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An island where some disaster seems to have occurred. Its center is consumed by an eternal storm.

Version 1.6 Special Program

Seirai Island (Japanese: セイライじま Seirai-jima) is an area in Inazuma.

It is said that the island once experienced a calamity and the center of the island was enveloped by a perpetual thunderstorm. This storm has resulted in the unique geography of the island. Until the Seirai Stormchasers quest series is completed, the center of the island is constantly afflicted with Balethunder and lightning that targets the player. Even after completing the quest series, Electro Water will still persist at the center of the island, although it can be cleared by a nearby puzzle, which will reveal a large hole in the middle.


Name Description Image
Amakumo Peak Long ago, Kanna Kapatcir was slain here, while the power of its lingering hatred and regret was suppressed by wards maintained by the Asase Shrine. During the Seirai Rebellion around 500 years ago, Asase Hibiki unsealed the wards, causing the Thunder Manifestation to appear and devastate the area with a massive Electro storm. Amakumo Peak.png
Asase Shrine The shrine was established to suppress the lingering power of Kanna Kapatcir, also known as the Thunderbird. Asase Shrine.png
Fort Hiraumi Located in the northeastern part of Seirai Island. Fort Hiraumi.png
Koseki Village Located northwest of Amakumo Peak. Koseki Village.png
"Seiraimaru" The area takes its name after the "Seiraimaru," the flagship of Ako Domeki's fleet which was destroyed here. Seiraimaru.png

Points of Interest

Name Description Image
The Summit, Amakumo Peak The fragmented summit of Amakumo Peak is now home to the Thunder Manifestation. This area is unlocked and navigated as part of Seirai Stormchasers: Part IV. Amakumo Peak Summit.png
The Lake, Amakumo Peak The lake at the base of Amakumo Peak is filled with Electro Water and the surrounding area is roamed by many Ruin Sentinels. However, by solving the Light-Up Tile Puzzle, a mechanism is unlocked that drains the water from the area and nullifies its Electro effect. After being drained, ruins leading to an underground settlement are revealed. Amakumo Peak Lake.png
Underground Ruins, Amakumo Peak Available after draining the lake. Amakumo Peak Underground Ruins.png

Notable Features


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Local Specialties

Hidden Exploration Objectives

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  • In Japanese, seirai (Japanese: せいらい) is a term that describes the "pure, refreshing sound of wind blowing through trees."[1]
    • It should be noted, however, that the Japanese name of the island has "Seirai" written exclusively in katakana; similar to how different areas of Tsurumi Island are named.
    • Assuming that Seirai is a name of Ainu origin like various places in Tsurumi, the name can alternatively be broken down into the Ainu words セィ sey, meaning "shell", and ラィ ray, meaning "death".



No. Soundtrack Name Album Played In
15 A Fragment of Peace Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island
14 Desire for Calm Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island
12 Echoes of Solitude Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island
10 Lonely Journey Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island
13 Mournful Whisperings Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island
09 Roaming in Silence Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island
16 Slumbering Land of Neko Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island
11 Swath of Desolation Islands of the Lost and Forgotten Seirai Island

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Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishSeirai Island
Chinese reading of Japanese name[• 1]
Seirai Island[• 2]
Seirai Island
SpanishIsla SeiraiSeirai Island
FrenchÎle de SeiraiSeirai Island
ThaiSeirai Island
VietnameseĐảo SeiraiSeirai Island
IndonesianSeirai Island
PortugueseIlha SeiraiSeirai Island
  1. Chinese: Based on possible kanji for Japanese name.
  2. Japanese: Assuming that "清籟" are the kanji for Seirai, it refers to the pure, refreshing sound of wind blowing through trees.[1]

Change History

Released in Version 2.1


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