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Serpent's Head is a location in Yashiori Island, Inazuma.


According to the legend, the giant serpent that once ventured into the deep sea was finally slain on Yashiori Island. It is also said that when the sea breeze passes through the eyes and sharp fangs of the giant snake, sounds of a whistle will ring in the wind. That is the requiem it composed for itself. Now, this requiem also provides for those who have fallen or were displaced in the war.


Notable Features


Points of Interest

Narukami Pillar

The Narukami Pillar is a stone lantern located in the cliff to the east of Serpent's Head. Before reactivating it during Orobashi's Legacy: Part II, it is unnamed and interacting with it simply gives the option to Observe it. It changes to Narukami Ward after completing Orobashi's Legacy: Part I.

(Before starting Orobashi's Legacy)
Observe: The strange stone lantern seems to emit an ominous energy.
Paimon: This stone lantern is so creepy... It feels familiar.
Paimon: Oh, someone's written something on the lantern post!
Observe: "Soldiers stationed here, if you have any questions about this ward, please go to the Musoujin Gorge and talk to Mr. Kaji."
Observe: The handwriting looks new, yet eroded by rain. A few clear lines of smaller writings are below.
Observe: "Please don't believe these strange notes. We've got no time to lose! This must an [sic] enemy trick meant to slow us down."
Observe: "Whoever leaves the team without permission will be severely punished!"
Paimon: This Mr. Kaji seems to be pretty concerned about these stone lanterns. Why don't we go to Musoujin Gorge and ask him?

Waterlogged Note

Next to the Narukami Pillar is a Waterlogged Note left by a radical faction within the Watatsumi Army, revealing that they were responsible for destroying the wards on Yashiori Island.

Waterlogged Note: ...If anyone leaks the team's secrets, they shall be held accountable...
Waterlogged Note: Phase 1: Ambush the Shogunate soldiers on a rainy night using our long-studied tactics, switch outfits with them, and obtain their ship's supplies.
Waterlogged Note: Phase 2: Attack and break Shogunate's [sic] wards according to the methods Mr. Nathan explained, and restore the dignity of our great Omikami.
Waterlogged Note: Stage 3: If the plan does not go well, sacrifice yourselves for our mighty Omikami. If things go well, you may retreat safely. But in neither case can you reveal your identity, thus implicating our Divine Priestess...
Waterlogged Note: The above information is to be kept strictly confidential. Not a word to anyone, whether it be Her Excellency the Divine Priestess or our lowest-ranking comrades. Those with loose lips will face the consequences.


Other Interactables

Scribbled Note

Within a Thunder Barrier there is a chest with a Scribbled Note.

Scribbled Note: "The locals call it Tatarigami, but it is actually a fragment of some sort of god... I helped Mr. Kaji to identify several stone lanterns, which are supposed to neutralize the Tatarigami in the air..."
Scribbled Note: "...But the focus of my research is on these mechanisms... If I can make some progress here, perhaps I can persuade the Academia to open up the subject of Monsterology...

Lost Text

There is a Lost Text located southwest of Serpent's Head.


Serpent's Head Puzzle

There is a closed grate inside the serpent's mouth. Solving the puzzle allows the player to reach the Simple Tomb underneath the Serpent Head and to complete all rounds of Kid Kujirai's Temari challenge.

  1. Chase both Electro Seelies found on the serpent's tooth
    • Chasing them will lead to the serpent's eyes
    • The grate will open after chasing the second Seelie
  2. Drop down to the first room
  3. Drop down to the second room
    • Defeat the Ruin Sentinel
    • Interact with the door switches in this order:

Within the bottom chamber is a Kairagi: Dancing Thunder in front of Kikuchiyo's Simple Tomb. There is another switch located in the water, which opens the gate leading out to the Serpent's Head Ward.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Serpent's Head
Snake God's Head
Japanese 蛇神の首
Jashin no Kubi[!]
Snake God's Head
Korean 의 머리
Baemsin-ui Meori
Snake God's Head
Spanish Cabeza de la SerpienteSerpent's Head
French Tête du serpentSerpent's Head
Russian Голова змея
Golova smeya
Serpent Head
Thai Serpent's Head
Vietnamese Đầu Thần RắnSnake God Head
German SchlangenkopfSerpent's Head
Indonesian Serpent's Head
Portuguese Cabeça da SerpenteSerpent's Head

Change History

Released in Version 2.0