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Song of the Dragon and Freedom is the third act in the Prologue chapter of the Archon Quests.


  1. Abyss Mage
  2. Hurdle
  3. Empty Abode
  4. Light Guiding Ceremony
  5. Calm Before the Storm
  6. A Long Shot
  7. When the Wind Dies Down
  8. Ending Note


Diluc brings some information regarding the Abyss Order to the group, having encountered and slain one of their operatives before. Venti explains that although he is one of The Seven, his long absences have led him to become the weakest of the group, hence why he needs to rely on his people's help.

Diluc informs the group that his people have tracked the mage down at the winery. After killing it, they note that it dissipated some special energy in the process. Venti realizes that this energy was what had been severing his connection to Dvalin, who has since resided in some ancient ruins. The energy also allowed him to understand the magic powering the barrier sealing the ruins, and he can dispel it. Jean believes that they will need to kill Dvalin in order to bring peace, but Venti states that they can still achieve their original goal due to the Traveler's ability to purify the Teardrop Crystal.

Arriving outside Stormterror's Lair, they are attacked by a group of Hilichurls. They manage to repel their attackers, with Jean and Venti noting that hilichurls generally avoid elemental areas. Diluc states that the Abyss Order is manipulating them in an attempt to stall, but it will not be enough as Venti dispels the barrier.

As they navigate the lair and reach the top, Venti realizes they can't get any further, as the ruins are actually part of old Mondstadt, when the Anemo Archon at the time was a tyrant. He refuses to divulge more on the story for the time being. The group note that there is a light actuator and activate it after some struggle. Venti hopes that they can bring Dvalin back to his senses, as he has the freedom to choose whether or not to protect Mondstadt, and that its people never betrayed him in the first place. He then uses his powers to imbue the power with Anemo energy.

The Traveler catches up to Dvalin and manages to purge him of the corrupted energy placed by the Abyss Order. Dvalin saves the group, asking Venti why he did not ask him for his protection. Venti states that while he didn't want him to listen to the Abyss Order, he did not necessarily want him to obey Venti, either, and that if he had ordered him to act free, it wouldn't be true freedom. Dvalin then flies off, reassured that no one is after him. Meanwhile, Jean clears the misunderstanding between the people and Dvalin, who they believed came out of nowhere to attack and disappeared just as quickly.

Returning to the city, they are greeted by Amber, who reveals that while they were dealing with Dvalin, she and the other knights repelled a coordinated hilichurl attack on the city. She wondered where Kaeya had gone during the attack, and she tells them to meet up with her at Good Hunter. At the tavern, they find Kaeya, who tells them that he was suspicious of the attack and remained in the city while everyone else was fighting, intercepting a group of Abyss Order infiltrators and bested them. He learned from them that they are united under a single leader. Spotting Amber arriving, he takes his leave, aware that she is still angry at him for apparently abandoning the knights for a drink.

Amber is upset at Kaeya's supposed lack of work ethics, before asking the Traveler what they intend to do. Paimon tells her that they'll be travelling to meet The Seven, so Amber wishes them luck on their journey, as they will always be welcome in Mondstadt. After eating, she remembers that Jean asked for their presence at the Cathedral regarding the Holy Lyre der Himmel.

Making their way to the Cathedral, they find Venti and Jean waiting for them. Jean introduces them to Barbara, the deaconess of the church, who asks for the lyre. The Traveler gives her a damaged lyre, much to her panic. Venti sighs and repairs the lyre, before Barbara takes it and runs off, intending to never let it out of her sights again. Venti chuckles and states that he simply used some magic to make it look as if it was fixed and runs off. The Traveler pursues him outside, upon which a gust of cold air freezes Venti and Paimon, sending the latter flying away.

Two Fatui Agents appear and restrain the Traveler, while a lady and two Fatui Cicin Electro Mages walk in on the scene. The woman calls Venti a "rodent ruler" and continues to taunt Venti; he in turn returns the favor, enraging her and she plunges her arm into his chest, ripping out his Gnosis. Signora then orders her subordinates to quickly flee the scene before the Knights can arrive; one of the two agents backhands the Traveler, knocking them out cold.

The Traveler comes to sometime later, where Barbara had found the two. Venti came to first, but her healing had no effect on him, and he abruptly left. Jean appears to understand his intentions, but the Traveler decides to keep quiet for her sake. Arriving at Windrise, the pair find Venti at the great tree and inquire about the Gnosis. Venti, albeit reluctant, explains to them what the Gnosis is. He also explains that the lady that attacked them is Signora, eighth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, people who have been given greater powers by the Tsaritsa. Paimon realizes that the Tsaritsa is also one of The Seven who the Traveler is looking for.

Venti then explains about the Tsaritsa, stating that although current Seven usually don't get along well, they had still respected each other. He is still surprised by the Tsaritsa's actions, but remarks that a "certain catastrophe" five hundred years ago severed their relationships completely. Venti suggests that they head to Liyue to speak with the Geo Archon, stating that he comes down once every year during the Rite of Descension to determine how the nation will progress. He urges them to head there immediately or they will have to wait another year for the next rite if they miss the Geo Archon.


3 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
The End of the Beginning Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Complete the Mondstadt Archon Quests. 20
Song of the Dragon and Freedom Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Complete "Song of the Dragon and Freedom." 10
Winds Change Their Course Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Be rescued by Dvalin. 5

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSong of the Dragon and Freedom
Jùlóng yǔ Zìyóu zhī Gē
Song of the Gigantic Dragon and Freedom
Jùlóng yǔ Zìyóu zhī Gē
Ryuu to Jiyuu no Uta[!]
Song of the Dragon and Freedom
Korean드래곤과 자유의 노래
Deuraegon-gwa Jayu-ui Norae
Song of the Dragon and Freedom
SpanishCanción del dragón y la libertadSong of the Dragon and the Freedom
FrenchChanson du dragon et de la libertéSong of the Dragon and the Freedom
RussianПеснь о драконьей свободе
Pesn' o drakon'yey svobode
Song of the Dragon and the Freedom
Botphleng haeng mangkon lae isonphap
Song of the Dragon and Freedom
VietnameseBài ca về rồng và tự doA Song of Dragon and Freedom
GermanDas Lied von dem Drachen und der FreiheitThe Song of the Dragon and the Freedom
IndonesianLagu Naga dan KebebasanSong of the Dragon and the Freedom
PortugueseCanção do Dragão e LiberdadeSong of the Dragon and Freedom

Change History

Released in Version 1.0