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A pudgy elemental life form.
It's said that desserts made from slimes of different elements will have incredibly distinctive flavors.

Slimes are Common Enemies found all around Teyvat.


Lowly life forms of minimal intelligence, made from condensed elemental energy. But ignore them for too long, and they just might become a bigger problem.

Typically, when life arises from the elements, it either descends and becomes a slime, or ascends and becomes a crystalfly.

Slimes are Elemental Lifeforms. They are created from condensed elemental energy that descended into slimes. Slimes need elemental energy in order to survive and cannot resist elemental bait regardless of the element they're affiliated with.

Slimes are usually found with their corresponding surroundings. Some slimes can be found with hilichurls and used for various purposes, from making explosives to preserving food.


Slimes exist for all elements. They apply their own element onto themselves and are immune to said element.


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  • Slimes need to extract elemental energy to survive. Because of this, substances like Mist Flower extract are irresistible to them.
  • It seems that the Hilichurls are resourceful enough to utilize the Slimes for their own use:
    • Large Anemo Slimes can be used to operate Air Balloons to transport cargo.
      • The hot air balloon in Safe Conduct took inspiration on its design. The air lift in Floral Freefall uses the same hot air balloon design as well.
    • Mitachurls often use Slimes in battle. They will dig up the ground and throw Slimes at the player. The Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl is capable of creating a wooden shield with Dendro Slimes while the Blazing Axe and Crackling Axe Mitachurls can sear their axes with Pyro or Electro Slimes respectively and then throw them at the player.
      • Lawachurls go a step further and, depending on the type of Lawachurl, Geo, Cryo, and Electro Slimes to throw at the player. They often do this when the player is out of their reach. If they have generated elemental armor they will instead hurl large Geo, Cryo, and Electro Slimes.
    • Some Hilichurls are able to manufacture explosive barrels made from Pyro Slimes or Cryo Slimes.
    • The Cryo Hilichurl Grenadiers use Cryo Slimes in preserving the freshness of foods.
  • As seen above and in both the Archive description and in certain domains (namely, the Ruin Guard Factory), Electro Slimes are used as power source.
  • While slimes are found all over Teyvat, Anemo and Dendro Slimes are mysteriously absent in Inazuma's islands. However:

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