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The Sea of Clouds is an area in the southeast part of Liyue.


Notable Features





Near the Teleport Waypoint south of Guili Plains exists a puzzle that involves two Anemo Monuments and a Pressure Plate. Activating both Anemo Monuments before they deactivate spawns a Precious Chest.

One monument is located on the upper floor of the ruin, while another is located underneath. The pressure plate opens a gate that allows players to quickly move between floors. It is possible to complete this puzzle in Co-Op Mode or, for solo players, use a character whose construct can activate large sensors (see list), run upstairs, activate the Anemo Monument, jump down from the opening in the floor, and activate the lower Monument.

Southeast of the ruin are six Geo Monuments arranged in a circle, five of them surrounding one more in the center. Activating all six monuments will result in five of the monuments deactivating, except for the last monument hit.

The objective here is to activate all monuments in such a way that the last monument remaining activated is one of the five outer monuments. Next, activate all other monuments, with the last one being one of the monuments directly beside the monument that remained activated, in the previous sequence. Do this for all five outer monuments, in order, until all of them have been activated once. Finally, activate the remaining four outer monuments, before activating the central monument. Doing so, will cause all six monuments to light up.

When this happens, an Eye of the Storm will spawn and attack the player. Defeating the monster will spawn a precious chest.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Sea of Clouds
Cloud-Coming Sea
Japanese うんらい うみ
Unrai no Umi[1]
Yunlai Sea[• 1]
Korean 운래해
Sino-Korean reading of Chinese name
Spanish Mar de Nubes Sea of Clouds
French Mer de nuages Sea of Clouds
Russian Облачное море
Oblachnoye more
Cloudy Sea
Thai Sea of Clouds
Vietnamese Vân Lai Hải Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name
German Wolkenmeer Sea of Clouds
Indonesian Sea of Clouds
Portuguese Mar de Nuvens Sea of Clouds
  1. JA: From Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese name.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0