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The Setekh Wenut is a Normal Boss challenge found in Desert of Hadramaveth, Sumeru.



Claiming the Trounce Blossom for Original Resin Original Resin ×40 after defeating the boss offers the following possible rewards:

  • Basic Drops
  • Ascension Gems
  • Artifacts
Adventure EXP
Character EXP
Companionship EXP
0362003,450138301 + 61.85%
1372003,450138301 + 61.85%
2412003,650144301 + 70.37%
3502003,850155351 + 87.41%
4622004,125166352 + 4.45%
5722004,450178402 + 21.49%
6832004,725189402 + 38.52%
7912005,200200452 + 55.56%
8932006,000200452 + 55.56%
Ascension Gems
2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
Range Avg. Range Avg. Range Avg. Range Avg.
3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars
0362 + 77.2%
1372 + 77.2%
2412 + 77.2%
3503 + 78%42%
4623 + 36%84%
5722 + 94%1 + 5%21%
6832 + 52%1 + 26%42%
7912 + 10%1 + 47%63%
8932 + 10%1 + 47%1

Artifact and material drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team.


Energy Drops
TypeHP ThresholdDrop(s)
Anemo75%Orb ×1
50%Orb ×1
25%Orb ×1
0%Particle ×2


Type Physical Pyro Hydro Electro Cryo Dendro Anemo Geo
Normal 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 25% 60% 25%
Spiral Abyss Variant 55% 55% 55% 55% 55% 55% 90% 55%

Toggle Levels

Level Scaling

Abilities and Attacks[]

Most attack names are unofficial.

Phase 1[]

This phase is skipped in the Spiral Abyss.

Sweeps the ground in front of it with its body, dealing 100% ATK as Physical DMG.
Shoots 3 projectiles at the player, each dealing 50% ATK as Anemo DMG.
Transition to Phase 2
Digs out of the ground, travels an arcing trajectory midair and reenters the ground, exposing itself to attacks, signifying the transition to Phase 2.

Phase 2[]

Phase 2 starts when the Setekh Wenut's HP reaches 97.5%, or when 20 seconds have passed since the beginning of the fight. After entering Phase 2, the Setekh Wenut will no longer use attacks from Phase 1.

Drills out of the ground from below the player, dealing 100% ATK as Physical DMG.
Stream of Gales
Surfaces at the center of the arena and fires countless projectiles in all directions, each dealing 50% ATK as Anemo DMG.
Sweeps the arena with a massive surge of Anemo energy, dealing 100% ATK as Anemo DMG.
Pressurized Beam
Fires a beam of Anemo energy that deals 100% ATK as Anemo DMG on hit.
Digs out of the ground and back in, exposing itself to attacks.

Phase 3[]

Phase 3 starts when the Setekh Wenut's HP reaches 50%, or when 60 seconds have passed since the beginning of Phase 2. After entering Phase 3, the Setekh Wenut will immediately use Floating State, but all attacks from Phase 2 will still be available afterwards.

Floating State
Suspends itself midair and conjures 6 Windbite Bullets. After some time, absorbs all Windbite Bullets and fires 3 rounds of projectiles each covering expanding circular areas of the arena. Each projectile deals 100% ATK as Anemo DMG upon landing.
  • Windbite Bullets will be destroyed when hit by Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro attacks.
  • If 2 Windbite Bullets are destroyed in succession, the Setekh Wenut will become paralyzed for ~10 seconds.
  • While paralyzed, it also loses 45% RES to the elements that its Windbite Bullets were destroyed by.

A Cryo/Electro/Hydro/Pyro Bow user, especially one matching the element of the team's primary damage dealer, is helpful in this fight for taking full advantage of the Setekh Wenut's paralysis. Alternatively, coordinated attacks from Raiden Shogun's Elemental Skill and Dehya's Elemental Skill or Swirl Elemental Reactions triggered on the boss itself can reliably hit the Windbite Bullets.

AI Logic[]

  • An ability will only be used if all of the following conditions have been met:
    • The ability is not on cooldown
    • The target is within the range required by the ability
    • The ability has the highest priority out of all that meet the previous 2 conditions
      • A lower priority number indicates a higher priority.
      • If multiple abilities share the highest priority, one will be chosen at random.
  • Certain abilities with extra trigger conditions may defy regular ability logic.
Ability Priority Range Req. (m) CD (s) Initial CD (s) Shared CD (s) Action Interval (s) State Req.
Sweep 5 0–20 0 2 0 Phase 1
Spit 5 10–30 1–3 2
Transition to Phase 2 1 0–999 0 20
P2 — Thrust 5 0–999 38–39 0–1 38 Phase 2
P2 — Stream of Gales 5 0–999 38–39 0–1
P2 — Stormbreath 5 0–999 35–36 16.5–17.5 35
P2 — Pressurized Beam 5 0–999 38–39 38.5–39.5 38
Floating State 1 0–999 50–60 0 Phase 3
P3 — Thrust 1 5 0–999 14–15 16–17 30
P3 — Stream of Gales 1 5 0–999 14–15 16–17
P3 — Pressurized Beam 1 5 0–999 14–15 16–17
P3 — Thrust 2 5 0–999 28–29 25–26 30
P3 — Stream of Gales 2 5 0–999 28–29 25–26
P3 — Stormbreath 5 0–999 28–29 25–26
P3 — Pressurized Beam 2 5 0–999 28–29 25–26


