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Silken Courtyard is a realm layout in the Serenitea Pot system. The Realm Layout becomes available after reaching Sacred Sakura's Favor Level 40 and obtaining Silken Print.


This island has a unique charm that comes from its overlapping patchwork of mountains and waters, and from the elegant scent of tea that wafts through the air.


Exterior Areas

By increasing Trust Rank, players can unlock new exterior areas of the map:

Area Name Trust Rank
Notes Max Load Image
Kasumi Shoal 1 Starting Area.
Madoromi Island 5
Sakurazaki Island 7
Nodoka Terrace 9


The following released soundtracks are played in the Silken Courtyard realm.

Soundtrack Name Soundtrack No. Played In
Lingering Blossom 05 Inazuma City; Silken Courtyard; Story Quest; Collected Miscellany
Blue Dream 08 Inazuma City; Silken Courtyard; Collected Miscellany
Dream of Scattered Petals 09 Inazuma City; Silken Courtyard; Collected Miscellany
Her Legacy 13 Narukami Island; Silken Courtyard; Character Teaser
Dream of Homeland 22 Ritou; Silken Courtyard
A Harmonious Rest 28 Konda Village; Silken Courtyard
Hakushin's Lullaby 29 Konda Village; Silken Courtyard

In addition to the above, another currently unreleased soundtrack can be heard during the daytime which is also played on Watatsumi Island.[1]


Change History

Released in Version 2.2