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Seagaze Sunset is the second part in the Teyvat storyline Archon Quests Interlude Chapter: Act I - The Crane Returns on the Wind.


  1. Go to Feiyun Commerce Guild to look for Xingqiu
  2. Search for the abode around Lisha
  3. Follow the Seelie
  4. Go to Sea Gazer's Abode
  5. Activate the seal on the ancient array core
  6. Land safely on the next level of clouds
  7. Destroy the abode's barrier
  8. Talk to Paimon
  9. Continue onward to find the Sunset Vermillionite
  10. Destroy the abode's barrier
  11. Search for the Sunset Vermillionite
  12. Return to the Jade Chamber worksite to look for Shenhe
  13. Bring Shenhe to a nearby makeshift hotel to take a break
  14. Talk to the hotel owner
  15. Talk to Cloud Retainer
  16. Wait until the following day (08:00 – 12:00)


UI Quest.png Quest Description

You hear about Sunset Vermillionite from Baizhu and decide to hit up Feiyun Commerce Guild for some information.
(Approach the Feiyun Commerce Guild)
Xu: Master Xingqiu! Thank goodness you're finally back!
Xingqiu: Oh? Why do I detect an urgency in your voice?
Xu: The Guild has had a whole string of strange orders in recently. Everyone's been completely caught off guard.
Xu: Your father gave me specific instructions to ask you to stay and help out if I happened to see you.
Xingqiu: I see. Have someone sort the orders by type for now. I'll deal with them myself shortly.
Xu: Oh, how wonderful... Thank you, Master. With you on the job, I can breathe a sigh of relief.
Paimon: Hey, Xingqiu! Glad you're here!
Paimon: We want to ask you for some information.
Xingqiu: Traveler, Paimon, please wait a moment.
Xingqiu: Xu, I need to entertain some guests. Please continue with your work for the time being, and we'll discuss the matter of the Guild's orders in more detail later on.
Xu: Understood, Master Xingqiu. Then I will leave you in peace.
Xingqiu: I wasn't counting on finding you here today. What's going on? And how, pray tell, may I be of service?
Paimon: Xingqiu, have you ever heard of "Sunset Vermillionite"?
Xingqiu: Oh, I see. So you've entered Lady Ningguang's contest as well.
Paimon: "As well"? Do you mean...
Xingqiu: The truth is, the Feiyun Commerce Guild is in possession of some Sunset Vermillionite, but only one piece.
Xingqiu: We are holding it on behalf of someone who has asked us to put it up for auction. And a lot of interested parties have already come to us inquiring about the price.
Xingqiu: At the end of the day, it all comes down to supply and demand. In this case, I'm guessing the final transaction price may be in excess of 500 million Mora.
Paimon: 500 million!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That's so expensive...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I don't think I can afford it.
Xingqiu: Honestly, I would recommend that you don't bother bidding on this one. The price is greatly inflated, and it's just not worth it.
Paimon: But without any Sunset Vermillionite...
Xingqiu: Don't panic. I don't suppose you've ever heard of Sea Gazer?
Paimon: Who?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Never heard of them.
Shenhe: Sea Gazer was once very close to Mountain Shaper. But if I am not mistaken, he has already passed away.
Xingqiu: Yes, precisely... I didn't know anyone else knew about him.
Xingqiu: According to "Records of Drifting Clouds," Sea Gazer once built an abode to store his rarest and most exquisite treasures — among which was some Sunset Vermillionite.
Xingqiu: After Sea Gazer passed, the abode was abandoned, and its location was lost to time.
Xingqiu: Luckily, I came into possession of a stack of folk history books just recently. They make some oblique references to this lost abode, and after cross-referencing them against each other, I'm now fairly certain that it is situated in the Lisha area.
Paimon: That's great! ...But is it really okay for us to just go and take his treasure?
Paimon: Wouldn't it be a little... y'know... disrespectful? With him being an adeptus?
Shenhe: You needn't worry. As far as I understand, Sea Gazer was very open-minded. Even while he was alive, he wouldn't have let something like this bother him.
Xingqiu: Open-minded...? I have not heard of Sea Gazer being described in this way before. May I ask where you read that?
Shenhe: Just a rumor I heard out in the mountains. Alright then, let's go.
Xingqiu: Hmm, there's something about this young lady that reminds me of a good friend of mine...
Xingqiu: Oh, I almost forgot —adepti abodes tend to have very ingenious designs, especially when it comes to their defense mechanisms. Plus, it's likely to be crawling with monsters after being abandoned for so long. So please, be very careful.
Paimon: Okay! We will be. Thanks, Xingqiu!
(Talk to Xingqiu again)
Xingqiu: It looks like the Jade Chamber rebuilding project will be fiercely competitive. It's difficult to say who will emerge as the winner.

