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Post-Cataclysm (500–100 Years BP)

Recent Past (<100 Years BP)

Note: The bullets below are arranged in order of relative reverse chronological order, estimated based on characters' apparent ages.

  • 8–4 years BP - The following events presumably occur sometime between 8–4 years ago. The events are listed in a tentative chronological order, but there is no confirmation on when exactly they occurred relative to the present.
    • After running away from home in a fit of boredom, a 14-year-old Ajax (later known as Tartaglia or Childe) falls into the Abyss, where he meets a swordswoman called Skirk.[3] She teaches him how to navigate through the Abyss, trains him to fight, and hones his ability to cause chaos around him. After spending three months there, he returns to Teyvat, where only three days had passed since his disappearance.[4]
      • The newfound havoc Ajax left in his wake led his father to hand him over to the Fatui, where his uncanny prowess in battle caught the attention of Pulcinella, the 5th Harbinger. Ajax was officially inducted into the Fatui and worked his way up,[5] until he became the youngest-ever Harbinger to join their ranks.[6]


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