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Solitary Fragrance is the third part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Chapter I: Act III - A New Star Approaches.


  1. Head to the location marked on the "paper snow"
  2. Investigate the Fatui's research
  3. Meet Zhongli at Dihua Marsh
  4. Search for wild Glaze Lilies with Zhongli
  5. Defeat the attacking monsters
  6. Head back towards Liyue Harbor
  7. Ask around for news



Investigating the marked location

(Engage the Fatui)
Paimon: There really were Fatui at the location written down on this piece of paper!
Paimon: And, uh, they look really mad at us, too!
(Upon examining the Fatui's research)
Paimon: There are so many talismans here! And some stacks of blank paper, too! Hmm, what are they for?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It looks like they're copying the pattern on the talisman.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Maybe they're trying to reproduce a talisman.
Paimon: Paimon's seen this pattern before! But where...
Paimon: Oh, Paimon knows! It looks just like the Sigil of Permission that Childe gave you.
Paimon: Hmm, but how did a relic of the adepti end up in the hands of someone like Childe? Suspicious...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's not just a relic...
Paimon: Oh, that's right. Cloud Retainer said that when the Lord of Geo created the Sigil of Permission, it wasn't to be used as some ol' relic...
Paimon: Talismans like that were once used in the Archon War to channel divine powers.
Paimon: Maybe the Fatui are copying the Sigil of Permission in hopes of achieving a similar effect?
Paimon: Being able to channel divine power in battle... Whew, that sounds pretty dangerous.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Seems the Fatui are definitely up to something.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Maybe this paper is only a snippet of a much bigger plan.
Paimon: And the plot thickens... We'll need to keep an eye on Childe, that's for sure.
Paimon: Hmm, alright, that's enough sticking around here. We gotta go meet up with Zhongli soon.
Paimon: The last stop on our Rite of Parting preparations tour is... Dihua Marsh!
Paimon: Let's go! Paimon hates being late!

Finalizing the Rite of Parting

(Approach Zhongli)
Zhongli: Right on time. I myself only arrived moments ago.
Zhongli: Did you enjoy your visit to the Jade Chamber?
Paimon: It was so biiig. And preetty. And expensive. Paimon's never seen such a fancy-schmancy place before!
Zhongli: Indeed. It's second to none in all of Liyue.
Zhongli: Then you met with Ningguang, I trust? What did you talk about with her?
Paimon: She's super rich and so generous. Paimon thinks she's very friendly!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Business people are always "friendly" when it suits their interests.
Paimon: Yeah, (his/her) take on Ningguang is quite different from Paimon's. (He/She) thinks that even the tactless Yuheng is more trustworthy than her.
Zhongli: Oh, so you also met with Keqing, then? What did she have to say?
Paimon: She said, "The time of the adepti has long passed. If even the Liyue Qixing don't want to face that truth, then what future is there for Liyue?"
Zhongli: Haha, no respect for the divine.
Zhongli: Indeed, contrary to the ever-bold Keqing, Ningguang is more of a businesswoman at heart, though they are both members of the Qixing.
Zhongli: Although she's friendly, there's no way of clearly discerning her true intentions.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ningguang is highly intelligent.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ningguang is highly ambitious.
Zhongli: Yes, she has only relied on herself to rise to her current position. No ordinary person could ever achieve that.
Zhongli: It's said that she's the one behind the constant expansion of the Jade Chamber it's the second most important thing to her. Even if she ever gave up the position of the Tianquan, she would never give up the Jade Chamber.
Paimon: The Jade Chamber is only second? What's the most important thing to her then?
Zhongli: Why, Mora, of course.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Makes sense.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png No surprises there.
Paimon: All Ningguang talked about was the Fatui this and the Fatui that... She said that after Rex Lapis was murdered, the Fatui have constantly been trying to sink their fingers into Liyue and that they aren't to be trusted.
Zhongli: That is how the Fatui have always been. It doesn't surprise me in the least.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png And now they are trying to reproduce the Sigil of Permission.
Zhongli: ...
Zhongli: No matter what they may be planning, you must be careful when dealing with the Fatui. Always be on your guard.
Paimon: So is there anything we need to get for the Rite of Parting in Dihua Marsh?
Zhongli: Yes, as a matter of fact, there is. Today we'll be gathering wild Glaze Lilies.
Paimon: Glaze Lilies? But why did we come all the way out here? Doesn't the garden in Yujing Terrace have some? Even Qingce Village has Glaze Lilies...
Paimon: Oh right, Paimon remembers that Madame Ping is always tending to flowers, maybe we could ask her!
Zhongli: No, those lilies have all been gardened by people. They won't do at all.
Zhongli: Dihua Marsh used to be full of Glaze Lilies. It is a sort of joyful flower that listens to human song.
Zhongli: Before the Archon War, Dihua Marsh was all dry land and fertile soil. But the war caused landslides and the land was flooded, turning it into the marsh you see now. Nearly all the Glaze Lilies were wiped out.
Zhongli: Of course, there are some kinds of flowers that have been preserved and gardened by people in the city. But very few people know that Glaze Lilies may still be found in the wild.
Zhongli: Wild Glaze Lilies have the strongest fragrance. If we want to follow the true tradition of the Rite of Parting, we must grind up the wild lilies and place the powder in the censer of Everlasting Incense.
Zhongli: But I'll need your assistance in gathering these flowers.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You mean you need me to pick them?
Zhongli: No. I need you to sing to them. Singing to the flowers will make them more fragrant.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So you need me... to sing?
Zhongli: ...That's correct. Your singing will surely bring out the strongest fragrance from the flowers.
Paimon: Uh... so how good is your singing, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I can hold a tune.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'm a pro, just step back and listen!
Paimon: Really? Why doesn't Paimon believe you...
Zhongli: We'll only know once (he/she) starts singing.

