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The Shuumatsuban (Japanese: 終末番 Shuumatsu-ban) is a secret Inazuman organization under the Yashiro Commission.[1][2][3]

Sayu is described as its resident ninja, although all Shuumatsuban members appear to practice ninjutsu.[4][2]

Their headquarters is a ninja village.[4]


The Shuumatsuban works to keep Inazuma safe.[5][6] Their duties appear to revolve around espionage and require them to utilize a wide range of skills, including combat. They are led by the head of the Kamisato Clan and Yashiro Commissioner, currently Kamisato Ayato. Shuumatsuban members report directly to Ayato,[7] but they may answer to others in exceptional circumstances.[8]

Members receive a monthly salary. Sayu's salary for one month is 200,000 Mora.[9]


Most of the Shuumatsuban are orphans who were taken in and raised by the organization starting at a young age. As a result, Shuumatsuban members are highly loyal.[7] Momoyo is one such member,[10] and Sayu may be another.[3]

The identities of most Shuumatsuban members are highly classified and kept secret from the vast majority of people, to the point that even those who die while carrying out top-secret missions are not publicly commemorated.[8]



Active Ninja

Active Staff


  • Kamisato Ayato's father (former head, deceased)
  • Inu Shoushou's owner (presumed deceased)
  • Momoka (presumed deceased)
  • Nakanishi (retired)[4]
  • Taroumaru (retired)[4]
  • Sayu's sensei (left, status unknown)[15][16]



  • The term ban (Japanese: ) as a group of samurai refers to guards or a squad to maintain security. For instance, between 1716 and 1868, the shoguns of the Tokugawa Shogunate employed elite intelligence officers called Oniwaban (Japanese: 御庭番 "His Excellency's Garden Guard"). In popular culture, the officers of Oniwaban are often depicted as veteran spies akin to ninja during the medieval period (c. 1200–c. 1600).
  • The slogan of the Shuumatsuban seems to be, "Send in the Shuumatsu to end traitors and criminals alike."[6]
  • The Shuumatsuban can make elemental powder. It is slightly toxic.[17]
  • Ayato also uses the Shuumatsuban to deliver strange foods to Thoma.[18]

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Shuumatsuban
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese しゅうまつばん
End Squad
Shuumatsuban Unit
Spanish Los OcelosThe Ocelli
French Shuumatsuban
Russian Сюмацубан
Thai Shuumatsuban
Vietnamese Shuumatsuban
German Shuumatsuban
Indonesian Shuumatsuban
Portuguese Shiyuumatsu-Ban

Change History

Released in Version 2.0


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