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

According to Xingqiu, Sea Gazer's abode should contain Sunset Vermillionite. Time to try your luck.
(Approach the marked spot)
Paimon: Let's see... Xingqiu said it should be around here. But Paimon doesn't see anything...
(Shenhe performs sigil magic)
Shenhe: This place was hidden using a special adepti art. But now that I have removed it, we can inspect the area more closely.
Paimon: Wow, that's amazing! Yep, let's take another look around...
Paimon: Hey, look! Is that a new Seelie over there?
(Approach the waterfall)
Paimon: The Seelie got to here and then disappeared. Should we go over and take a look?

(Enter the domain)
Paimon: Wha... Weren't we at a waterfall just now? How did we suddenly end up here?
Paimon: So many clouds... It feels like we're high up in the sky.
Shenhe: I believe this is the abode of that adeptus.
Shenhe: With any luck, the Sunset Vermillionite we're looking for should be in here.
Paimon: Really? Let Paimon see... Huh? Isn't that the Seelie from before?
Paimon: Look, it's gone and snuck beneath the clouds!
Paimon: And now that Paimon takes a closer look, the rocks and trees here don't seem complete... Could there be something below the clouds?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What do you think, Shenhe?
Shenhe: These are not real clouds. They are the product of an adepti art used for spatial partitioning.
Shenhe: If we want to go down, we must first destroy the mechanism that is maintaining the adepti art.
Paimon: Alright! Then let's do it!
Shenhe: I sense the presence of monsters in this place. I don't know where they are hiding, so we'd better be careful.
(Approach the core after unlocking it)
Shenhe: It appears that we've been taken for intruders... This time, why not allow me to take care of this.
(After defeating the opponenets)
Shenhe: The core of the mechanism is exposed. Now's our chance!
(After destroying the core)
The mechanism is broken and the fog clears along with it...
Paimon: Whoa, w—we're going to faaaall!!
Paimon: Is everyone okay?
Paimon: Look, the Seelie has disappeared beneath the clouds again!
Shenhe: It looks like we need to go further down. But before that, let's destroy the guard mechanisms on this level first.
(After destroying the core on second level)
Paimon: We're gonna fall! This time we're really going to fall, aaaah!!!
Paimon: So high... We can't even see to the bottom!
Paimon: Phew... Luckily there was a pool of water at the bottom. Otherwise, that could have ended very differently...
Paimon: Hey, that Seelie's on the move again! Let's catch up with it!
(Approach the wall)
Paimon: Something looks different about this stone wall. Let's take a closer look.
(Touch a wall that cannot be moved)
The rock does not budge an inch...
(Follow the seelie)
Paimon: Look over there, could that be the Sunset Vermillionite?
(Approach the Plaustrite)
Paimon: Is this it? Is this the Sunset Vermillionite?
Paimon: It's so huge...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So is the Jade Chamber.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It needs to be big to get the whole Jade Chamber airborne.
Paimon: That's true. But then again... why isn't it floating?
Shenhe: Plaustrite doesn't float until it's activated. It may look different from most ordinary stones, but it weighs around the same amount.
Shenhe: Only after being activated does Plaustrite reveal its true nature, breaking free from the shackles of the mortal realm and ascending up into the heavens.
Paimon: Wow, Shenhe! You seem to know everything about this!
Shenhe: Only because my master is fond of chatting about these things. The moment she has some time to spare, she'll come straight for me and start telling story after story.
Shenhe: I don't care for her stories most of the time. I certainly didn't expect them to ever come in handy like this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I wonder who this master is...
Paimon: Hold on a sec! Paimon just realized something!
Paimon: If we activate it here, there's no way we'll be able to get it back to the site, right? Heck, we'll be dragged up into the sky, too.
Paimon: But if we don't activate it, how else are we gonna lift it? This rock must weigh well over a thousand pounds, surely?
