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Once upon a time, these were knights of the realm and carriers of significant status. The long years and a curse seems to have robbed them of their reason and memory. Now, all that remains within that armor is the will to "fight for something, someone, and some matter."
Depending on how much wear and tear they have undergone, they are by turns known as "Shadowy Husks" or "Black Serpent Knights."

Shadowy Husks, also known as the "The Black Serpents" in the Adventurer Handbook or Black Serpent Knights are an Enemy Group.

Currently they come in four elements: Pyro, Hydro, Cryo and Anemo.


These silent monsters were originally members of Khaenri'ah's Royal Guard under their captain Dainsleif before the nation's fall. Ever since the Cataclysm, they have been suffering from their curse, losing most of their humanity in the process. Depending on how far they've degraded, they're either referred to as Shadowy Husks or Black Serpent Knights.


Item Berserker.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item The Exile.png3-4★ Set The Exile



Husks are durable enemies; despite being armored monsters, they have low weight and are easy to stagger. Their attacks have a very slow start-up time, making them very easy to dodge.

When they successfully attack a player who is shielded (including Crystallize), they will apply a buff onto themselves and any other nearby husks if applicable at the cost of losing a percentage of their health. The effect can stack and/or refresh multiple times, although their slow attack speed means that players should not have any difficulty in dodging their attacks and preventing the buffs, even when shielded.


Buliwyf, Guardian of The Desolation - Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter - Stony Halls
Spotting the Traveler Craven trespassers... the majestic one's dark curse... is inescapable...
Defeated ...In death... there is awakening...
Skeld, Augur of the Mirrors - Shadowy Husk: Defender - Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel
Spotting the Traveler Enter not, outlander... Do not disturb the sleeping stone from the heavens...
Defeated ...You... do not belong here...
Herger, Jester of Bloody Tears - Shadowy Husk: Line Breaker - The Glowing Narrows
Spotting the Traveler Depart! Depart...! The shadow of the omnipresent struggle is not something you can bear!
Defeated ...The echoes of the end... will never... subside...
Haltaf, The Young - Shadowy Husk: Standard Bearer - The Serpent's Cave
Spotting the Traveler ...O guest from the false land, it is time to face the truth...!
Defeated ...Truth voided, justice inverted... O partisan heavens...
Hyglacg, Rebuked Servant - Shadowy Husk: Line Breaker - Underground Waterway
Spotting the Traveler ...Even the ominous thing that came down from the heavens shall be ours to use...
Defeated ...Shatter... Shatter... this chaotic illusion... our resurgence... shall not be barred...
Roneth, Banished Knight - Shadowy Husk: Defender - The Glowing Narrows
Spotting the Traveler ...Who art thou to stop us... We shall cleanse the tainted things from the skies... with sacred blood...!
Defeated ...The heaven's judgment... the needle of retribution... Never... forget...
Edgetho, Breaker of the Oath of Silence - Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter - Underground Waterway
Spotting the Traveler ...Companion of that tyrant, "fate," the traveler known as "calamity"...
Defeated ...No one remembers... that which has passed away...
Serkir, Scribe of Swords - Shadowy Husk: Defender - Nameless Ruins
Spotting the Traveler ...Envoy of the heavens, allow me to greet you — with a vengeance!
Defeated ...A hollow victory over despair... is the greatest dejection of all...
Rethel, Slain of the Split Bow - Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter - The Glowing Narrows
Spotting the Traveler Why do you tarry in this place, Traveler? ...There is only death here, only memorials to injustice...
Defeated ...Void emptiness... everything is... void...


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