• Item Fragment of Decarabian's Epic.png 3 Fragment of Decarabian's Epic
  • Item Mora.png 1,075 Mora
  • Creates Scattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream Scattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream ×1

    Craft Usage

    Scattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream is not used in any recipes.

    Ascension Usage

    None of the released characters use Scattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream for ascensions.

    Scattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream is used for the following weapon ascensions:

    Icon Name Rarity
    Weapon Aquila Favonia.png Aquila Favonia 5 Stars
    Weapon Cool Steel.png Cool Steel 3 Stars
    Weapon Favonius Codex.png Favonius Codex 4 Stars
    Weapon Favonius Sword.png Favonius Sword 4 Stars
    Weapon Ferrous Shadow.png Ferrous Shadow 3 Stars
    Weapon Magic Guide.png Magic Guide 3 Stars
    Weapon Mitternachts Waltz.png Mitternachts Waltz 4 Stars
    Weapon Raven Bow.png Raven Bow 3 Stars
    Weapon Royal Grimoire.png Royal Grimoire 4 Stars
    Weapon Royal Longsword.png Royal Longsword 4 Stars
    Weapon Snow-Tombed Starsilver.png Snow-Tombed Starsilver 4 Stars
    Weapon Song of Broken Pines.png Song of Broken Pines 5 Stars
    Weapon The Alley Flash.png The Alley Flash 4 Stars
    Weapon The Bell.png The Bell 4 Stars
    Weapon The Stringless.png The Stringless 4 Stars
    Weapon The Viridescent Hunt.png The Viridescent Hunt 4 Stars

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0


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