Shenhe: Don't worry. I can handle the weight quite easily.
Paimon: Are you sure? Uhh, be careful!
Shenhe: Please, don't worry. I'm well aware that a Plaustrite sample this large must be highly valuable. I will be gentle with it and make sure it does not get damaged.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon meant you, Shenhe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It's your safety you have to be careful of.
Shenhe: ...My safety?
Paimon: That's right! Paimon's sure you can handle it and everything, but if something this heavy lands on you, you're gonna get yourself hurt, no matter who you are.
Paimon: You gotta be extra careful when lifting heavy objects. It's just common sense!
Shenhe: Is it, now... Well then, thank you.
Shenhe: I'll go on ahead with the Plaustrite. Let's meet at the building site later.
Shenhe lifts up the Plaustrite and leaves.
Paimon: How was Shenhe able to carry that huge rock all by herself!? Hmm... adepti super-strength, much?
Paimon: (Traveler), we can't slow down yet. Let's go meet her at the building site!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Shenhe has gone on ahead with the Sunset Vermillionite. Time to return to the worksite and meet up with her.
(If you talk to Siqin)
Siqin: We had a handful of scoundrels try to sneak in and steal some supplies earlier. I caught them, and they'll be dealt with according to the law.
(If you talk to Liang)
Liang: I heard a good few of my comrades have been sent over to Guyun Stone Forest. I sure hope they'll be safe out there...
(If you talk to Anshun)
Anshun: I heard that Lady Keqing has gone to Guyun Stone Forest.
Anshun: She took a lot of our workers with her, too. So does that mean there's another construction project going on over there as well?
(If you talk to Changfeng)
Changfeng: That young lady who carried the Plaustrite in earlier... she's gotta be an adeptus, surely...
(If you talk to Leming)
Leming: Now we have the Plaustrite, the real construction work can finally begin! I think everyone's going to be very busy from this point onwards. Me especially.
(If you talk to Lizheng)
Lizheng: You again? Can't you see that I'm trying to work!? Look, if you wanna chat, find me at dinnertime, okay!
(If you talk to Keqing on the island directly southwest of the Domain of Guyun)
Keqing: Ah, Traveler, Paimon. I wasn't expecting to run into you out here at Guyun.
Keqing: What brings you here? You'll have to make it quick, I'm afraid, I really can't afford to chat for too long.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What are you doing out here?
Keqing: As you can see, we're working on a construction project.
Keqing: Personally, I consider this project to be of greater importance than the Jade Chamber rebuild. That's why I'm here to supervise.
Keqing: I just hope we can complete it on schedule...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What is this?
Keqing: A new type of Guizhong Ballista.
Keqing: Ningguang commissioned an expert to dismantle and study the Guizhong Ballista, and design an improved version based on the original.
Keqing: This design is a step down from the adepti's original Guizhong Ballista in terms of firing speed and power, but the good thing about it is that it can be mass-produced.
Keqing: It's also considerably easier to assemble and disassemble. This will allow for flexible deployment, whatever the location.
Keqing: I am confident it will prove very useful in dealing with future crises.
(Approach the build site)
Changfeng: Oh my god! I can't believe my eyes!
Anshun: How can she lift that massive rock all by herself? She's gotta be one of those adepti, surely?
Leming: O, mighty adeptus, please give me your blessing, so that in the coming year, I may reap a more bountiful salary...
Baiwen: This is top tier, in size and quality, and the condition it's in is quite simply immaculate... Congratulations, this item is approved for submission.
Baiwen: I'm going to award you full marks for the "Sunset Vermillionite" item... May I take your name?
Shenhe: My name isn't important. I'm not even here to compete.
Shenhe: I was just delivering this for some other people. They should be here any minute now...
(Traveler and Paimon arrives)
Paimon: Shenhe! And Ningguang's little helper!
