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Smiley Yanxiao (Chinese: 言笑 Yánxiào, lit. "Talk and Laugh") is an NPC in Liyue. He can be found manning the kitchen of the Wangshu Inn in Dihua Marsh.

Smiley Yanxiao's dialogue changes after completing the Archon Quest Wangshu.



Smiley Yanxiao was once a thief who attempted to steal from the boss of an inn where he was beaten up and locked in. After getting bailed, Yanxiao became a chef in Wangshu Inn.


While he is a sous-chef, he does not provide any services. He will often move around the kitchen to inspect and make foodstuffs, often disgruntled by the food in examination being 'too salty'.

Paimon initially considers him to be similar in personality to Wagner, although he becomes much more friendlier to the Traveler once they help solve his ghost problem. Despite his appearance, he is terrified of ghosts. He also enjoys working at the inn, considering his current employers to be lenient. While he is not fond of Jiangxue due to him being a freeloader at the inn, Smiley Yanxiao ensures that he has something to eat.


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Idle Quotes

During Moonlight Merriment


Before Completing Wangshu

Smiley Yanxiao: What do you think you're doing? You can't just waltz into the kitchen whenever you feel like it!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Wh-Who are you?
Smiley Yanxiao: I am Yanxiao, a sous-chef.
Smiley Yanxiao: Unless you have something seriously urgent to tell me, you'd better get out of my kitchen.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...Just a sous-chef?
Smiley Yanxiao: What's the big deal? Didn't you see me chopping meat and making a soup?
Smiley Yanxiao: You're not the first person to show surprise at me working as a chef though.
Smiley Yanxiao: My story goes like this. I actually used to be a thief until I stole from the boss.
Smiley Yanxiao: I took a beating for it and was locked up for a while.
Smiley Yanxiao: After I got out, the boss took me on to help out in the kitchen.
Smiley Yanxiao: I find I'm much happier as a sous-chef than I was as a thief.
Smiley Yanxiao: I feel like this is the real me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Bye-bye.
Smiley Yanxiao: See you later. Wait no — don't come back in here!

After Completing Wangshu

Smiley Yanxiao: Huh? What are you doing just sauntering on into the kitchen?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Oh, sorry...
Smiley Yanxiao: It's fine. Kindness should be repaid in kind and however it goes.
Smiley Yanxiao: I'm hardly about to kick you out, not after you helped me with that ghost problem and all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Tell me a bit about your life to date.
Smiley Yanxiao: What're you asking that for? Aren't you here to cook?
(Rest of the dialogue is the same as "...Just a sous chef?" from the second line onward)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg How've things been going lately?
Smiley Yanxiao: Pretty good. Ever since then, I've stopped seeing anything weird.
Smiley Yanxiao: But even if something pops up again, I'll be fine. The boss met an exorcist called Chongyun through some friends.
Smiley Yanxiao: If another ghost pops up, we'll call him in. Besides, they say he's pretty good at his job.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Bye-bye.
Smiley Yanxiao: Go well, eat well.

Event Dialogue

Moonlight Merriment

(After completing Part II: Three to Get Ready, and Here We Go)
Smiley Yanxiao: I might not have won this iteration of Masterful Chefs, but I definitely learned a lot from the competition itself!
Smiley Yanxiao: I was just planning to invent a few new dishes for the Moonchase Festival and maybe learn a few things from Chef Xiangling, but I sure learned quite a few unexpected things, too!
Smiley Yanxiao: ...Actually, what are you doing, just sauntering on into the kitchen again?




  • While the English version added the nickname "Smiley" to make a satire more visible, his name Yanxiao (Chinese: 言笑 Yánxiào) literally means "talk and laugh." The word dates back to ancient times as seen in "[we] chatted and laughed harmoniously" (Chinese: 言笑晏晏 yán xiào yàn yàn), a line of a poem collected in the Classic of Poetry (11th to 7th centuries BC), the oldest extant collection of Chinese poetry.

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