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Shadow Over Mondstadt is the first part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Prologue: Act II - For a Tomorrow Without Tears.


  1. Return to Mondstadt
  2. Return to the Knights of Favonius headquarters with Jean
  3. Talk to Jean



(Approaching the Goth Grand Hotel)
Paimon: Isn't that Jean?
Paimon: Seems she's talking to someone...
Paimon: Let's let her finish, then go say hi?
(Conversation between Jean and Anastasia)
Anastasia: ...which is what has brought us to this point in the first place.
Anastasia: If you are unable to promptly deal with the Stormterror threat, then leave the defense of Mondstadt to the Fatui.
Anastasia: We can put an end to Mondstadt's dragon issues. All we need to do is bring that monster to the–
Jean: "Monster"?
Anastasia: Yes. What's your point?
Jean: Ah...
Jean: I'd expect a more professional attitude from your diplomats.
Jean: Yet here you are saying you want to "put an end" to one of The Four Winds of Mondstadt?
Jean: I won't have any of this nonsense in front of the Knights of Favonius.
Anastasia: Heh... Hehehe... It's not as crazy as you make it sound.
Anastasia: Fine. That's enough negotiation for today.
Anastasia: At this stage it's simply... an amicable exchange of constructive opinions, no?
Anastasia: I'll be sure to make... thorough notes...
(After their conversation ends)
Jean: Oh, (Traveler), you're back.
Jean: Thanks for your help. The elemental flow is finally stable.
Jean: The aftermath of Stormterror's last attack is finally settled for the moment.
Jean: However, the pressure from the delegation has become too big to be ignored...
Paimon: Delegation?
Paimon: From Liyue Harbor or Inazuma City?
Jean: Snezhnaya. They choose to follow the God of Cryo.
Jean: Their envoys go by a particular name: The Fatui. Heard of them?
Paimon: Oh, them. They are super famous.
Paimon: Wait, infamous is more the word...
Jean: I don't think killing Stormterror is the right course of action.
Jean: The Cryo God's Fatui have always coveted the Anemo God's power.
Jean: I don't believe they have Mondstadt's best interests at heart.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Speaking of power...
Jean: What is it, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png There's something I need to show the Knights of Favonius.
Jean: Oh? Let us head back to headquarters then.
Jean: We shouldn't discuss important matters... out in the open.
(While heading to the headquarters)
Jean: Mondstadt and Snezhnaya are considered the same in status.
Jean: Mondstadt is independent, and does not belong to any other nation.
Jean: In fact, despite being referred to as a city, Mondstadt is a nation.
Jean: Though, Snezhnaya's Fatui are known to be the most aggressive diplomats in Teyvat...
Paimon: Makes sense, given the tone of that woman just now — so rude!

(Inside the Knights of Favonius headquarters)
Jean: It's a crystal embedded with some kind of power... Lisa, are you able to analyze it?
Lisa: Let me take a look...
Lisa: Hmm... I can see impurities in the crystal, but upon further inspection...
Lisa: No, I'm sorry, I can't make a proper analysis at the moment. Give me some time. I'll take a look through the library's restricted section.
Jean: Right. I'll leave the research to you then, Lisa.
Lisa: Understood. I'll notify you all if I make any progress.
Lisa: Though I wouldn't go getting your hopes up. They are incredibly ancient texts, not to mentio– Ouch!
Lisa: Gosh, that hurt!
Lisa: The impurities in the crystal... It hurts when I get close...
Lisa: I see... It appears to react to Visions.
Lisa: The impurities and the elemental energy we embody repel each other.
Lisa: It's strange, though. (Traveler) has elemental abilities as well, but doesn't seem to be affected in the same way.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...
Lisa: Anyway, the crystal would be better left in the hands of my cutie. It will just be a pain if left with us — both literally and metaphorically.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Cutie?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Okay. I will keep it.
Jean: ...Fascinating.
Jean: Do you know anything about what makes you special?
(The Traveler nods)
Jean: I do not know what to make of it either.
Jean: Well, then, (Traveler)... The Knights of Favonius have another favor to ask of you.
Jean: Please accept the title of Honorary Knight... and the gratitude of the Acting Grand Master.
Paimon: Honorary Knight... of Favonius!?
Jean: We ask for your continued assistance in finding some answers.
Jean: Stormterror's rage... and strange crystals... I know Mondstadt's peace hangs in the balance.
Jean: May the wind open your eyes to the truth.
Jean: We'll meet back here if you find anything.
(Talk to Lisa again)
Lisa: It's getting harder to make small talk these days. Even something as innocuous as "what fine weather we're having today" seems to fall completely flat...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about the library.
Lisa: You can visit whenever you need to look something up.
Lisa: Naturally the library is free to access.
Lisa: Just don't forget to return books on time, or you'll make my job difficult.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I'd like to know more about monsters.
Lisa: The monsters out in the wild? We've got many resources here in the library.
Lisa: Making good use of elemental advantages is the key to winning any battle.
Lisa: By the way, would you be interested in having a part-time job here?
Lisa: We need people to... need people for doing... We just need more people.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Lisa: You're leaving? Drop by again sometime when you're free.
(Talk to Jean again)
Jean: About Stormterror, there must be something we are still not aware of...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png How do we fight Stormterror?
Jean: Its change in size and power really is suspicious.
Jean: But for the Knights of Favonius, our priority is to deal with the aftermath of this attack.
Jean: The Grand Master entrusted the Knights of Favonius to me. I cannot let him or the people of Mondstadt down.
Jean: I must get to the bottom of this...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Tell me about the Fatui.
Jean: Those people in strange uniforms... are Fatui.
Jean: They're here as delegates from Snezhnaya.
Jean: Stay away from them. Having contact with them is dangerous, even for innocent travelers.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Goodbye.
Jean: May the Wind guide you.


  • This quest's dialogue was drastically changed from its original form during the first Closed Beta Test. The Fatui do not make a direct appearance, and the Traveler starts the quest by going to Jean's office and meeting up with Jean, Lisa, Amber, and Kaeya. Kaeya explains the situation with the Fatui with Jean providing some input, instead of Jean explaining everything.[1]

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishShadow Over Mondstadt
Yīnyǐng Xià de Méngdé
The Mond Under a Shadow
Yīnyǐng Xià de Méngdé
Kage no Shita no Mondo[!]
The Mond Under a Shadow
Korean그림자가 드리운 몬드
Geurimja-ga Deuriun Mondeu
The Mond Under a Shadow
SpanishUna sombra sobre MondstadtA shadow over Mondstadt
FrenchUne ombre plane sur MondstadtA Shadow Hangs Over Mondstadt
RussianТень над Мондштадтом
Ten' nad Mondshtadtom
Shadow over Mondstadt
ThaiMondstadt ในเงามืด
Mondstadt nai ngaomuet
Mondstadt in Shadow
VietnameseMondstadt Chìm Trong Sự Ám Ảnh
GermanSchatten über MondstadtShadow Over Mondstadt
IndonesianBayangan di Atas MondstadtShadow Over Mondstadt
PortugueseSobra [sic] sobre MondstadtShadow Over Mondstadt[• 1]
  1. Portuguese: Sombra (Portuguese: "shadow") is misspelled as Sobra here.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0