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Deep within these rocky mountains is a sight that does not belong to this world. Many of those drawn to it do not belong to civilization.

Shakkei Pavilion (Japanese: 借景ノ館 Shakkei no Yakata) is a One-Time Domain in Tatarasuna, Kannazuka, Inazuma. It contains one level, Tutelage: Castle of Scrolls.

In order to unveil the path to this domain, players will need to shoot one of the Kamuijima Cannons against the rocks covering the entrance, gaining the Jackpot achievement in the process.


  1. Navigate the Pavilion

First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 30,000 Mora

There are also several chests in this domain.

  • A Common Chest is behind a ladder before coming down and plunging the planks under the ladder
  • A Common Chest is in a room near the switch to bring down the ladder. (Go upstairs after defeating the Nobushi: Jintouban to find the switch and ladder.)
  • An Exquisite Chest is next to the first amulet shrine in a room after going up the aforementioned ladder.
  • An Exquisite Chest is next to the last shrine, which can be accessed by climbing up the aforementioned ladder and jumping down with a plunge attack to break the floor.
  • A Precious Chest appears after defeating the Fatui enemies.


  • "A deeply disheartened eccentric" most probably refers to Scaramouche, considering its Chinese original 如同白纸一般失心的倾奇者, which means a "kabukimono who [was] disheartened like a blank sheet of paper."
    • Kabukimono (Japanese: 傾奇者 lit. "crazy one"; Chinese: 倾奇者) refers to a type of eccentric samurai or retainer who was active around 1600, from whose culture the style of kabuki (Japanese: 歌舞伎) was developed. Both Scaramouche's attire and his Inazuman name Kunikuzushi are inspired by kabuki actors. Plume of Luxury also uses the same wording: "long-wandering eccentric" (Chinese: 流浪多年的倾奇者 "long-wandering kabukimono").
    • Furthermore, Bloom Times makes the same analogy using the word 白紙 ("blank sheet of paper"): "young man in the distant past, who was akin to a blank sheet of paper" (Chinese: 遥远往昔那白纸一般的少年).
    • "Disheartened" (Chinese: 失心 lit. "lose heart") is possibly used here in its literal sense (or as a pun for its literal sense), namely, the fact he was not chosen as a vessel for a Gnosis, whose Chinese name 神之心 means "Heart of God."
  • Considering the above lore, "an ancient ascetic warrior" who built this mansion may be Ei.


Video Guides

How to Unlock Shakkei Pavilion

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishShakkei Pavilion
Jièjǐng zhī Guǎn
Mansion of Borrowed Scenery
Jièjǐng zhī Guǎn
Shakkei no Yakata[!]
Mansion of Borrowed Scenery
Chagyeong-ui Jeotaek
Mansion of Borrowed Scenery
SpanishPabellón ShakkeiShakkei Pavilion
FrenchPavillon ShakkeiShakkei Pavilion
RussianПавильон «Сяккэи»
Pavil'on "Syakkei"
"Shakkei" Pavilion
Huang haeng ngao
Abyss of Shadow
VietnameseHội Quán Shakkei
GermanShakkei-PavillonShakkei Pavilion
IndonesianShakkei Pavilion
PortuguesePavilhão ShakkeiShakkei Pavilion

Change History

Released in Version 2.0
Version 2.1
  • Fixes an issue whereby players could enter abnormally, even though they had not completed certain criteria to unlock the Domain.

Version 2.0

  • Shakkei Pavilion was released.