(Upon entering the area)
Paimon: It's time to sing! Whenever you're ready!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png *clears throat*...
(Traveler): ♪...♪♪♪♪...♪♪♪♪....♪....♪ (to the tune of Barbara's idle song with the English, Chinese, and Korean voiceovers or the Genshin Impact Main Theme with the Japanese voiceover)

(The three Cryo Whopperflowers awaken)
Paimon: Wh—What happened...!?
Paimon: These flowers are jumping... They look really angry! Is it... because you sang a song from Mondstadt that they don't understand here in Liyue?

Paimon: Those weren't Glaze Lilies! Glaze Lilies wouldn't hit people!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Those flowers put up quite a fight...
Zhongli: This little monster is known as a "Whopperflower."
Zhongli: Hmm... Strange. These petals look interesting.
Zhongli: The Glaze Lilies used as a disguise were buried with the Whopperflower for too long. The result seems to have surprisingly potent medicinal value. Let's collect what we can of these petals.
Paimon: Well that's nice and all, but will those petals be useful for the Rite of Parting?
Zhongli: Unfortunately, no.
Paimon: Ugh, that's so lame...
Ganyu: Excuse me...
Ganyu: Are you searching for Glaze Lilies?
Paimon: Oh, hey! It's... what's her face... Ah, Paimon can't remember...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Greetings, Ganyu.
Ganyu: Hello, traveler. I'm surprised you still remember my name.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Greetings, Yangu.
Ganyu: "Yangu"? Wh—Who's that?
Ganyu: Eh... You've completely forgotten my name, haven't you?
Ganyu: Ah! That reminds me, how was your visit to the Jade Chamber?
Paimon: Well, it sure would've been better if you'd told us how to get up there!
Ganyu: Didn't I tell you the way!? Surely I did!
Paimon: Nope, we found the way on our own!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It isn't a secret, so perhaps you just assumed we knew?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Guess it was our fault for not asking.
Ganyu: Oh, I see.
Ganyu: (Uh-oh, I guess I really did forget to tell them...)
Paimon: Huh, something seems a little off about Ganyu...
Paimon: She's acting different from the first time we met... Where's her serious attitude now?
Ganyu: Ah, well, I met you at that time as an emissary of the Tianquan. But now, I am simply out on a stroll to see the flowers.
Paimon: You came all the way out here to see the flowers? Why not just enjoy the gardens of the city?
Ganyu: ...
Ganyu: Yujing Terrace is where Rex Lapis parted from this world. If I strolled through those lonely gardens now, I wouldn't be able to bear it.
Ganyu: Whenever my duties take me near Yujing Terrace these days, I draw the windows to block my view of the gardens.
Paimon: Oh... Sorry, we shouldn't have brought it up.
Ganyu: No, it's quite alright. I just haven't processed my emotions yet.
Ganyu: When the Archon War came to its end two thousand years ago, the first iteration of The Seven would gather in Liyue and drink with Rex Lapis. But five of those original seven had already passed before Rex Lapis — it's truly a changing of the guard.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So that means...
