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Snezhnaya (Russian: Снежная Snezhnaya, "Snowy") is one of the seven nations of Teyvat. Those who live in Snezhnaya worship the Cryo Archon, the Tsaritsa — and the Fatui, a religion/military-force under the Tsaritsa's control, is particularly notorious for their diehard devotion to her and their unscrupulous methods in enacting her will.

Archon Quest Chapter VI: Everwinter Without Mercy takes place in this nation.

She is a god with no love left for her people, nor do they have any left for her. Her followers only hope to be on her side when the day of her rebellion against the divine comes at last.

Dainsleif, Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail[3]


Snezhnaya is a nation of perpetual winter storms; Nadia states that blizzards can last for a month straight and despite being in the midst of danger, its people look up to the sky and are just happy to be alive. Childe claims that people would literally freeze to death if they didn't keep moving outside.

Technologically, Snezhnaya is much more advanced than the other nations on Teyvat. Venti states that the Fatui are the strongest out of the seven nations' military, which is supported by the fact that all of their known fighting members utilize elemental attacks. The description for Agent's Sacrificial Knife calls it a "weapon made with superior Snezhnayan technology". The Fatui Skirmishers wear mechanical suits of varying degrees, and some of its members use guns and cannons in battle. Alice, who has visited Snezhnaya, recalls seeing massive factories, which she wrote down in her Teyvat Travel Guide, and Dottore built a factory in Liyue to conduct Ruin Guard research which is fully automated.[4]

The Adventurers' Guild originates from Snezhnaya;[5] while this fact doesn't seem to be a secret, few people comment on it and the Guild doesn't face the same apprehension that people regard the Fatui with. It is also hinted that Katheryne, the receptionist(s) for the Adventurers' Guild, are a series of androids created for the role: the Katherynes in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma are identical, and have "Error..." and "Rebooting..." idle quotes. This is further proven by the Katheryne stationed in Liyue, as she side-steps the Traveler questioning about her identity.


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Name Description Picture
Zapolyarny Palace The place where the Tsaritsa resides. Unknown.png
Morepesok A seaside village.[6] Unknown.png


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Character Tartaglia Thumb.png Tartaglia 5 Stars Element Hydro.png Hydro Weapon-class-bow-icon.png Bow Male Snezhnaya

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  • Snezhnaya seems to be inspired by a mix of Tsarist and Soviet Russia (primarily Siberia in regards to landscape), and often uses Russian words for names. However, it also draws from other European nations as well, such as using Italian commedia dell'arte stock characters' names for the Harbingers.
    • "Snezhnaya" (Russian: Снежная Snezhnaya, "Snowy") is a Russian adjective for "snowy," expecting a feminine noun to follow. The game's voiceover places the accent on the second syllable (Snezh-na-ya); however, in the original word, it's on the first (Snezh-na-ya).
      • During the first Closed Beta Test, Snezhnaya was instead named "Prekrasnaya" (Russian: Прекрасная Prekrasnaya, "Beautiful").[7]
    • "Zapolyarny" (Russian: Заполярный Zapolyarnyy, "Polar") roughly translates to "beyond the arctic circle" or "inside the polar region."
    • "Morepesok" (Russian: Морепесок Morepesok, "Sea-Sand") is a compound of the words for sea (Russian: море more) and sand (Russian: песок pesok), itself referring to a beach or coastline.
    • "Tsaritsa" (Russian: Царица Tsaritsa, "Empress"), used to refer to their Archon, is the feminine form of Tsar, which ultimately derives from Caesar, a title of Roman emperors. So far, no one has called her by her true name; Snezhnayans call her by her title, while Venti and Zhongli call her "the Cryo Archon."
    • Snezhnaya's affiliation with brutal winters parallels Russia's climate, which has famously contributed to the failures of the many military campaigns made against it.
    • Tartaglia addresses the Traveler as "comrade" in his voicelines, the usual translation of "tovarishch" (Russian: товарищ) used in Soviet/Bolshevik Russia.
    • In the Japanese version of Childe's Character Miscellany, he starts off his letter ("Dearest sister...") in Russian.[8]
  • Fire-Water (Russian: огненная вода ognennaya voda, "fiery water"), which Angel's Share bartender Charles deems the strongest wine he knows of, originates from Snezhnaya. It is a reference to a liquor vodka, a drink commonly associated with Russia. In real life Russian Vodka is normally 45-55% Ethanol and some Vodkas are more than 80% Ethanol. making Vodka one of the most alcoholic drinks in the world.
    • The Chinese name, 火水 Huǒ shuǐ, lit. "Fire-Water", is also a dialectal word for "kerosene."
  • Snezhnaya's Chinese name, 至冬 Zhìdōng, is an anagram of the Chinese term for winter solstice (冬至 Dōngzhì).
  • There is a river in Siberia called the Snezhnaya, which may be the origin of the region's name.
  • In the trailer Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail, under the title of the quest Everwinter Without Mercy, there is a line written in Teyvat's Latin script. It reads "Ducam regina mea gloria haud pluribus impar," roughly meaning "Let me lead my queen to near unmatched glory."
    • It is by far the longest of the seven phrases written in the Latin script in the video.
  • Tartaglia's flashback in his character demo (where the article image is from) shows Dragonspine rather than Snezhnaya, likely because Snezhnaya has not been modeled yet.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English SnezhnayaRussian: Snowy
Extreme Winter Country
Japanese スネージナヤ
Korean 스네즈나야
Spanish Snezhnaya
French Snezhnaya
Russian Снежная
Thai Snezhnaya
Vietnamese Snezhnaya
German Snezhnaya
Indonesian Snezhnaya
Portuguese Snezhnaya