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Hello Sayu, Shuumatsuban, at your disposal! Whew, but if you don't need me right now, I'm gonna grab some sleep. Nope, no need to tuck me in — I need the extra room to grow into.
Chat: Asleep *yawns* *snoring*
Chat: Work Seems like I should have just stayed in bed today.
Chat: Height Surely I should be due a growth spurt by now?
When It Rains Eek, let's find shelter, quick! Watering works on plants, but not people...
When Thunder Strikes Phew, this weather is wild! Best thing to do is dive under the covers where it's dark and snug and warm and nyam nyam nyam~ *sleeps*
When It Snows It's really easy to hide in weather like this. There's this ninjutsu technique called Cloak of Snow where you can pretty much make yourself invisible — all other people see when they look at you is the snowflakes dancing in the air. Wait, it's confidential though! Don't tell any of this to the shrine maiden...
When the Sun Is Out Loooove it when the weather's like this, just makes you wanna... *yawn* doze off for a while.
When It's Windy A windy day is a good day for a getaway.
When the Wind Is Blowing I always know it's time to get some shut-eye when the wind's so strong that I can't open my eyes anyway.
Good Morning ...Morning? Already? Okay, I'm just gonna snooze for, like, 10 more minutes... Please, just 10 minutes... No? Okay, 5 minutes then? *snores*
Good Afternoon Is it noon yet? Finally, I'm so ready for my nap.
Good Evening Recon confirms, no sign of the shrine maiden within a 3-mile radius. Moving to the next phase: sleepy time!
Good Night At long last... bed time... G'night...
About Sayu: Shuumatsuban Yeah, I'm in the Shuumatsuban, but they only ever get me to do stuff like... *yawn* information gathering and stealing. So, y'know... it's not really a big deal if the work doesn't get done.
About Sayu: Skiving
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
So I don't do any important work at the Shuumatsuban, and anything that gets put off for long enough ends up getting done by someone who's more suited to it anyway. Sleep, on the other hand — that is of the utmost importance. Because I need to get enough sleep to make sure I get my growth spurt.
About Us: Favor Hey, will you do me a favor and let me know if you see the shrine maiden coming? I'm just gonna, um... rest my eyes for a moment.
About Us: Headpats
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 6
I'm not a pet, y'know! Hmm, but since it's you... Okay, you can pat my head and I promise not to bite your hand. Just a little, though! If you pat someone's head too much, it stunts their growth.
About the Vision
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
My sword is crazy heavy, even with my ninjutsu training there's no way I could lift it without the help of my Vision. So yeah, having a Vision is a huge help for me.
Something to Share Sensei says I'll be the last ninja ever in our line. I guess it can't be helped, because this style of ninjutsu wouldn't be much help in a fight anyway — all I've been taught is how to escape and how to cover your tracks.
Interesting Things Do you know the mujina? It looks similar to a tanuki, but it's way cuter. I'll take you to see one next time!
About Kamisato Ayaka
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
As the eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan, she always looks very graceful and elegant. But she got one of the shrine maidens to keep tabs on me and make sure I don't slack off... Why would she do that?
About Kamisato Ayato
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
Sometimes, when I'm taking a rest up in a tree, I overhear the shrine maidens talking about him. Sounds like he's pretty important and super busy most of the time. I don't get it, though — it's only work, or whatever, so why doesn't he just... not do it?
About Thoma
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
He's got a Vision, and yet for some reason he pesters me about learning ninjutsu every time I run into him. I don't know what his deal is. It's not like I'd have the time to teach him anyway, I barely get enough sleep as it is.
About Yoimiya
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
Every time she sees me she says, "Hey, little tanuki! Let's go hang out at the festival." Firstly, I'm not a tanuki. Secondly, I don't wanna go to a festival. Thirdly, she says she wants to hang out — but really, she just wants me to do a ninjutsu performance during the fireworks show. That's not even related to my work for the Shuumatsuban!
About the Raiden Shogun
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
Her Excellency? Definitely not someone I'd ever get to meet. If you've got questions, maybe Miss Ayaka's the person to ask.
About Yae Miko
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
She's always patting me on the head... I've never bitten her, though, or even said anything, because I'm frightened of how she'd react if I stood up to her. But what am I gonna do? Because if she keeps on patting my head, I'm gonna get stuck at this height forever!
About Arataki Itto
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
Why does he have to make such a racket? And how did he get so tall!?
About Kuki Shinobu
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
Doesn't ring a bell, umm... What? Arataki Itto's little sidekick? Ugh, well she's definitely gotta be a sleep disturbance then. Birds of a feather flock together...
More About Sayu: I Zzzz...
More About Sayu: II
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 3
Huh? You wanna know the name of my style of ninjutsu? Uhh... Y'know what, I can't think straight right now, I'm still half asleep here. Lemme snooze a while longer, maybe my mind'll be clearer when I wake up.