There are 3 Achievements obtainable from Setekh Wenut:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
He Who Controls the Spice... Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Use the Windbite Bullets to perform Swirl reactions and bring the Setekh Wenut in its floating form down. 5
Now That's What You Call the Four Winds! Challenger: Series VII Challenger: Series VII Use a Cryo, Pyro, Electro, and Hydro attack each to trigger a Swirl reaction with the Windbite Bullets in a fight against the Setekh Wenut. 5
Desert-Dwellers' Rite of Passage Meetings in Outrealm: Series IV Meetings in Outrealm: Series IV Defeat the Setekh Wenut in Co-Op Mode. 10


Setekh Wenut
Tutorial Setekh Wenut
An apex predator deep in the desert that can use the power of Anemo to a certain extent, which allows it to leave the ground when in combat and enter a floating state. While floating, it can fire Windbite Bullets. If these bullets are not destroyed in time, they will be converted into a high-density curtain of such bullets. Attacks from elements that may react with Anemo can destroy Windbite Bullets, which temporarily decrease the corresponding Elemental RES of the Setekh Wenut. After 2 Windbite Bullets are destroyed in succession, the Setekh Wenut will be brought down from its floating state.


An eyeless predator from deep within the Great Red Sand that uses sound and vibrations to seek out its prey.
Legend has it that in the ancient past before even the concept of time was created, these creatures thrived with their progenitors and offspring in a land of verdant grass and colossal trees, traversing through slick soil like fishes diving through the wet.
With the passage of eons, the gifts of heaven has long reduced the soils to sand, rendering a great many creatures extinct. This branch of their genus was able to survive by adapting more toward earth-based living, and became known as the "Wenut."
Some desert folk still mistakenly believe that sandworms are the final point of a quicksand eel's life cycle, likely due to superficial similarities between the species' behaviors.

An eyeless predator that dwells within the depths of the desert and uses sound and vibrations to seek out its prey.
They sometimes take on forms very similar to those of plants, and some say that this is because they were once the scions of the lord of plants. Others say that this is their way of fooling their prey to seek fruits or food in their deadly shade.


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
102Across Dimming AsterismsThe Unfathomable Sand DunesCombat in Great Red Sand (ruins), Madinat al-Nuhas, Wenut Tunnels (Setekh Wenut; Scorpion's lair and Flying Serpent's cave), Harvisptokhm (Gaokerena)

Domains, Event Gameplay

Lord of the Desert[]

Legend has it that in the distant past, the scorching desert was once home to fragrant flowers and giant trees, and was inhabited by countless birds and beasts. Legend also has it that the only ones who remember it are the blind predators respectfully and fearfully referred to as "Wenut."

Lord of the Desert



  • Setekh (Egyptian: 𓋴𓏏𓄡𓀭 stẖ setekh), more commonly Set, is a god of deserts, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion.
  • Wenut (Egyptian: 𓃹𓈖𓏌𓏏𓆗 wnwt wenut), also known as Unut, is a prehistoric Egyptian snake goddess.


Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSetekh Wenut
Fēngshí Shāchóng
Wind-Eroded WenutWenutWenutWenutTooltip for WenutWenut
Fēngshí Shāchóng
Fuushoku Weneto
Wind-Eroded Wenut
Korean바람 침식 모래 벌레
Baram Chimsik Morae Beolle
Wind Erosion WenutWenutWenutWenutTooltip for WenutWenut
SpanishGusano de SutejWorm of Setekh
FrenchWenut de SetekhWenut of Setekh
RussianУнут Сетеха
Unut Setekha
Setekh WenutWenutWenutWenutTooltip for WenutWenut
ThaiSetekh Wenut
VietnameseSetekh Wenut
GermanSetekh Wenut
IndonesianSetekh Wenut
PortugueseVerme de Areia Setekh
TurkishSetekh SolucanıSetekh WenutWenutWenutWenutTooltip for WenutWenut
ItalianUnut del SetekhWenutWenutWenutWenutTooltip for WenutWenut of Setekh

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