item is not used for Crafting/Weapon Ascension/Character Ascension.

Low Priority
{{Ascension Usage}} stronger selection logic

Update to use new parameters from {{Character Ascension Materials}}. The selection logic is very weak since it only looks for pages that link to the material page.

Low Priority
w:c:dev:PatrolRC needs to be updated for UCP interface Low Priority
Dialogue Auto Add Categories

Dialogue lists characters who participate in conversation.

Dialogue lists characters who are mentioned in conversation? (optional, maybe can use linkto?)

Low Priority
Is {{Artifact Set Card with Tooltip}} needed?

LW created it and it is only used on sandboxes and Enter the Golden House and Peak of Vindagnyr. Need to see how it is different from {{Artifact Set}} and if the diff in functionality can just be added to {{Artifact Set}}.

Low Priority

Design Work

Name Description Status
Moving Talent Info out of {{Talent Infobox}}

Changes will be made the layout of Talent pages for a better desktop view while also still supporting the mobile view:

Example: Mobile Test 1


- The Talent Info ({{[[Template:{info|{info]]}}} in {{Talent Infobox}}) will be moved out of the infobox and onto the page it self under a "Talent Info" heading - Common attributes Energy Cost, Cooldown, and Duration are added and specific parameters in {{Talent Infobox}}

High Priority
Create tooltips for items and talents

Create Tooltip Template for items and talents. Check https://dev.fandom.com/wiki/Tooltips.

Mid Priority
Finalize the design for voice line pages

Working on Amber/Voicelines before homogenizing style. {{VO}} and {{VO BnE}}

Mid Priority
Voiceline restructure

Voice Over template needs to be cleaned up to include when the voice over unlocks.

Remap Voice Overs to a spreadsheet to see the potential variables to use

Use rowspan?

Change Voice Over filename to Voiceline

Low Priority
Create interactive map

If we were to create an interactive map, the interactivity needs to translate well to mobile!!!!! [ ]1 priority

Reference https://lotrminecraftmod.fandom.com/wiki/Regions

Low Priority
Create custom profile settings


frontend for Special:MyPage, allow for multiple "cards"

backend in JSON, to be parsed via JS (on pages)/Lua template (on frontend)

see https://pokemongo.fandom.com/wiki/User:SlyCooperFan1

Low Priority
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