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Slumbering Court is a Domain located on Seirai Island. Clearing this domain gives Artifacts. Challenge domains with higher levels to get better rewards.

Ley Line Disorder

The following Ley Line Disorders are applied in this domain:

Level Ley Line Disorder
I – IV
  • All characters in the party gain a 40% Electro DMG Bonus.
  • When an active character triggers Electro-Charged on opponents, they will trigger a shockwave that will deal True DMG to opponents. A shockwave can be triggered in this manner once every 3s.


Slumbering Court offers the following Artifact Sets.

Item Guardian's Flower.png3-4★ Set Defender's Will
Item Medal of the Brave.png3-4★ Set Brave Heart
Item Sea-Dyed Blossom.png4-5★ Set Ocean-Hued Clam

In order to enter the higher levels of the domain, you must have a certain Adventure Rank (AR).

Level AR Party
Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Artifacts
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
I 30 59 100 1,850 15 6–7 0–2
II 35 69 100 2,025 20 5–6 1–2
III 40 80 100 2,200 20 4–5 1–2 0–1
IV 45 90 100 2,525 20 3–4 2–3 1–2

Artifact drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team


This masterless mansion has become the haunting ground of monsters from the rift.
Those who can wield the eternal lightning to conquer this trial will obtain the artifacts within.
Slumbering Court I
Slumbering Court II
Slumbering Court III
Slumbering Court IV

Video Guides

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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Slumbering Court
Japanese 熟眠ノ庭
Korean 깊이 잠든 정원
Spanish Corte de la hibernaciónHibernation Court
French Cour d'hibernationHibernation Court
Russian Дремлющий сад
Dremlyushchiy sad
Slumbering Garden
Thai โถงนิทรารมณ์
Vietnamese Đại Sảnh Ngủ Say
German Hof des tiefen Schlafs
Indonesian Slumbering Court
Portuguese Corte da HibernaçãoHibernation Court

Change History

Released in Version 2.3