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Gardening is a subsystem of the Serenitea Pot. Through it, players can plant and harvest items such as local specialties.

The Seed Dispensary can be used to collect seeds to plant. The Seed Dispensary can be unlocked by completing the World Quest The Art of Horticulture.

Seed Dispensary

The Seed Dispensary allows the player to obtain seeds when gathering plants. When gathering plants with the Seed Dispensary, each individual plant will yield one seed. A list of seeds that can be obtained with the dispensary can be found here: Seeds.

Seeds can also be purchased from the "Creatures of the Realm" section of the Realm Depot.

Seeds can be planted in fields inside the Serenitea Pot and harvested after 2 days and 22 hours. The harvested plants will not yield seeds.

Each seed will grow into one instance of the construct that yields plants in the wild. For example, because Valberries are found in bunches of 4 in the wild, each Valberry Seed will yield a bush of 4 Valberries.

Seeds that yield more than one plant per seed can be used to obtain most of the achievements in A Realm Beyond: Series III faster. The following seeds yield more than one plant per seed:

When initially planted the field will indicate the time remaining before harvest.

After the plants have grown, they will appear as collectible items in the field. After harvesting, the player will then have the option to plant once again.


Fields can be bought from Tubby in the "Riches of the Realm" section of the Realm Depot. Up to 4 seeds can be planted in each plot at a time. Seeds take 2 days and 22 hours to fully grow.

Fields can be cleared before the plants are fully grown, but the seeds will not be returned.

Field Seeds Plants
Item A Path of Value Jade Field.png
A Path of Value: Jade Field
Item A Path of Value Luxuriant Glebe.png
A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe
Item A Path of Value Orderly Meadow.png
A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow

Change History

Released in Version 2.0