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Genshin Impact's soundtracks are the collection of to-be many other albums, all produced by HOYO-MiX. Not all soundtracks in the game have been released in albums yet.


14 albums match the category selection:

Cover Name Type Length Release Date
The Wind and The Star Traveler.png The Wind and The Star Traveler Original Game Soundtracks 28 min 50 sec - 15 Tracks 2020-06-18
City of Winds and Idylls.png City of Winds and Idylls Original Game Soundtracks 01 hr 59 min - 63 Tracks 2020-10-15
Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds.jpg Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds Original Game Soundtracks 1 hr 46 min - 69 Tracks 2020-11-05
The Stellar Moments.png The Stellar Moments Character Original Soundtracks 23 min 22 sec - 17 Tracks 2021-02-04
Vortex of Legends.jpg Vortex of Legends Original Game Soundtracks 24 min 55 sec - 17 Tracks 2021-04-02
The Shimmering Voyage.jpg The Shimmering Voyage Original Game Soundtracks 1 hr 45 min - 68 Tracks 2021-07-19
City of Winds and Idylls (CD Set).jpg City of Winds and Idylls (CD Set) CD Sets Main CD set:
01 hr 59 min - 63 Tracks

Additional CD (The Wind and The Star Traveler):
28 min 50 sec - 15 Tracks
Realm of Tranquil Eternity.jpg Realm of Tranquil Eternity Original Game Soundtracks 1 hr 30 min - 62 Tracks 2021-09-22
Featured Original Soundtrack (2021).png Featured Original Soundtrack (2021) Featured Soundtracks 40 min - 12 Tracks 2021-12-19
Fleeting Colors in Flight (Album).png Fleeting Colors in Flight EP Albums 9 min 29 sec - 3 Tracks 2022-01-15
GENSHIN CONCERT 2021 Melodies of an Endless Journey CD.png GENSHIN CONCERT 2021 "Melodies of an Endless Journey" (CD) CDs 01 hr 38 min - 43 Tracks 2022-01-22
The Stellar Moments Vol. 2.png The Stellar Moments Vol. 2 Character Original Soundtracks 32 min 18 sec - 21 tracks 2022-01-26
Islands of the Lost and Forgotten.png Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Original Game Soundtracks 1 hr 30 min - 60 tracks 2022-04-13
Millelith's Watch.png Millelith's Watch Original Game Soundtracks 1 hr 41 min - 40 tracks 2022-06-22


Genshin Impact has different types of soundtracks that are used.

  • Ambient themes are soundtracks that play in a specific area as well as specific times of day. These soundtracks are determined by area boundaries on the map as well as the time of day. Crossing an area boundary or adjusting the time will cause the current soundtrack to fade out, stop, and then play the new soundtrack for the region entered.
  • Battle themes are played whenever aggravation is active — that is, the enemy has detected a threat and the player has entered combat. These soundtracks are not determined by the time of day but are determined by the area and type of enemy in combat. The battle theme overrides nearly all other soundtracks.
    • Some subareas (e.g., Stormterror's Lair and The Serpent's Bowels) do not allow battle themes to play during combat.
    • Other areas (e.g., Dragonspine) have their own unique battle themes in addition to those provided by the region they are located in.
    • The deeper parts of The Chasm: Underground Mines (starting from the Nameless Ruins downward) have two versions of the same tracks, with the ambient version seamlessly transitioning into a battle version when players encounter enemies and vice versa once battles are finished.
  • Normal Boss themes are played whenever a Normal Boss is aggravated. There are currently only two known boss themes: Fiery Pursuit for all Normal Bosses in Inazuma and No Turning Back for the Coral Defenders challenge.
  • Domain themes are played whenever inside a Domain. Each domain has its own soundtrack that plays during the challenge.

When selecting which music to play in the open world, the game appears to perform checks in the following order:

  1. If the player is in combat, and a Normal Boss is in its aggravation state, then it will play the appropriate boss theme, if one is present.
  2. Otherwise, the game will randomly select a regional battle theme that is not a boss theme, if one is present.
  3. If the player is not in combat and has not been in combat for some time, it will start to play the ambient region theme. If the player reenters combat shortly after leaving combat, it will resume the battle theme.

Recurring Themes

Battle Theme

This melody is featured in various battle themes, Character Demos, and promotional videos, usually as an ostinato and sometimes just a single instance of the phrase. Next to the Genshin Impact Main Theme, it is a notable recurring theme in Genshin Impact's soundtrack.

Category Soundtracks
Battle Themes Chasing the Torrents
Combat Beneath the Waves
Fiery Pursuit
Gallant Challenge
Overlord of the Thunderstorm
Photon of Fluctuation
Rite of Battle
Character Demos
Contemplation in Snow
Dance of Aphros
Flaming Fry
Flow of Autumn Wind
Exclusive Specialty
Good Hunting on a New Horizon
Marching of Xiezhi
Nimble as Lightning
Path of Yaksha
Preserver of Fortune
Rockin' With Fire
Shadow of Nemesis
Surge of Prophecies
Story Scenes Foul Legacy
Reconnaissance Captain
The Wolf Boy
Unexpected Savior
Promotional Media Iridescent Summer Day

Genshin Impact Main Theme

This theme has several variations. The melody was adapted into Mondstadt's themes and was also prominently featured in various story scenes of the Prologue.

Category Soundtracks
Variations Beckoning
Dream Aria
Eternal Anamnesis
Journey of Hope
Twilight Serenity
Open World A Day in Mondstadt
A Familiar Sight and Leisure
An Interesting Labor
Acquaintance (Statue of The Seven)
Dusk in Mondstadt
Knights of Favonius
Perpetual Motion of Wind
Ripples of Daydream
Whence the Flow Cometh
Windborne Hymn
Battle Themes Charge! Fearless Warriors
Endless Echoes
His Resolution
Photon of Fluctuation
Make Haste, Partner
Never-Ending Performance
Rite of Battle
Story Scenes A Cunning Trick
A Tale of Two Dragons
A Yearning Breeze
Hence, Begins the Journey
Imminent Triumph
Knighthood Excellence
L'arrivo Della Signora
Legend of the Wind
Meeting Amber
Myriad of Lights
Overture of Storms
Welcome Back, My Companion
Promotional Media The Outlander Who Caught the Wind

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