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Someone's Drifting Bottle is a bottled note written by Hiromi to Yan'er. It can be shown to Hiromi and then given to Yan'er in the "Hiromi's Watch" World Quest. See below for the locations of each bottle.

There are three similar bottles that can be found southeast of Dragonspine, but only the third one can be picked up.


Collecting all bottles rewards:

Item Mora.png 7,928 Mora


Drifting Bottle #1

Drifting Bottle: "If you are reading this message, I hope that you are the one I am expecting."
Drifting Bottle: "I've lost count of which letter this is. How far will it drift, and on what shore will it wash up?"
Drifting Bottle: "If we ever should meet again, do tell me once more of the mountain city of stone and the snowstorms of the north. Or perhaps, tell me about dandelions and wine instead. What say you?"
Drifting Bottle: "I will wait for your reply as I always have."

Drifting Bottle #2

Drifting Bottle: "If you are reading this message, I hope you are the one I am expecting."
Drifting Bottle: "We once believed that war was something that only happened in fairy tales and legends. But now, each and every one of us trembles under Her Excellency's thundering wrath."
Drifting Bottle: "The beach that we used to go to has been sealed, but I found a way to get this letter out nonetheless."
Drifting Bottle: "Do not worry, or blame yourself for this. This deed is but trivial for one who once ventured alongside you such as I. I will wait for your reply, even if you write but a single word."

Drifting Bottle #3

Paimon: Hmm, this bottle feels heavy. Seems like there's something inside it...
Drifting Bottle: "An old friend of ours came over yesterday bearing ill tidings..."
Drifting Bottle: "I have not received a reply from you in a long while. Perhaps he's right, and I should accept reality."
Drifting Bottle: "But nonetheless, if you are still wandering this land, should you receive the missive, I hope that you can send me a reply."
Drifting Bottle: "Attach your insignia to your letter, that I may recognize you by its presence when the time comes."
Drifting Bottle: "Do you remember Uyuu Restaurant? We shall meet there. You will find money for wine attached herein."
Drifting Bottle: "But if you are not the one I was expecting to receive this letter..."
Drifting Bottle: "Then please, take this keepsake all the same. Perhaps you might be able to find its original owner for me — do also take the Mora in here as thanks."


Be aware that Bottle #3 both has a Ruin Grader right near, it would be best to defeat it first if you'd like to read the message in-game.

Change History

Released in Version 1.2