Ganyu: Yes. Now that the spirit of Rex Lapis has returned to the heavens, only Barbatos of Mondstadt remains of the first Seven.
Ganyu: The other five, including Inazuma's Raiden Shogun, are no longer the same friends from two thousands years ago.
Ganyu: Of the current Seven Archons, the youngest is Sumeru's God of Dendro. She is merely five hundred years old, whereas Rex Lapis was more than six thousand years old at the time of his passing.
Ganyu: This means that Liyue had been under Rex Lapis' rule from the moment it was first founded 3,700 years ago. The city has never had to bid farewell to its deity...
Zhongli: So, what do you think of this "farewell"?
Ganyu: Huh? This... This is a little sudden, I...
Ganyu: ...
Ganyu: As a mortal, I've never dared to imagine a Liyue without Rex Lapis.
Ganyu: But as an adeptus... I think I will eventually come to grips with reality. Since Rex Lapis has passed, the time of Liyue's contract with the gods and adepti has now reached its end.
Paimon: Huh? Did you just say, "as an adeptus"?
Ganyu: Yes, I... I am a mix of human and Qilin. Adeptus blood flows through my veins. I fought for Rex Lapis and the city of Liyue during the Archon War.
Ganyu: After the war ended, I signed a contract with Rex Lapis and took the position as secretary for the Qixing. I've continued those duties to this very day.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So you're half Qilin? That explains the horns!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So you're how old!? That explains the forgetfulness!
Ganyu: Well... uh, let's save that conversation for another day. You say that you are here looking for Glaze Lilies?
Ganyu: I also know where wild Glaze Lilies can be found. See, I've just picked one myself. Here, you may have it if you wish.
Zhongli: We dare not refuse it.
Paimon: Oh, so did you sing a song before you picked the lily?
Ganyu: Indeed, I did. I know this tradition well. In fact, I sang a local Liyue ballad to it.
Paimon: Wow, so you really know your stuff too! Thanks, Ganyu!
Ganyu: No, it is you who I should be thanking. If not for this chance meeting, I never thought that I would be able to contribute to the upcoming farewell for our ancient lord.
Ganyu: If you would excuse me, I should return to my work now. Good luck.
Zhongli: And that just about does it. Our preparations for the Rite of Parting are mostly finished.
Zhongli: Given the ease of picking Glaze Lilies, I think this was a fitting end to our tasks, in more ways than one.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Zhongli, you seem suited to working in agricultural development.
Paimon: Yeah, Paimon can already imagine him starting a business in Liyue.
Zhongli: Hah, I've had enough ventures in my life already.
Zhongli: Beginning a new undertaking is always difficult at first and requires no small amount of effort. And once business is at full steam, the stress of it all only wears away at you over time.
Zhongli: So you must be careful to take the time to step back and reexamine yourself. If left unchecked, the wear and tear on your heart may go well past mending.
Paimon: Wow! See, Zhongli sounds like he's already seen it all!
Paimon: Alright, I think it's about time we head back to Liyue Harbor now.

