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  • Item Whopperflower Nectar.png 3 Whopperflower Nectar
  • Item Mora.png 25 Mora
  • Creates Shimmering Nectar Shimmering Nectar ×1

    Craft Usage

    There are 1 items that can be crafted using Shimmering Nectar:

    Item Craft Type Recipe
    Energy Nectar Energy Nectar Crafting Shimmering Nectar Shimmering Nectar ×3
    Mora Mora ×50

    Talent Leveling Usage

    7 Characters use Shimmering Nectar for leveling their talents:

    Ascension Usage

    7 Characters use Shimmering Nectar for ascension:

    12 Weapons use Shimmering Nectar for ascension:

    Weapon Deathmatch.png4★ — Deathmatch
    Weapon Frostbearer.png4★ — Frostbearer
    Weapon Halberd.png3★ — Halberd
    Weapon Iron Sting.png4★ — Iron Sting
    Weapon Serpent Spine.png4★ — Serpent Spine
    Weapon Solar Pearl.png4★ — Solar Pearl
    Weapon The Bell.png4★ — The Bell
    Weapon Windblume Ode.png4★ — Windblume Ode

    Other Languages

    Language Official Name Literal Meaning
    English Shimmering Nectar
    Japanese 微光花の蜜
    Korean 반짝반짝 꽃꿀
    Spanish Néctar brillante
    French Nectar miroitantShimmering Nectar
    Russian Мерцающий нектар
    Mertsayushchiy nektar
    Shimmering Nectar
    Thai Shimmering Nectar
    Vietnamese Mật Hoa Lấp Lánh
    German Leuchtender NektarLuminous Nectar
    Indonesian Shimmering Nectar
    Portuguese Néctar Brilhante

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0