Baiwen: Ah, so you're the ones behind this. No wonder. The rarest talent turns in the rarest Plaustrite specimen.
Baiwen: But I have to correct you on one point. It's not "helper." It's "secretary."
Paimon: Hehe... Okay then, Miss Secretary, what do you think of the rock we found? Pretty amazing, right?
Baiwen: In truth, it is the finest piece of Plaustrite we have received so far.
Baiwen: If everything goes according to plan, we will use this piece in the foundation of the Jade Chamber, which will enable us to proceed to the next stage of construction.
Baiwen: As a side note, Lady Ningguang has rented some dwellings in the nearby area to serve as accommodations for the contestants. If you need a place to rest, you are welcome to stay there.
Baiwen: Now, please excuse me. As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do on the building site.
(Baiwen leaves)
Paimon: Shenhe, Shenhe, just now on the way over, pretty much everyone was singing your praises!
Shenhe: ...Oh really.
Paimon: ...What kind of reaction is that!? So strange, aren't you happy about it?
Paimon: Whenever Paimon gets praised, Paimon can't help but hold her head up high and break into a big, smug smile!
Shenhe: I've had similar compliments before.
Shenhe: They call me an adeptus, treat me with great deference and respect, as if I'm set apart from the common folk.
Paimon: Yeah... 'cause that's how adepti are. At least, the ones we've met are pretty unique and reclusive, too. Way different than normal people.
Shenhe: But I am not... Ugh.
Paimon: Shenhe?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Are you alright?
Shenhe: I'm fine. I've been exerting myself quite a lot ever since we set foot in that abode. I'm just a little fatigued.
Paimon: Ummm... Well, Baiwen said that there are some makeshift hotels we can use, right? Let's go check in and take a rest!
Shenhe: No need. I simply need to find myself a secluded place in the wilderness to sit and meditate in silence.
Paimon: You can't do that! It's dangerous out in the wild on your own!
Paimon: When you're hungry, you go eat something tasty, and when you're tired, you go lie down in a nice comfy bed, alright? Seriously, don't punish yourself like this.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Paimon is right!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Guest accommodations are far more comfortable than the wilderness.
Shenhe: ...Okay. If you insist.
Paimon: Great, now we're talking. Let's head to our hotel, (Traveler)!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Having been through an adventure and a half in the adeptus' abode, Shenhe seems a little tired. Time to have a rest at a nearby hotel.
(Talk to Ju'an)
Ju'an: Hi there! Checking in, are we? You're just in time — we only have two rooms left.
Ju'an: Since this was chosen as the building site for the new Jade Chamber, we've had a constant stream of people in this area. And not just workers, either — visitors, business people, tea sellers, all sorts.
Ju'an: So business is booming for me today. Very few vacancies. You're lucky you got here when you did!
Paimon: Great!
Ju'an: One of your rooms is still being cleaned, I guess it should be ready within the hour. The other room is just through the door on the left.
Ju'an: Here are your keys... Alright, hope you enjoy your stay. Please excuse me, I'll leave you to it.
(Ju'an leaves)
Paimon: Shenhe, you should go get some rest. We'll hang around outside until the other room's ready.
Paimon: Paimon's gonna go see if there's anything good to eat around here... Hehe, Paimon couldn't help but notice one of the guests walk in with a huuuuge Grilled Chicken Drumstick before!
Paimon: Let's buy one for Shenhe, too! She can have it as a midnight snack... or save it for breakfast tomorrow!
Shenhe: Alright. I will head to my room for now.
Shenhe: If you need anything, don't hesitate to disturb me. I'm a light sleeper. I will hear if you knock on the door.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Have a good rest, Shenhe.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png See you tomorrow!
Shenhe: Mm-hmm. See you tomorrow.
(Cloud Retainer lands on a nearby summit)
Paimon: Hey, isn't that Cloud Retainer? What's she doing here?
Paimon: Let's go and say hi!