Ask the residents for news

(Upon reaching the entrance to Liyue Harbor)
Paimon: Huh, what happened? The city gate is swarming with Millelith and... the Fatui?
Zhongli: This atmosphere is highly abnormal. It seems as though something big has happened.
Zhongli: We should ask around a little, just to be safe.
(Talk to Felix)
Felix: Ah, you're the consultant to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor — Mr. Zhongli, I presume?
Felix: The Millelith are watching our every move now. These are desperate times, we mustn't act rashly.
Zhongli: Desperate times?
Felix: The adepti of Jueyun Karst are finally on the move.
Zhongli: Do they intend to exercise force?
Felix: Most likely. I've heard that some members of the Qixing have already gone to meet them... Well, I say "meet," but it's more like they're attempting to stall the adepti outside the city.
Felix: However, both sides were quite obstinate, and hit an impasse.
Zhongli: ...It seems inevitable, given the current situation.
Felix: The adepti do not acknowledge the Qixing, they only acknowledge the contracts of the Geo Archon. If the two sides come to blows, Liyue Harbor will be in no position to stop them.
Zhongli: Surely the Liyue Qixing are not the sort to give in so easily?
Felix: Hmph. Their bone-headedness is known throughout the lands. Yet it's because of that obstinacy that mortals and adepti are now on the verge of conflict.
Zhongli: And what now? How is it that the Fatui have come under fire?
Felix: Ugh... that's all Ningguang's doing...
Felix: She proclaimed that "in these tumultuous times, the Millelith must rein in the actions of the Fatui."
Felix: Only now do they want to start keeping tabs on us? Huh! That's the Qixing for you!
Felix: Anyway, Mr. Zhongli, you're one of Childe's close associates. Please understand that your actions will reflect on us. Don't let anyone catch you off-guard.
Paimon: It looks like things are about to boil over in Liyue Harbor...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Is there anything can we do?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png We can't just stand by and watch.
Zhongli: Do you intend to use your neutral identity as an intermediary between both sides? Or, will you use your sword to turn the balance?
Zhongli: Neither path is an easy one...
Felix: Oh, by the way, Mr. Zhongli. We've heard that the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor has also been caught up in all this. They're currently squaring off with the authorities at the gates.
Zhongli: Things are taking a turn for the worse...
Zhongli: I'm afraid I must leave now to handle things back at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. I hope that Director Hu has been able to keep things under control for the moment.
Zhongli: Consider your next course of action carefully, (Traveler). If you're trying to prevent an explosion, it may be wisest to look for the fuse first.
Paimon: Phew... Having connections with the Fatui seems to be quite the double-edged sword.
Paimon: So what did Zhongli mean by looking for the "fuse"?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Childe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That ginger guy.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png You know, Mr. More-Money-Than-Sense.
Paimon: Ooh, Paimon gets it! If there's anyone that wants to see the whole city turned upside down, it's definitely him.
Paimon: He must be waiting for the moment when no one is watching to do something really bad!
Paimon: But, where could we find him now?
Paimon: Where would he go at a time like this?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Follow me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There's only once place he would go.
(Talk to Felix again)
Felix: The Liyue Qixing... to think that they'd go for us Fatui the first chance they got...
Felix: Once the adepti send the Qixing packing, we'll just set up foreign relations with them instead!

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSolitary Fragrance
Gū Fāng
Lone Fragrance
Gū Fāng
Standing Apart
Korean고결한 향기
SpanishLa fragancia de la soledad
FrenchParfum solitaireSolitary Fragrance
RussianИсключительный аромат
Isklyuchitel'nyy aromat
Fragrance of Solitariness
VietnameseCô PhươngLone Fragrance[※]
GermanDuft der EinsamkeitFragrance of the Loneliness
IndonesianKeindahan yang MenyendiriSolitary Beauty
PortugueseFragrância SolitáriaSolitary Fragrance

Change History

Released in Version 1.1
Version 2.1
  • The pronoun referring to the Dendro Archon in text was changed from "He" to "She".

Version 1.2

  • "Master Hu" was revised to "Director Hu."

Version 1.1

  • Solitary Fragrance was released.