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Yet, his "Foul Legacy" was not originally his. Rather, it was taught to him by that solitary girl who dwelt in the darkest corners of the universe.

Skirk is the mysterious swordswoman whom Tartaglia describes as his master[1] and is likely the one who taught him the art of battle during his time in the Abyss.[2][Note 1]


So far, Skirk has only been mentioned in regards to Tartaglia's backstory. According to Tartaglia, Skirk is an exceptionally skilled and seasoned warrior; while he is known as one of the most dangerous among the Eleven Fatui Harbingers[3] and was explicitly recruited for his combat prowess,[4] he states that she could easily beat him with one hand. He is optimistic that in their next encounter at his current power, he can force her to use both of them.[1]

She is said to live in another ancient world, the dark realm,[2] or the darkest corners of the universe.[5] In her realm, time flows differently from the known world; three months in her realm amount to three days in Teyvat. Although her affiliation with the Abyss Order is not attested, she at least knows how to survive in the Abyss and taught the way to Childe.[2]

Character Interactions

The following characters mention Skirk in their character stories or voice lines.

Character Stories Voices
Tartaglia [Note 2]


  • She is speculated to have some connection to Khaenri'ah or the Abyss Order, considering she is a warrior who dwells in the Abyss.
  • It is unclear whether the quotes within Childe's Archive description is narrated by Skirk or the Tsaritsa.
  • It is also speculated that she could belong to the Hexenzirkel since she was dwelling so deep inside the abyss, reinforced by the fact her powers seem to be that of which we have not encountered yet similar to Alice.


  1. Strictly speaking, the name "Skirk" appears only in Tartaglia's voiceline. However, as Tartaglia himself and his backstory consistently talk about his background as if he has only one main martial-arts master, it can be assumed that the master Skirk and the master in his backstory are the same person.
  2. Mentioned as the mysterious swordswoman.


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