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Craft Usage

There are 2 items that can be crafted using Slime Condensate:

Item Craft Type Recipe
False Worm Bait False Worm Bait ×10 Crafting Slime Condensate Slime Condensate ×1
Berry Berry ×1
Slime Secretions Slime Secretions Crafting Slime Condensate Slime Condensate ×3
Mora Mora ×25

Talent Leveling Usage

6 Characters use Slime Condensate for leveling their talents:

Ascension Usage

6 Characters use Slime Condensate for ascension:

21 Weapons use Slime Condensate for ascension:

Weapon Alley Hunter.png4★ — Alley Hunter
Weapon Amos' Bow.png5★ — Amos' Bow
Weapon Magic Guide.png3★ — Magic Guide
Weapon Mappa Mare.png4★ — Mappa Mare
Weapon Royal Bow.png4★ — Royal Bow
Weapon Skyward Blade.png5★ — Skyward Blade
Weapon Skyward Pride.png5★ — Skyward Pride
Weapon Staff of Homa.png5★ — Staff of Homa
Weapon The Flute.png4★ — The Flute

Video Guides

Mondstadt Region Farm Guide
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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Slime Condensate
Shǐláimǔ níngyè
Slime Condensate
Shǐláimǔ níngyè
Japanese スライムの液体
Korean 슬라임 응축액
Spanish Condensado de SlimeSlime Condensate
French Bave de BlobBlob Drool
Russian Слизь слайма
Sliz' slayma
Slime's Slime[• 1]
Thai Slime Condensate
Vietnamese Dịch Slime
German SchleimabsonderungSlime Secretions[• 2]
Indonesian Slime Condensate
Portuguese Condensado de SlimeSlime Condensate
  1. RU: Tautology is conditioned by the fact "Slime" in commom cases translates as Слизь sliz' , but in case if "Slime" is a fantasy being, it would be translated as Слайм slaym. This is traditional for all Russian translations.
  2. DE: The German translation switches the names of Slime Condensate and Slime Secretions.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0