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Sparks Amongst the Pages is the ninth part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act I - The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.


  1. Meet Lisa at the Temple
  2. Talk to Lisa
  3. Enter the temple
  4. Talk to Lisa
    • Lisa will join you as a trial character.
  5. Explore the temple's depths
  6. Destroy Stormterror's crystal in the Temple of the Lion
  7. Leave the temple


(Talk to Lisa)
Lisa: Hey cutie.
Lisa: You're going to help me out too? How kind of you.
Lisa: Don't hesitate to come to me if you need anything.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What kind of things does a librarian do?
Lisa: Good question.
Lisa: Basically, things other than that which require brawn... or brains.
Paimon: So... what does that leave?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why would a librarian be at the ruins...?
Lisa: Hmm... Good question.
Lisa: Well, because Jean trusts me.
Lisa: So you should as well.
(Talk to Lisa again)
Lisa: Even standing out here, the disturbance of the elemental flow inside is making me uncomfortable.
Lisa: Let's get this temple back to its normal state, so I can be a little less... tense.

(Approach Lisa in the temple)
Lisa: I guess I could give this a go.
(Lisa joins you as a trial character in the domain)
(Walk further into the temple)
Lisa: I knew it. There is a strong elemental energy coming from deep within this temple.
Lisa: Paimon, are you able to float across?
Paimon: Can't do much even if she does.
Lisa: Good point. We'd better start looking for a way to get up there then.
(Approach the wind current)
Lisa: Let's ride this wind current, shall we?
(Approach the Pyro slime)
Lisa: Leave it to me.
(Enter the next room)
Lisa: It's an Electro Monument.
Lisa: No wonder. Let me try to activate it with a bit of Electro power. Stand back, sweeties.
(After defeating the opponents in both rooms)
Lisa: When it comes to Wet enemies, I've got them covered.
(Approach a wind current)
Lisa: Oh, another wind current. Let's ride it up from here.
(After defeating the opponents)
Lisa: Chain lightning can be set off between Electro-Charged opponents.
Lisa: The electrical discharge caused by friction is only a little less shocking than love at first sight.
(Exit the room)
Lisa: Oh, you want to know about this gem?
Lisa: You're kidding... You're seriously asking? This is a Vision.
Lisa: It's used by the chosen to draw on elemental powers.
Lisa: In terms of mysticism, I suppose you could call it a "magical lightning rod."
(After crossing the moving platforms)
Lisa: What... You've never seen a Vision? Just where exactly are you from...?
Lisa: Are you a hilichurl with some level of reasonable intelligence?
Lisa: No, I doubt it. After all, hilichurls aren't exactly known for their smarts.
Lisa: And you, you'd more or less qualify to be a magister's apprentice.
(Approach Stormterror's crystal)
Lisa: Break it and we can head home and relax.
Lisa: The thought of putting my feet up and relaxing has me all fired up!
(After destroying Stormterror's crystal)
Lisa: Dragon of the East, Lion of the South, Wolf of the North, Falcon of the West...
Lisa: They are the Four Winds of Mondstadt, affiliated with Barbatos, the God of Anemo.
Lisa: The Dragon of the East, Stormterror — its real name, is Dvalin.
Lisa: Though most in Mondstadt seem to have forgotten that in all this "Stormterror" business.
Lisa: So now you know why Dvalin is only able to channel three of the Four Winds' power.
Lisa: Because it has been consuming itself from the beginning.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Why would it go to such lengths?
Lisa: Because of hatred, I presume.
Paimon: Hatred...?
Lisa: Hatred for Mondstadt.
Lisa: Hatred drove it to become something more powerful than the wind itself — to become Stormterror.
Paimon: But why would one of The Four Winds...
Paimon: Hate the city it was supposed to protect?
Lisa: ...
Lisa: As a child of Mondstadt, it's something that's really hard to say aloud.
Lisa: Here, take this. It's a very old story from more than a century ago.
(Obtain Breeze Amidst the Forest Supplement: The Dragon Tome)

(After leaving the temple - if this is the third temple that has been cleared, the skies clear up)
Paimon: Phew, it's finally done.
Paimon: Well, all that "ley flow" and "elemental lines" stuff Lisa was going on about should hopefully be back to normal.
Paimon: Wanna go back and see how the Knights are doing?
Paimon: But if you got anything more interesting to do, Paimon can come too!
Paimon: By the way, we obtained another Anemoculus in one of The Four Winds' temples, right?
Paimon: We might come across more of them in the future, so don't forget to offer them to the Statues!


Tutorial Lisa 1.pngWhen Pyro comes into contact with Electro, an Overloaded explosion will be triggered.
Tutorial Lisa 2.pngUse Electro skills to trigger Overloaded explosions on Pyro Slimes and extinguish them.
Tutorial Lisa 3.pngWhen Hydro comes into contact with Electro, Electro-Charged will be triggered.
Tutorial Lisa 4.pngElectro-Charged opponents may cause Electro damage to nearby Wet opponents, dealing significant Electro DMG.
Tutorial Lisa 5.pngLisa's Elemental Burst Lightning Rose automatically deals damage to opponents in a wide area.
Tutorial Lisa 6.pngUtilize Electro-Charged to give Lisa an advantage near water.
Tutorial Lisa 7.pngLisa's Elemental Skill can be unleashed by pressing, or charged by holding.
Tutorial Lisa 8.pngWhen the skill is fully charged, releasing it unleashes an area attack, dealing massive Electro DMG.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Sparks Amongst the Pages
Shūyè Lǐ de Diànhuǒhuā
Electric Sparks in the Pages of a Book
Shūyè Lǐ de Diànhuǒhuā
Japanese 本の中の静電気
Hon no Naka no Seidenki[!]
Static Electricity in the Book
Korean 페이지 속의 스파크
Peiji Sog-e Seupakeu
Sparks in the Pages
Spanish Chispas entre las páginasSparks Between the Pages
French Étincelles entre les pagesSparks Between the Pages
Russian Искры среди страниц
Iskry sredi stranits
Sparks Amongst the Pages
Thai ประกายไฟในหน้าหนังสือ
Prakaifai nai na nang sue
Electric Sparks Amongst Book Pages
Vietnamese Điện Hỏa Hoa Trong Trang Sách
German Der Funke zwischen den SeitenThe Spark Between the Pages
Indonesian Percikan di Antara Buku-BukuSpark Between the Books
Portuguese Faíscas Entre as PáginasSparks Between the Pages

Change History

Released in Version 1.0