Signora, also known by her alias "The Fair Lady", is No. 8 of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui.



She is first seen at the end of Act 3 of the Prologue, after the Traveler has assisted Dvalin and returned the Holy Lyre der Himmel.

She appears with Fatui agents and mages, catching the Traveler and Venti off guard as they exit the Mondstadt Cathedral. La Signora makes quick work of the Traveler, Paimon, and Venti, apprehending them with a single snap that freezes Paimon entirely and blows her away, and freezes Venti's legs in place so he cannot escape. Fatui agents hold back the Traveler as she taunts Venti. When Venti returns the favor, she becomes enraged and plunges her arm into his chest, taking his Gnosis. She leaves him to fall on the ground after kicking him once more, and leaves the Traveler and Paimon behind before any Knights of Favonius show up and catch her in the act.


Signora acts very posh and haughty on her introduction, calling Barbatos a "rodent ruler", although given her position as a Harbinger, she may already know that he was the weakest of The Seven to begin with. She also takes great offense when he suggests that she's only powerful because of the Tsaritsa, and brutally takes his Gnosis immediately after — though whether her anger stems from the insult to her archon, the insult to her own power, or because she may secretly dislike the Tsaritsa, is unknown.

However, she is quite different when interacting with Zhongli, on account of his formal contract with Tsaritsa. While she mocks the Traveler over the incident in Mondstadt and belittles fellow Harbinger Childe, she is much more professional with Zhongli himself. Additionally, she was able to keep the contract confidential, even keeping Childe's "eavesdropping ears" from gleaning such information, to which Zhongli praises.

Signora seems to hold the sentiment that only the strongest can survive, as several mention that she is very strong herself and hold faith in her skills, while Childe states that she uses lethal force against her recruits.[2]


Signora is a tall woman with pale skin, platinum-blonde hair, and light grey eyes. She wears a black Fatui mask over her face, covering her right eye, and a black earring on her left ear. Like other Catalyst users in the Characters screen, she is seen with a Catalyst hovering over her right side. While shown to be using Cryo powers in a cutscene, Signora has not been shown to have a Vision nor a Delusion as of yet.

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