To make Slime Concentrate, you will need:

Craft Usage

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Character Ascension Usage

Slime Concentrate is used for the following Character Ascensions:

Name Image

Character Lisa Thumb.png


Character Venti Thumb.png


Character Xiangling Thumb.png

Weapon Ascension Usage

Slime Concentrate is used for the following Weapon Ascensions:

Name Image Rarity
Amos' Bow Weapon Amos' Bow.png 51 Star
Favonius Lance Weapon Favonius Lance.png 41 Star
Harbinger of Dawn Weapon Harbinger of Dawn.png 31 Star
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Weapon Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.png 51 Star
Magic Guide Weapon Magic Guide.png 31 Star
Mappa Mare Weapon Mappa Mare.png 41 Star
Royal Greatsword Weapon Royal Greatsword.png 41 Star
Sacrificial Bow Weapon Sacrificial Bow.png 41 Star
Sharpshooter's Oath Weapon Sharpshooter's Oath.png 31 Star
Skyward Blade Weapon Skyward Blade.png 51 Star
Skyward Pride Weapon Skyward Pride.png 51 Star
The Black Sword Weapon The Black Sword.png 41 Star
The Flute Weapon The Flute.png 41 Star
White Iron Greatsword Weapon White Iron Greatsword.png 31 Star
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