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The Sea of Clouds is an area in the southeast part of Liyue.


Name Description Image
Guyun Stone Forest An archipelago of seven large islands and smaller offshoots.
According to legend, this is where Rex Lapis defeated a god and sea monster known as Osial, and the jagged cliffs protruding from the islands at Guyun are in fact the remnants of the stone lances he used in that battle.
Viewpoint A Drop in the Ocean.png
Liyue Harbor The main city of the Liyue nation.
During the Archon War, after Guizhong died, Rex Lapis brought his people south of Mt. Tianheng, to found what is now known as Liyue Harbor.
Viewpoint Where Merchants Flock And All Ships Dock.png
Mt. Tianheng A mountain west of Liyue Harbor, raised by Morax when he first descended upon Liyue, and there people congregated to mine ore from the mountains. Mt. Tianheng.jpeg

Points of Interest

Name Description Image
Alcor The flagship of The Crux. While it is normally helmed by Captain Beidou, she has returned to Liyue Harbor for business and left the ship to her men. Alcor.png
Feiyun Slope Feiyun Slope is the northeastern area in Liyue Harbor. It is the first area entered upon entering Liyue Harbor via the main road from Mondstadt. A sloped staircase separates the upper and lower levels of the area. From the northern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor, turn left at the T-section to enter the upper Feiyun Slope area. Viewpoint Feiyun Slope.png
Chihu Rock Chihu Rock is the southern end of Liyue Harbor, between Feiyun Slope and the South Wharf. It is primarily a commercial area where many stores and vendors can be found. Viewpoint Chihu Rock.png
Yujing Terrace Yujing Terrace is the area on the northwestern side of Liyue Harbor, to the left of the northern Teleport Waypoint on the World Map. After teleporting to that waypoint, head straight and turn right. Viewpoint Yujing Terrace.png

Notable Features


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Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Sea of Clouds
Cloud-Coming Sea
Japanese うんらい うみ
Unrai no Umi[1]
Yunlai Sea[• 1]
Korean 운래해
Cloud-Coming Sea
Spanish Mar de NubesSea of Clouds
French Mer de nuagesSea of Clouds
Russian Облачное море
Oblachnoye more
Cloudy Sea
Thai Sea of Clouds
Vietnamese Vân Lai HảiCloud-Coming Sea[• 2]
German WolkenmeerSea of Clouds
Indonesian Sea of Clouds
Portuguese Mar de NuvensSea of Clouds
  1. JA: From Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese name.
  2. VI: Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name

Change History

Released in Version 1.0