More About Sayu: III
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 4
Alright, fine... I'll tell you. But you'd better not laugh, or I'm never talking to you again. Uh so, my style of ninjutsu is called... um... Yoohoo Art.
The reason is supposedly that our style focuses on making fun of the enemy, but still... I mean... *sigh*
More About Sayu: IV
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 5
Do you know how to climb trees? I'm an expert, I can teach you. There's this tree down at the shrine — it's the perfect place, you could just literally sleep there all day if you wanted and no one would ever find you... Uh, I just mean, it's a great place for a power nap. Next time you wanna take a nap, let me know, I'll take you there.
More About Sayu: V
Item Companionship EXP.svg Friendship Lv. 6
It was actually sensei who gave me this outfit. They said it was modeled after the mujina, and it could help with escapes, or something... and then sensei said that I was all grown up and ready to go it alone, but that I should still be careful to protect myself... then they left me. Am I really ready to go it alone, at my height?
Um... Hmm? Y—You'll keep my company? Really? Promise you won't leave me?
Sayu's Hobbies When I put my hood on, I can snooze away to my heart's content without having to worry about the shrine maiden finding me. *sigh* I think it must be one of the best feelings in the whole world.
Sayu's Troubles: Misunderstanding For some reason, when people meet me for the first time, they always call me tanuki, or teddy-bear, or kitty-cat... But Sayu is just Sayu — and definitely not a tanuki.
Sayu's Troubles: Height When is my growth spurt gonna come? Everyone my age practically twice my height, and I'm still... Ugh, enough, I need sleep, sleep is the answer. Good night!
Sayu's Troubles: Feedback Loop Recently someone told me that if you get annoyed too easily, that'll stunt your growth, too! ...Gah! I dunno what I can do about that...
Favorite Food High-carb foods that give you instant energy, like rice balls. If you eat one the moment you wake up, it stops you feeling so groggy and bleary-eyed. Then, you can just relax and get straight back to sleep.
Least Favorite Food Can't be picky about food when you've still got growing to do! ...That said, I haven't gained any height recently — maybe I'm not eating enough vegetables? But salad isn't filling enough and sometimes it can be really bitter... *sigh*
Receiving a Gift: I I'm soooo full, time for a nap...
Receiving a Gift: II If you eat enough of this... it makes you really sleepy.
Receiving a Gift: III Uh oh... Need an escape plan.
Birthday Wanna learn some ninja skills? I can teach you! Well, only the skills I know, of course. Hmm? Why aren't I asleep? ...Uhh, because I'm not sleepy... and also because today is a special day! I had to stay awake today so I'd have the chance to say it to you in person: Happy Birthday.
Feelings About Ascension: Intro
Icon Character Ascension Unlocked.svg Ascension Phase 1
Is it just me, or did I get a little taller!?
Feelings About Ascension: Building Up
Icon Character Ascension Unlocked.svg Ascension Phase 2
Awesome, now I can slip away faster than ever. Hee-hee, they can't catch me now.
Feelings About Ascension: Climax
Icon Character Ascension Unlocked.svg Ascension Phase 4
Hey, thanks for going and gathering all those materials for me. I would've gone myself, but... I probably would've got about halfway before falling asleep.
Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion
Icon Character Ascension Unlocked.svg Ascension Phase 6
I think I'm finally ready to go it alone now, just like sensei said I should. And... maybe it's not such a big deal now if I can't grow any taller. Because what really matters... is that I have you to keep me company.


Elemental Skill (Normal Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick) Bye!
(Normal Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick) Gotta dash~!
(Normal Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick) Poof!
(Stronger Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick) I'm outta here.
(Stronger Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick) Can't catch me~!
(Stronger Fuufuu Whirlwind Kick) And away I go.
Elemental Burst Twinjutsu!
Come on out!
Hah! ...Phew...
Sprint Start Make my escape.
Sprint End Sayu does not feature any Sprint End Voice-Overs.
Deploying Wind Glider (Not recorded in Profile)
(Actual Voice-Over: Run with the wind!)
Opening Treasure Chest Looks kinda cozy in here... Nap time!
Mission accomplished! Can I go back and sleep now?
Ooh, what's in here? Maybe a growth serum?
Low HP What was that escape method again...?
I feel kinda woozy.
Whew, so tired.
Fallen Almost. Got. Away...
Uh, sw—sweet dreams...
My fault for being so lazy...
Light Hit Taken Ow.
Heavy Hit Taken Almost dodged that.
I'm about to pass out over here.
Joining Party So sleepy.
Can I go catch up on my sleep?
Drat, you caught me.
Character Idles
(Note: Chat & Weather voice-over can also be heard as idles.)
Light Attack
Mid Attack
Heavy Attack
Climbing Breath