Icon Quest Step.png Step Description

Cloud Retainer suddenly drops by on a nearby summit. What is her purpose here?
(Talk to Cloud Retainer)
Cloud Retainer: One trusts you have met Shenhe. So, are you getting along quite well?
Paimon: So far so good, yeah... So you know Shenhe, too, Cloud Retainer?
Cloud Retainer: Naturally. Save for Ganyu, who spends the majority of her time in Liyue Harbor, all the adepti living today are acquainted with Shenhe to some degree.
Paimon: Cool! So... what's her adeptus name, anyway?
Paimon: Calling her "Shenhe" feels kinda friendly, but also kinda disrespectful. So Paimon's thinking, maybe it'd be better if we called her by her adeptus name instead?
Cloud Retainer: Her adeptus name? Why, pray tell, would Shenhe have an adeptus name?
Paimon: Uh... don't all adepti have a special title they go by?
Cloud Retainer: On this latter point, you are correct. However... Shenhe is human.
Paimon: Oh, oh, right... Wait, what!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I thought so.
Paimon: What? You knew already, (Traveler)? ...Ugh, so is Paimon the only one who didn't know?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Never would have guessed!
Paimon: Paimon neither! This is a real surprise...
Cloud Retainer: Do you mean to say that she presents differently from ordinary human beings?
Paimon: Well... to start with, her problem-solving methods are... extremely direct.
Cloud Retainer: Hah... Yes, she was like this all those years ago when one first met her. In this respect, she has not changed.
Cloud Retainer: One first found Shenhe by chance in a cave. One was passing by and sensed the presence of a god's remains. Being of an ever-vigilant disposition, one entered immediately to inspect the scene.
Cloud Retainer: Inside was Shenhe, then aged around six years old. In her hand, she held a dagger, with which she was confronting a monster that was the god's remains incarnate.
Paimon: That sounds so dangerous...
Cloud Retainer: When one arrived, she had already been locked in confrontation with this monster for several days. Most mortal children are fragile, both physically and mentally, and are highly reliant on their parents for survival. But not so her.
Cloud Retainer: That she was able to endure such terrible danger was due not only to her strong willpower but also to the bloodlust and homicidal instinct with which she was born.
Cloud Retainer: One dealt with the monster, yet she still refused to lower her guard. She even pointed her dagger in one's direction and remained ready to strike. Only after she was satisfied that one had no intention to cause her harm did she finally relent. She then passed out without uttering a single word.
Paimon: In other words, if you hadn't passed by that day, Shenhe might have...
Cloud Retainer: Not necessarily. Upon one's arrival, one could sense that the god's wrath was gradually receding. Even had the stalemate continued, one suspects that Shenhe may have still emerged the victor of the confrontation.
Paimon: That's still so dangerous though! Why was a tiny little kid battling against the wrath of a god in the first place!?
Cloud Retainer: Alas, the mortal world is rife with suffering of every kind, and she had experienced her fair share of this even at a tender age. Seeing that she was homeless, one decided to adopt her.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So when Shenhe talks about her "master," she means...
Cloud Retainer: Indeed, it is one to whom she refers. Shenhe has an extraordinary constitution, making her well adapted to practicing the adepti arts. All the adepti cherished her talents, and so we were willing to train her.
Cloud Retainer: However, her homicidal urges did not subside with age. Rather, they grew stronger day by day...
Cloud Retainer: Moon Carver once performed a divination for her. He declared that "Her fate is to bear the curse of calamity. Consumed by malevolent energy, she is prone to bring harm to those around her. Such is the magnitude of the danger this poses that her soul must be bound with red ropes to keep her homicidal instinct at bay."
Cloud Retainer: The red ropes have indeed served to keep her calmer and more content, but also seem to have rendered her somewhat... inexpressive. Perhaps the red ropes are so powerful that they have suppressed some of her other emotions as well.
(A shadow passes and disappears)
Cloud Retainer: It is only by fate that people's paths may cross. Now that Shenhe's path has crossed with yours, please be sure to treasure the gift that fate has given you, and take good care of her.
Paimon: Ohhhh, now Paimon gets it. You came out here to check up on Shenhe because you were worried about her, didn't you?
Cloud Retainer: Hmph! You dare draw such a facile conclusion on the nature of one's present excursion? Incorrect. The truth is that while Liyue Harbor may seem peaceful today, danger is always lurking in the shadows.
Cloud Retainer: Ningguang once made a bold assertion that this is to be the era of the contract between Liyue and the humans... Well. One is most curious to observe how she will respond to the coming storm.
Cloud Retainer: If she handles it admirably, one is willing to be a witness to her achievements. But if she does not... the adepti shall not hesitate to seize control.
Cloud Retainer: Let us conclude our conversation here for today. One has occupied enough of your time, and night is approaching. Be sure to get ample rest.
(After talking to Cloud Retainer)
Paimon: So Shenhe isn't an adeptus after all. She just grew up around the adepti...
Paimon: No wonder she doesn't like being treated as an adeptus. Having everyone falling over themselves to show their respect all the time must be kinda hard to deal with...
(Talk to Cloud Retainer again)
(Version 1)
Cloud Retainer: A human raised by the adepti is precisely what Liyue needs right now. It is also what the adepti wish to give to Liyue.
(Version 2)
Cloud Retainer: There seem to have been a growing number of tales told regarding Shenhe in recent years. Perhaps she was seen on the previous occasion when she secretly ventured out from the mountains.
Cloud Retainer: One has heard that a playwright in Liyue Harbor wrote an opera based on the legends told about her. It is called "The Divine Damsel of Devastation."
Cloud Retainer: The play portrays her as making a stand to protect her fellow villagers... Hehe, one can only surmise that every story needs a hero.

