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Snezhnaya is one of the seven nations of Teyvat and an un-released region in Genshin Impact. Those who live in Snezhnaya worship the Cryo Archon, the Tsaritsa, and also the home of the Fatui. Snezhnaya is the final region that the Traveler passes through their journey to meet all The Seven.

Act VI: Everwinter Without Mercy takes place in this region.




  • Snezhnaya (Russian: Снежная) literally means "Snowy" in Russian, when applied to feminine words. The game's voiceover places the accent on the second syllable, whereas in the original word it's on the first.
  • Snezhnaya's Archon, "Tsaritsa" might be referenced on Tsar, supreme leader of East and South Slavic countries, most notably Russia. (Russian native speaker note: "Tsaritsa" is used to refer to a female-Tsar, like "Queen")
  • Cryo element of Snezhnaya also referenced on Russia winter climate which famously contributed to many military advancement failure from other countries, most notably German.
  • The "good" relationship between Mondstadt and Snezhnaya might also be referenced from German and Russia relationship at World War 2 as an ally turned enemy.
  • During the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview it is said that the Cryo Archon has lost all of her love for the people of Snezhnaya, with the feeling being mutual from the inhabitants as well. It is hinted at, that the Cryo Archon may wish to start a rebellion against the other gods of Teyvat, with her followers wishing to partake in that war as well.
  • According to Alice the Traveler in the book Teyvat Travel Guide - Mondstadt it seems there are huge factories in Snezhnaya.


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