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Snapshots is a World Quest that unlocks the Kamera gadget.


Start the quest by talking to Xu at Feiyun Slope (near the northern Teleport Waypoint at Liyue Harbor).

  1. Deliver the picture to the customer (0/2)
  2. Report back to Xu


(Talk to Xu)
Xu: Why, this "Kamera" contraption captures quite the nice images, it seems...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Kamera"?
Xu: Yes... We recently imported a new product from Fontaine. It's supposed to be very popular over there at moment.
Xu: It's a device that... Well, you press a button, and it makes a image on a piece of paper.
Xu: They're calling it a "Kamera"... I must say, I'm having quite a lot of fun with it. Have you heard of such a device?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I think I may have done.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I've heard of similar products...
Xu: Really? Haha, well, I suppose I should have expected you to be more knowledgeable than me, as a traveler.
Xu: Our young master has also taken a great liking to this Kamera. He's convinced that it will sell very well.
Xu: But given that this would be the first sale of this device, we don't have any guarantee that it'll be a success. As sugh, we've decided to run a trial event where citizens can come and have a free "photograph" taken first.
Xu: To our surprise, it was rather well received. Quite a few people offered to pay a small fee for us to bring the Kamera to them and "take a picture..."
Xu: Some people also requested that we have the image framed and mounted and deliver it to them. But the number of people coming to us to have their pictures taken is now growing by the day.
Xu: I had intended to discuss the situation with the young master, but he's been gone for several days now.
Xu: In the meantime, we don't want to neglect our customers, so we've been doing our best to attend to everyone who comes to have their picture taken. But there are so many people now that we are struggling to keep on top of demand.
Xu: Traveler, could you do me a favor and deliver these two pictures to our customers?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'll see it done.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd like to have my picture taken too...
Xu: That's no problem, none at all. Just help me deliver the pictures first...
Xu: There should be names on the back of these. Agh, I must've forgotten to write them down in my hurry.
Xu: I'm sorry, but you'll have to try and find them based on the pictures. They're very clear, so you should be able to identify where you need to go at a glance.
Xu: Again, thank you. I apologize, but I must attend to other matters...
(Obtain Kamera Picture ×2)

(Talk to Xu again)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png About the Kamera...
Xu: I wonder how the folks in Fontaine managed to put this clever little thing together? It's so fascinating...

(Talk to Granny Shan)
Granny Shan: Oh? What's the matter?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About the Kamera...
Granny Shan: Kamera... Ah, yes, I did go to the Feiyun Commerce Guild a few days ago — asked them to come here to take a picture of me.
Granny Shan: Did you come here specially to deliver my picture? Why, thank you. Thank you very much.
(Talk to Granny Shan again)
Granny Shan: That Kamera device really is something. Hmm, perhaps I should look to purchase one...

(Talk to Tea Master Liu Su)
Tea Master Liu Su: Is something the matter?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About the Kamera...
Tea Master Liu Su: Ah, right, right. I did go to Feiyun Commerce Guild to request that they take a picture of me here.
Tea Master Liu Su: How is it? Has the picture been printed already? Let me have a look at it...
Tea Master Liu Su: Oh, this is not bad at all. Thank you for making the trip here.
(Talk to Tea Master Liu Su again)
Tea Master Liu Su: I wonder how much this Kamera costs. I'm of a mind to buy one myself...

(Report back to Xu)
Icon Dialogue Quest.png About the Kamera...
Xu: Have you managed to deliver the pictures?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Done deal.
Xu: Thank you, thank you. I'm sorry for troubling you, but we're barely keeping our heads above the water here...
Xu: Ah, yes. Please take this Kamera as thanks for your help.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I couldn't...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This must be very expensive...
Xu: It's no problem. I mean, you did help us, didn't you?
Xu: This is not an exceedingly expensive object, either. It's just a sample that our partners in Fontaine gave us.
Xu: There are some differences between it and the official model... but the basic functions are all there. It'll definitely be enough for your needs.
Xu: And if you take a liking to it, you can also help us with some advertising here and there...
Xu: Ahem... Regardless, thanks for your help, and please, take this Kamera with you.
(Obtain Hero's Wit ×2, Kamera ×1, Mora ×20000)


Change History

Released in Version 1.2