(Wait until following day and approach the hotel)
Paimon: Hey... So, Shenhe...
Shenhe: ...Master has relayed my situation to you, I take it.
Paimon: Oh? How did you know?
Shenhe: I'd intended to wait until you came back before going to sleep, but I didn't hear you come in.
Shenhe: I was worried that something may have happened to you. So I went outside to check, and caught sight of my master.
Shenhe: On top of this, you have been acting very strangely around me this morning, causing me to suspect that my master must have told you everything about me.
Shenhe: After all, master is... very talkative.
Paimon: Hehe... Sorry, Shenhe. Paimon had you down as an adeptus this whole time, but it turns out Paimon was wrong.
Shenhe: It's okay. I don't mind.
Shenhe: The fault is mine for not explaining everything to you sooner. Because in my experience, trying to explain is a futile pursuit.
Shenhe: Still, though you mistook me for an adeptus, you never treated me as distant and unapproachable. Instead, you treated me as you would a friend...
Shenhe: For this, I am very grateful indeed.
Paimon: To be fair, we've met our fair share of real adepti, too.
Paimon: Anyway, now it's settled! From now on, you're our friend! Whether you're an adeptus or a human isn't the important thing — first and foremost, we're just plain old friends!
Shenhe: Got it. Although I don't know quite what it entails in terms of what I have to do, I must say I like the title "friend" very much indeed.
Paimon: Great! Well, now that we're all rested up, we should start searching for the other two items on the list.
Paimon: But before we do that, let's go to the building site and ask Ningguang's little helper how the progress is going.
Paimon: After all, Sunset Vermillionite is so rare, Paimon doubts many competitors will really be able to find any. If it turns out some of them have given up already, we'll be able to take things a little more slowly.
(After talking to Shenhe)
Paimon: Oh! And another thing, we bought some Grilled Chicken Drumsticks on the way back last night! There was a place just outside.
Paimon: Here's one for you, Shenhe! Try it, they're so good!
Shenhe: ...I concur. It has a rich flavor, far more agreeable than those I've cooked for myself in the wilderness in the past.



Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Seagaze Sunset
Mínghǎi Qīxiá
Mínghǎi Qīxiá
Japanese 鳴海栖霞
Korean 명해서하
Sunset Nestled in the Resounding Sea
Spanish Observador del OcéanoSea Gazer
French Contemplation de l'océanContemplation of the Ocean
Russian Созерцатель Морей
Sozertsatel' Morey
Sea Gazer
Thai จ้าวพิทักษ์ธารา
Sea Gazer
Vietnamese Minh Hải Thê Hà
German Bewunderer der MeeresdämmerungAdmirer of the Sea Twilight
Indonesian Terbenam Memandang LautanSubmerged, Gazing the Sea
Portuguese Observador do OceanoSea Gazer

Change History

Released in Version 2.4